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Career Fair Experience today ? NOT Many Comapnies do Visas for Internations with Recession !

     I attended a Career Fair today just to see how things are around with job market ….I was not looking for job…but wanted to see where things stand with Job market and ask employers about opportunities for internationals …….Not very exciting day here, it was raining and no parking available….the weather  [pretty much sucked….I cannot believe we are in Fall and getting closer to Winter in US. Anyways, here it goes, there were 85 Companies at the career fair and I looked at the info guide for the career fair and realized, holy cow ! there are tons of companies and I should fine good employers for international students…. I created a list and went to the many employee booths and asked them…. “Hi, How are you ? what does you company do…etc…. ” All friendly chatter to impress…you know what I am taking about….all the stuff we learn in typical professional development classes back in India…EVERYONE talks nice, but guess what….you ask a question.. “Do you sponsor visa ?”, they politely say one of these two answers

  • We do and do NOT. we do only on a case by case basis and it all depends and my knowledge we did not do many
  • Oh Sorry we don’t we used to some time ago, but we do NOT do NOW…we stopped doing the visa thing, it is lot of money and work…

I can count how many companies sponsor visa in the total job fair…Hardly 10. It was very disappointing to know that All the big companies too do not do Visa Sponsorship….The primary hit for us or concern is Recession ! Still companies are struggling and many of these companies made these decisions earlier this year or last year to cut down costs…. They do not realize the fact, they pay A LOT MORE MONEY for CONSULTING COMPANIES….it is kind of stupid when you see the cost….But, it is what it is….

All, I can say is it is very frustrating for International students to get a potential employer to sponsor visa and work here in US…It is lot more challenging these days….. NOT to discourage anyone, but telling the true fact…! 


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