Transfer US University as F1 student in First Semester or Later Issues

Transfer to another US University before First semester? Transfer in first week? Issues ?

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A good amount of students arriving in US for higher education tend to transfer to other schools for variety of reasons like funding issues, on campus jobs, go to better university, study with friends, etc. Let me explain you clearly if you can really transfer and what the conditions are. I will caution you what not to do. I was a victim !

Can I transfer to another University before First semester?

Yes, you may, depending on the school’s policy and their consent with few conditions!  It is usually not recommended by international advisors or DSOs to suggest you to do this in first semester. Ideally, every university wants you to study first semester in their university and pay some tuition as you came to US with their Visa. Let me caution you, every school policy is different; some may have policy not to do any transfers at all in first semester. So, it depends. If you ask them this question or call them, they will straight away not tell you that you can transfer and they will say, it is recommended that you study with us for the first semester and we do not encourage you. I did call couple of universities and they exactly gave ame the same answer. So, there is a big ‘IF’ saying it depends on University. But, if the International advisor or DSO thinks and the policy of University is in your favor, you can easily transfer in first week. Here are some of the conditions…

Conditions for Transfer of University before First semester :

Here are few conditions that are pretty much mandatory for your transfer to happen smoothly

  • You should be admission to the University you are transferring to with a valid I20.
  • You should be in United States on F1 Visa and with valid I94.
  • You should be in proper legal status.
  • The transferring University you wish to go should be willing to accept your transfer
  • The classes should not have started at the transferring University you wish to go.
  • You should not owe any fees to the University you are transferring from.
  • The University should not have policy to prohibit transfers during first semester.

There might be few more conditions like, your department head at the university you are planning to transfer from might have to approve your transfer. If you meet all the conditions, you are set to seek transfer from DSO and ask for a transfer.

How does University transfer work ?

Your status information is maintained in SEVIS(Student and Exchange Visitor Program)  records. It has all your legal status info, schools info, when you entered US, etc.  When you ask the University to transfer you to anther university, all they do is, they release your SEVIS Info from their school and indicate the transfer school in SEVIS record. When you go the new transfer University, the international advisor again updates your status and you are all set. There is a catch here, the university should properly transfer you in SEVIS system, if not you will end up into problems as explained below.

What you should NOT do ? What can happen if you are not properly transferred ?

Your info should NOT be deleted in SEVIS by the institute you are transferring from. The DSO should do a proper release of your SEVIS record and indicate your transfer University. If they delete your SEVIS record or do something wrong, you will be OUT OF STATUS.  This is what exactly happened in my case, I asked for transfer and they denied my transfer, but I insisted for transfer. The international advisor was mad at me and deleted my SEVIS record related to their University and told me that I do not belong to their University anymore. She gave me some paperwork indicating that she deleted the SEVIS record because my transfer was not approved by the department head and herself and the student insisted to transfer.  I did not know what I was doing, I asked other advisor and she told “I was out of status at that point of time and I have to reinstate my status at the new University I was transferring to”. I came home and googled info and got scared. It is a long process… To re-instate, at the new transferred university I had to re-apply with all my documents like Bank statements, passport, I94, new I20 and a requisition letter asking to re-instate my status to the USCIS . It is like getting visa second time in US. If USCIS were to deny my reinstatement appeal, I would have had to leave USA and come back home.  I did not have Social Security Number and I was not allowed to work because I was out of status for almost 2 to 3 months. It was a big tension for me. Luckily it went well and the people at new University were very supportive and I transferred. Overall, the key point is, do it the right away and clarify if they have released your SEVIS properly for transferring, if not you would be in deep trouble ! Trust me, you do not want to go through all the tension.

What’s the lesson ?

Overall, the key point to tell you is, you have to work carefully with University advisors / DSO at both universities and seek proper transfer to be in legal status. If not, you might end up in OUT of STATUS can be on the verge of leaving the country due to status issues. Be Careful !

What was your experience ?


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Comments ( 236 )

  1. Emma

    Hello, my visa was denied and given form 214b. I applied abit late for the visa and it was remaining 7 days for orientation to start but upto now i don’t know why my visa was denied. Am out of time to reapply coz school has started can i be in position to change school and sponsor wont it cause me problems??? And what chances do i stand to get the visa approved the second time

  2. maziar

    my sevis terminate i transfer to other school and apply reinstatement at the end of my course at new school at the end date of my cours send my document to uscis now my cours finished so wana transfer to new school and continues my reinstatement pending process there can i do this?

  3. Hardeep

    I enter the US less then 30 days of start of classe for the university on which I get visa
    But for university am going to transfer it is more than 30 days
    I want to know , Is am going to face any problem regarding Sevis or any other

    1. administrator

      What matters is the school that you enter US. Transfer after you enter US, does not matter. As I said in above article, you need to be very careful with the transfer by working with both the schools and making sure they transfer your SEVIS properly.

  4. aviral

    I have received I20 from A and B both the collages. My sister is living near to university A and I should not apply to that university as my counselor said I might face rejection in visa as they think I would permanently stay there. My sister had applied on student visa and she is now on H4 visa and her husband on H1B visa.

    I am planning to take visa from university B and then transfer to university A. I do not know transfer policy of university B. what do you suggest ?

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, how much of what your counsellor said is true. If you think University A is a better school, you should go with that. If University A is better school than University B, you may be questioned on your intentions at Visa Interview and you will need a good answer on how to justify that…So, think about all the options and make an informed decision.

  5. Noman

    HI, i have a valid F1 visa and i enrolled in A collage with a business major and if i fail a subject and i want to transfer after 1 semester in it major so can i transfer collage?
    what is the process for that?
    can you mail me that?
    and can i transfer my collage between a semester?

  6. K kiran


    For Spring 2016, I got visa for university A and also i got I20s from B & C universities . My cousin who lives in US called university A officials and generally inquired about the transfer process and Univ ofdicials said about the process and also said If I wish, I can transfer to other schools (Nothing else). But when I entered US in Dec 16, CBP officers said my SEVIS was cancelled by university and they deported me back to India . At that time, I don’t know the exact reason why my admission was cancelled by univ, later when I came to India, i contacted univeristy officials and they said that they cancelled my admission because i succesfully demonstrated intent to transfer to other school (but I asked about the transfer process only)

    I want to know is there any rule / policy to cancel admission, even if we just inquire about the process also without sending any written confirmations to university A.

    1. administrator

      K kiran,
      Many students try to do transfer in first semester. The School has every right to take back their admission, if they sense that you are not going to join. It is not a rule, but by the discretion of them…Well, you can always ask why you were not informed, but may not help much now that it is all over. I suggest you just move on and find a new school…no point in fighting with previous school.

      1. K kiran

        Hmm.. Thanks for the reply kumar..

        After coming back to India , 1 week later in January 16 , I applied for visa through School B, and during interview visa officer asked why you were deported back to India. At that time I don’t know the exact reason since its christmas holiday season to university, so no one picked the phone nor replied to my mails and I said the same to visa officer and interview held for over 30 mins and he said he will issue visa but said you may face problems at Port of Entry, and suggsted to get a solid reply from university , I said i will call university and will obtain a reply and left to home. Next day got a call from consulate and said we are canceling your visa stating 214(b) reason. I couldn’t understand why he rejected my visa even after approving and issued 214(b) ? (In passport visa sticker for school B is printed and a stamp “cancelled without prejudice” was inserted)

        What is the mistake I did during the interview .. ?

        After that I wrote a mail to university and got reply..

        Even I thought to ask why my sevis cancelled without intimating me, but as you said already worse happened. So I thought what is the use in fighting with them.

        Now for Fall 16, I am applying for visa to another university, what do you suggest and what should I say , if visa officer asks about deport and about 214(b)..

        1. administrator

          Well, you just tell the truth what you said earlier. They would have documented it. If you deviate from truth, you will be in bigger trouble. You can say, it was confusion regarding inquiry of transfer and the SEVIS was cancelled. You can speak to the DSO of the old school and get an email from them seeking the reason they cancelled your SEVIS, so that you have some solid proof and it was not your mistake. Try to give your best and be confident.

    2. Akshay


      How can you check if your SEVIS record is active before travelling to United States to avoid what happened with K Kiran?

    3. Akshay


      I’ve got rejected under section 214-b. I didn’t show them that I did courses from NIIT and V.O thought I am having GAP of 2 years. Now I’ve filled all true information in my DS 160 and added all the documents and this Thursday I am going to face the interview again.
      Did do the right thing by adding all the documents?

  7. Praveen


    How can I get information about university is ready to give transfer before first sem. I have visited university website, got nothing about transfer.

    1. administrator

      You may not find such information on website. You may need to check with DSO at that school. Honestly, No one will be willing to tell you that…if you really know you are going to transfer, why are you even applying to that school ? Once you are in US, you can speak to DSO based on the situation and give a proper reason.

  8. ryuuji

    I got visa for university A but they do not have my desire major.So I want to transfer to university B. I want to know if transfer was possible before reaching USA? If possible do i need to go for interview for second time in us embassy. The International student consular from university A said that he would transfer my record to university B and had said to me to attend university B if i was thinking of transferring.

    1. administrator

      Yes, if you do plan to go to other University for the first time, you will need to get visa stamping in your home country using the I20 issued by the University B.

  9. Akshay Malhotra

    Hey, I got my F-1 Visa stamped today for Suffolk University, Boston. However, I received a better offer from a much better University in New York. How do i proceed? Is there a way I can skip the visa interview?

      1. Akshay

        Hey Kumar,

        You can enter United Sates with an X University F-1 Visa & i-20 and immediately choose to transfer schools from X to Y. Please refer to the following rules, regulations and requirements issued by Department of Homeland Security-

        1. administrator

          The article talks about after you enter US. I am talking about entering US for the first time. In your case, you need to go to first school and then report to DSO and seek their help to get SEVIS transfer. You need to be careful and have SEVIS transfered. I had an issue that’s why I wrote the above article. Deal with it with caution and get both DSOs to support you.

          1. Akshay Malhotra


            Thank you for your response. Your article is helping thousands of students including myself and I really appreciate the effort. Yes, I will enter the United States on the same visa and try to transfer from there itself. Thank you for your help. I will keep you posted. As you have already experienced it –could you give me some tips and tricks on how to approach the DSO of transfer out school, what to say etc.?


          2. administrator

            Thanks for the kind words. Well, you need to have a real reason to transfer, it could be program, funding or family, etc. State the truth and deal with it diplomatically. If they insist, they cannot transfer in first semester, you may need to say for a semester and transfer, if not you will be in trouble like I explained above in the article. If you really have to study there for a semester, pick some courses that you can transfer to the new school.

          3. Akshay

            One last question! Should I request a transfer on the first day itself or first report my entry into United States to DSO (as per rules) and then maybe after 2-3 days? Requesting transfer on the very first day after entering United States might seem a little pre-meditated.

          4. administrator

            You should report entry into US with DSO and they need to update their system that you have arrived. You can speak about it after you report to DSO in a day or two… deal with it with caution.

  10. Ujjwol Dhakal

    I am applying for USA visa I have taken my interview date by using l-20 that are issued for last intake and I have defer my admission to August intake? Is it possible to give interview at same date by using new defer I-20?

    1. administrator

      Usually, you can only apply for visa only 120 days before the start date mentioned on the I20, check that first. If you fall in that category, you can use the same slot. if you are using the same slot, check the DS-160, if you have filled any details related to current I20 in the application…if so, you will need to fill a new DS-160 form with the New I20 and carry that. I suggest you speak to the customer service as well for confirmation..

    2. Akshay


      I promised to keep you posted about my case. Here I am. I managed to transfer from University X to University Y before the start of school. I approached the DSO of University X with a valid reason and they were happy to transfer me to University Y. My takeaways from this situation if anyone were to face it:

      1. Never request a transfer before entering USA.
      2. Have a valid reason. Don’t be scared to talk to your DSO.
      3. After the transfer call your DSO at University Y to make sure the transfer was successful.

      It is possible, you just need to be cautious. No University want to transfer students after they arrived in USA on their visa.

      Good Luck Guys!

  11. shya

    I just studied aelp (English language) program for one semister in A University and transferd from A University to B University in summer 2016 but i got admission in C University for summer 2016 my question is can i transfer from B University to C University on same summer 2016 intake is it ok do i have a problem at OPT time are not plese give answer class drop date is 23_05_2016

    1. administrator

      It varies by school as you just joined them. I suggest you check with the DSO at University B first, if they even allow and then discuss on the next steps.

  12. MNS

    Hello, I have got admission from University A. But I dont want to study there. I want to transfer from university A to B. I dont have i-20 of University of B.

    Can i apply for transfer in university B before 1st semister of university A ?
    The reason for that is, I want to start study in Fall 2016. I dont want to be late. So, can i apply as a transfer student and get admission from university B?

  13. ram

    can anyone please tell me the following points
    i got i20 for A university, after landing in USA what is the exact process for transferring to B university.
    and what if i do have an i20 of B university ?

    thank you in advance

    1. Amruta

      Reposting for you!!!

      I joined US university in Spring’16. I had visa with University A and after coming to US, I joined university B. I did transfer process which is pretty easy. Just thing is before processing for transfer, get to know from University A that, are they ready to co-operate. You need to begin all transfer process after reaching to US only. Well in Transfer process, only 2 forms (Transfer out form of University A and Transfer in form of University B, univ B form should be signed by univ A) needs to fill up and send to your new university B.

      Hope this will help to many students !!!

      1. Akshay

        Yes, that is true!

        Here are the guidelines issued by Dept. of Homeland Security:

  14. Saif Kazi

    Hi this is Saif,

    i’ve got my admission in Texas A&M university corpus christi for Fall 16 semester. Got my I-20 few days ago. i haven’t paid sevis fees or faced visa interview yet.

    So, can i apply in other universities now and get another i 20 if i am selected?

    If i can will it be as a freshman or as a transfer student?

    Thanks in advance

    1. [email protected]

      Yes if you have not pay the sevis fees then you can apply to another univercity
      No problem but if you pay the sevis fees and you got the visa then there will be a different process for transfer

      1. Saif Kazi

        Thanks [email protected],

        No i haven’t paid the sevis fees. I was worried because university sent me I-20 and obviously they will ask for an explanation regarding my visa status before semester deadline.

        So now that i can apply in other universities; will that be count as a prospective student and have to send them all the required documents like i had to do with School A?

        1. Rahul

          Yes you have to send them all your docoment then only they will issue a i20 for you for documents requirement you have to cheek with new school DSO

    2. Ini

      Hello and thank you for this important post, I am currently out of status because I didn’t attend the school. I lost my dad and the sponsor willing to support me is a US sponsor. Pls is there any chance for reinstatement. Thanks so much

      1. administrator

        Are you in US or in home country ? If you are outside of US, you will regain your status, when you enter US with New I-20. Speak to your DSO on the options. yes, anyone can sponsor your education. You will need to submit the related documents, speak to your DSO and your financial aid office to get more information.

  15. Abdullah


    “After transferring from School A to School B while I am IN the United States (assuming the I20 AND SEVIS transfers have been done and a transfer release date is given)”. Please answer question 1 . Answer question 2 if the answer to question 1 is yes and answer question 3 if the answer to question 1 is no.

    Considering my situation, my questions are :

    1. Do I need a new visa sticker in my passport (Since the visa sticker issued for the previous school was for one year and has expired)?
    2. Where,when and how should I do it?
    3. Is the expired visa still accepted even though schools have changed? If not what should I do for getting a new visa sticker/ visa documentation

    1. administrator

      1. You will need one, if you plan to leave US and re-enter again on F1 visa.
      2. As said, if you are going to just stay in US, you do not need a new visa stamped, you need it for re-entry. You can get visa stamping done in home country or in neighboring countries like Canada( you need to check though)
      3. Expired visa does not matter for proper status. visa is only for entry to US. Read USA Visa Vs Status

  16. Rahul

    Hello sir I have got visa from school A and now I want to get transfer to school B. Is this possible? before I went to usa ? Do I need to pay any fees to school A? Or do need to apply for new visa for school B ?

    1. Amruta

      If you want to do it in india, process is to repeat whole visa process again. Or you can do it after coming to USA. But I would.prefer if u have time to come to USA, do it in India only

        1. Amruta

          Yes have to attend visa interview again. Even need to pay sevis fees and visa fees too. If you are thought with visa they will cancel your current visa and will issue new with current sevis.

          1. Tara

            Hi Amruta.. Do you know anyone who has applied for F1 again for changing university? How has their experience been..
            Please do let me know since I am in same scenario.
            Thank you

        2. Tara

          Hi Rahul.. Did u attend the interview again? How did it go?
          Do you know anyone who has applied for F1 again for changing university?
          Please do let me know since I am in same scenario.
          Thank you

    2. administrator

      Agree with rest of the others. If you already have visa issued for school A, as you are coming to US for first time you can only use that to enter US to that School A only. If you want to transfer to other school before entering US, you will need to go for visa stamping again.

      1. Rahul

        Thank you Kumar for your reply but the problem is my collage A is asking me for full semester fees before I enter to us if I don’t pay the fees they said they will cancel my i20. Please suggest me what to do in this condition ?

        1. administrator

          I don’t know what school you are talking about. Most of the decent schools do NOT do any such demands. You will have to pay semester fee after you enter. I sense something is fishy. Either the school is bad or someone in the middle are doing something…just be cautious.

  17. gaurang patel

    hi kumar,
    my name is gaurang and i have one doubt in my mind.i applied for the OPT and its denied and they said me because of your transfer was not legal.
    first i was came here in usa 2013 in my university a then after 2 weeks study in my univ a , i took transfer to the another univ and again i trnsfered to another university and i completed my master from this,in my case what should i do?
    any suggestion for me?
    thanks for any advise

    1. administrator

      Gaurang Patel,
      I suggest you speak to your current DSO first and see how you can address it. You can also check with previous school DSO and get some kind of proof telling that your SEVIS records were properly tranfered and you are eligible for OPT. Speak to the DSOs thats the best option. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with USCIS as well using their Infopass to get their advice.

  18. Mallik

    I got an admit in Indianapolis Purdue University(IUPUI) for fall 2016 intake. I want to apply for transfer to Purdue University. But i’m not clear whether i need to apply now or should apply after going to US in my first semester. Some are suggesting to apply after my first semester. I’m totally confused. Please advice me the steps to be followed. Any advice will be of great help for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Do you have an admit from Purdue University ? If so, you should use that I20 for visa stamping. If you do not have admit yet, I suggest you apply for Spring 2017 ( I guess Fall 2016 deadlines are over) intake and then do transfer after you are in US.

  19. anmol

    hi sir
    congrats u r reallyy doing a great job…sir i m here in USA From about 1 month and i am here in f1 visa …i got admission to csumb…but i have asked global college and dey have given me admission….i want to knw that csumb offer 4 years course while global college offers two years course….i have visa of five years…will it be valid for 2 yrs course too

    1. administrator

      We do not advise on schools. Typically, F1 visa is valid to study in US full time. Again, you should check with your DSO at school or at the the school you wish to go for your visa validity.

  20. Mohamed

    Hello Kumar,
    If I accept one graduate school first then after few weeks I am getting another graduate school admission then is it possible to receive I20 from both places?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can accept from different schools and receive as many I20s as you can. Some schools have some fee to issue to I20 and show some commitment. When you go to Visa stamping, you will have to pick one and go for stamping.

  21. Shinlee

    Hi Kumar ,
    I have i20 of 2 schools . I am going to get F1 visa by I 20 of university A . Then when I arrive at US , I want to transfer to the Community college B . Is there a way that I will not be in the ” out of status ” like you ? I dont want to be look like doing something illegal . And when I transfer like that , do I have to leave US and then INTERVIEW again to get the new F1 visa for the Community college B ?

    1. administrator

      If your University A allows you to transfer in first semester and they do it without deleting the SEVIS records, it is quite fine. If you already know that you will be going to College B, why dont you get stamping done for College B ? No, there is no need to give the visa interview again after you are in US.

      1. Shinlee

        Hi Kumar ,
        Thank you for your reply . My situation is quite problematic . My sister went to Us to studied 8 years ago and then she married a Us citizen after graduation . I want to study the CC at the state where she lives and I’m afraid that I will be considered a potential immigrant when interviewing to get visa . Do you have any advise on my case ?

        1. administrator

          Not necessarily. You need to focus on why you want to study at a school and what will establish the ties between you and your home country. Many of the students who travel to us have their siblings, that does not mean they will be denied visa. Dont try to fabricate anything, just prepare as if you were going to school for the right reason, it will give you conviction when you answer.

  22. Kumar


    I am Kumar…..I am currently pursuing my masters in univ A.
    But I want to transfer to univ B. But the problem is Univ A has written in the I20 saying i need to finish 2 semesters before i transfer.

    But i dont want to stay anymore. Please help me … How to come out of this situation.

    Thanks alottttt in advance.

  23. Amruta

    I joined US university in Spring’16. I had visa with University A and after coming to US, I joined university B. I did transfer process which is pretty easy. Just thing is before processing for transfer, get to know from University A that, are they ready to co-operate. You need to begin all transfer process after reaching to US only. Well in Transfer process, only 2 forms (Transfer out form of University A and Transfer in form of University B, univ B form should be signed by univ A) needs to fill up and send to your new university B.

    Hope this will help to many students !!!

  24. ankit

    I have got admission in shu and umbc ,,i have accepted the shu admission paid fees for svis.. but due to family problem i am unable to book my visa interview.. now i accepted the umbc offer and book a visa date,,, so do i have pay again the svis fee and how to i transfer my svis info umbc

  25. Chris

    You should never try to transfer the I-20 to college B before you start at college A or even in the first semester at college A. That is dangerously close to fraud.

  26. Santu21

    I have F1 stamping on A university, I want to transfer to Y university. Can I do it in USA only or can I do from India also. Please guide me. Its urgent.

  27. Mounika


    I’ve applied for transfer out from Npu to eiu before the start of first semester. The transfer process is still in progress. I heard it just takes a day to transfer but NPU said it’s gonna take 15 days. ‘ve contacted NPU, they said I can enroll in EIU when the transfer is still pending. Is it possible???

    How can I enroll in EIU when my sevis is still not transfered.


    1. Santu21

      I have F1 stamping on A university, I want to transfer to Y university. Can I do it in USA only or can I do from India also. Please guide me

  28. Sara sharma

    I am on F1 visa right now. I travelled for 2 weeks to my country back home because my mom was sick. I told my DSO and she signed my transfer document. But when I come back they said I have low attendance and that will terminate my I20. They didn’t even inform me or warn me. Now I have talked to another university to transfer and they are doing that but my issue is that I don’t have time. If they already cancelled my I20 and I am out of status for like 1 week. Can I transfer my school or do I have to apply for reinstatement. Please help me.

    1. administrator

      Sara Sharma, I was in similar situation as yours where my SEVIS record was terminated during transfer. All you need to do is work with your new University DSO and apply for reinstatement of your status. I am not sure, if that changed, check with your DSO at the university you are transferring to and get the process right. You may need to write a letter as part of reinstatement application indicating your situation. It can be tense, but dont worry too much, stay positive, it will come through and you will be fine. Just follow the process. It is not very uncommon where people run out of status due to poor grades or dropping more classes than they are supposed to and end up in situation as yours…so, dont worry too much. speak to your DSO at new school.

  29. revathi


    My Brother entered US in Visiting visa and he has a L1 for LU university. He is planning to transfer his university from LU to SIUE. Should he do that once he enters in USA on his L1 or can he transfer now in Visiting visa? Will that be a problem if he transfers his SEVIS to SIUE now and reenter with F1 Visa with Lamar university on it?

    Please let me know.

  30. yuanshq

    Hi Kumar, thanks for sharing with ur experience.

    I am studying for the 1st semester in NYC in graduate level. But I want to transfer to another school next fall. Cause I don’t wanna stay here anymore and I want to enhance my listening and speaking meanwhile.
    Can I transfer to ESL course offered by another school, for next semester? And then transfer to the school I will apply for fall semester.
    If I can, what should I do with my F1 visa, I20 and SEVIS record?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. administrator

      You should be able to transfer, if you get admission in another school. Yes, you need to apply and get admission. Indicate that you will be a transfer student in application. The DSO at the new school will accept transfer. Once you are ready to transfer, indicate to your current school DSO that you want to transfer to the new school and you have the admission, they will release your SEVIS and your transfer would be processed. Speak to DSO at the new school to understand the process better. You will get a new I20 from new school and you can use your current F1 visa that is valid as it is just transfer.

      1. yuanshq

        Thx Kumar.

        Do I get it right?
        If I transfer to a ESL course, the school offer ESL will issue me the new I20, right? So, after I get the admission from new school, I need to tell my former school in NYC to release my SEIVS, and it has nothing to do with the ESL school?


        1. administrator

          Yes, you are right. After your SEVIS is transferred, you go to the DSO at ESL school and tell that your transfer is done. I suggest you speak to the ESL school DSO first to understand the correct process.

  31. don

    i have an F1 visa for school A but i would like to get one for school B which i also have its form i 20 …I have not yet started classes at school A but would want to study in school B when i enter the US . What is your advice on that. Thanks

  32. shubham

    Hello kumar
    I have got my f1 visa yesterday on behalf my degree in NYIT in bachelors in Computer Science but now i feel like i should join NYLC (new york language centre) for atleast six months to get my reading and writing part strong (as i will spend almost $70,000 for my bachelors) before pursuing my degree. Is it possible that i got usa on my NYIT visa and i20 and than apply for i20 in NYLC and get shift to NYLC without paying any tiution fees to NYIT?

    Like is it possible to take transfer after a week of course only or can i apply it the first day i step in to the college?

    If yes than what step and cautions i should follow.

  33. vaishnavthej

    Hello Sir,
    I applied for George Mason University and Old Dominion University in virginia.Got admit from old dominion and excepted get an conditional admit from George Mason University.
    I prefer to do MS CS in GMU rather in ODU, thinking about changing my university after my first semester at ODU to GMU.

    My Question is I would like to know the complete process of shifting from ODU to GMU.

    1. administrator

      vaishnavthej, First you need to talk to GMU admissions and get the I20 issued so that your admission is confirmed, just mention them that you are in US and would like to transfer after first semester. Once you have that confirmed, speak to the DSO at ODU and tell them that you would like to transfer after first semester. They will transfer your SEVIS. It is pretty straightforward, quite easy process. Speak to the DSO / International student advisor at both the schools.

  34. amulya

    I am studying 1 st semester now I didn’t like what I have studied in the university I am studying and I want to transfer to another university where I want to study from 1st again if I do that should I transfer my record or get a new I 20 by reapplying by staying in US itself

    1. administrator

      Amulya, Sure you can do that. All you do is apply to another school in US and mention that you are a transfer student. The new school will issue you a new I20. You will speak to DSO at current school and transfer your SEVIS to the new school for next semester. If you do not want any of the credits done in current school, just dont transfer those credits.

  35. Kapilthapa

    Please help me the requirements of toefl for the university which i applied was 68 but before the receipt of toefl they issued my i20 .but i got only 60 in toefl. Does it effects me or not if i go this university with the score of 60 and what will happen in interview

    1. Chaitanya

      It depends to which University you had applied for. They might take a English language test as you reach there and may provide you a conditional admission. It will not have much effect of the interview. It only check that you know what you are doing and where you are going. They also check that you have enough funds for the same. So relax and be confident.

      1. Kapilthapa

        Thanks really for your suggestion bro and i wanna ask you one thing .i got only 60 in toefl so i want not to take toefl score with me during interview is it appropriate

  36. Hina Kausar

    Sir, i did the same thing , i insisted my DSO to transfer my sevis to another university before attending the first sem and they transferred my sevis in Terminated status,i did not report to the my Transfer out university directly mail them and told to do transfer and they did my transfer in a terminated status, Now i want to reinstate it ,what should i do?

    can u tell me what did you write your cover letter ?
    plz reply me ASAP….

  37. Raj

    Hello. I have a question. I transferred university before my first semester started in Fall 2014. The original university did not have any issues and completed the transfer smoothly. Will I be having any issues during OPT. I saw one post in murthy forums which worries me. Below is the rule:

    Anyone had this type of situation.

  38. lavanya

    sir iam from vizag iam studing my mba first year in viit but i don’t have intrest on this college due to some issues .my sister stying in melborn austrlia so i want to chng my college if thire any possible to chnge plz send me the solution

    1. Cherry

      your studying in Vizag(India) how can you transfer Ur status to Australia( different country). one thing you can do.. you can stop studying MBA and prepare for Australia MBA(Ielts).

      and are you really interested in MBA .. if ur than prepare for CAT or GMAT.
      I am opinion is doing MBA in foreign country not valuable as Doing MS .

    1. administrator

      Dishank, They may not transfer the fee. The school will issue a check to your name as a refund so that you can pay at the new school that you transferred. Check with the DSO and Administrative office.

  39. apoorva reddy

    Sir… i got admit form NPU and VIU and have visa interview in august 6th i alrdy received npu admit card but viu admit is in delay i may get today or tommorow
    My problem is when is last date to join viu ( as i know its on augst 12 or 17)plz if u know den tell me when is last day to join viu
    What shouild do now plz help me iam in diloma if i apply visa for viu and after geting visa i should reach usa in 6days its not at all posible…,
    If i get visa on npu and how can i transfer to viu immediately before the first sem

  40. rohith

    does the university people have rights to terminate the sevis…i want to transfer to another university before first semister

  41. Alekhya

    As my visa is approved on one university and now I wanted to transfer to another university where I don’t have the i20 of that particular university .So what can I do now ??

  42. DSO

    Let’s be honest here. Some of the students already have in their mind that they want to transfer out even before they get here. They will get a visa and an I-20 from one school and will just immediately request a transfer out in the first semester. My question is:
    Why don’t they just get an I-20 and Visa from the school they want to attend? Instead of using the I-20 from one school to transfer to another school. It just sounds a bit suspicious. Also, when you originally go to the Visa interview, you have to explain your honest intentions. It almost feels like, a student is lying in their Visa interview just to find a way to transfer. In a way, you are lying to a government official. There can be some serious consequences if this information is later revealed.

    It’s one thing if they truly want to transfer out because the original school doesn’t meet their needs. But if they are just transferring out just for the sake of trying to get into another school. That sounds like deception and some kind of punishment needs to be enforced.

  43. vivek

    Hi. I have a F1 Visa and in Us currently for this summer. I am planning to get back to home country and join a new university in US for fall(basically trying to transfer from one coll to coll). I want to know whether i can do by requesting a new I20 and sevis fee without requiring for new VISA? Please note that if I try to reenter US ill be having a i20 from new college but VISA will have a different (old) college name..

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