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Campus Resources in USA : Career Services for Internships, Job Search

I have previous mentioned the importance of joining a student org and how to boost your leadership skills. On the Role of Career Services in US Universities for Job Search and Internshipssame lines, I have seen many students who do not even know or consider career services for job search. The reality is, they can be a very good resource for your resume writing, internship or job search. Let me share some thoughts on Career Services and why you should use them.

What does typical Career Services Office do in a US University?

If you do not know, as the name say they focus on doing many things related to career advancement. This is not universal, but here are typical functions of Career Services:

  • Help with Resume Preparation
  • Interview preparation help
  • One-on-one career advice and resume building
  • Mock interviews
  • Internship postings
  • Job search help
  • Workshops related to Job search, Networking, Resume preparation, Internships, Interviews, etc
  • Organizing Job Fairs
  • Provide Job postings in local area companies to students
  • Work with companies for campus recruitment of students
  • Help with access to paid Job databases, Job search information.
  • Help students with the career prospects related to their major.
  • Help with How to get On campus Jobs.

I can keep on writing…The ones listed above are very common.

You just have to check the careers services website of your university. It has ton of information ranging from time management to landing in a job. It is all about exploring the resources. For instance, check the University of North Carolina Wilmington Career Services page; they give all sorts of guidance on what careers you would get after your graduation with that major.

The overall point I am trying to say is, many students do not realize the importance of the Career Services. They will help you in a variety of ways. Just check them out and learn. In fact, you are paying for all these services in your differential tuition and as a student if you do not use them, you are just throwing your money in water.

Do you ever go to Career Services  ?  Was it helpful ?

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  1. I’ve been working since I was 15 and worked all through high school into college and taking a career service internship was 1 of the best choices i’ve made.


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