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Called for Interview after Dropbox – H1B Visa – Experience Hyderabad

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As most of you know, since September 1st, 2019, it is mandatory to book appointment for Dropbox for US Visa in India. Some got successful Dropbox Stamping for US Visa with Appointment, but we have noticed few users reported that they got 221g and have been called for interview. One of our readers, Surya Teja Muthyala, had a similar situation and had to attend US visa interview after dropbox. He was kind enough to share a copy of the 221g/ Interview letter given to him and share the process. Thanks a lot to him for sharing all the process info and experience with our readers. We really appreciate it. You can share your experience by emailing at redbus2us (at)

Background : Timelines for Dropbox Appointment, Interview :

Applied for H1B Dropbox Stamping at Hyderabad location. Received 221g letter to attend Visa Interview. Below is the copy of the 221g letter that was given. It has three boxes, I was only asked for the interview and not biometrics. Depending on the case, some may get both.

Documents Submitted for Dropbox : Passport, DS-160 Confirmation, 2 Passport photos, Copy of I-797.

Returned Documents after Dropbox Submission : They only returned Passport along with 221g form ( see below)

  • Nov 18, 2019 – H1B Dropbox
  • Nov 20, 2019 – Case changed to Administrative processing
  • Nov 22, 2019 – Passport Pickup, got 221(g) to attend Visa Interview
  • Nov 25, 2019 – Visa Interview

221g Letter given by US Consulate to attend Visa Interview

The letter would have your passport number  and your case number. See below.

221g Letter given at Dropbox to attend US Visa Interview

Process at the US Consulate for Visa Interview with 221g letter :

 It was fairly easy process at the consulate.  No  need to book appointment. The 221G slip given to me said to walk-in on any business day between 10 AM to 11 AM. As per given 221G document to me, biometrics was not required for me but depends on case  to case. I just walked-in during those hours and was able to get into consulate.

Documents Checklist for H1B Stamping after 221g at Dropbox

I have carried the below list of documents for my visa stamping.

  1. Employment Verification Letter
  2. Vendor Letter ( I didn’t had Client Letter)
  3. On site pictures & Email Screenshots
  4. Purchase Order, Master Service agreement & Other Agreements
  5. LCA
  6. Payslips
  7. W2’s
  8. Timesheets
  9. All my previous Legal immigration Documents
    • I-20’s
    • I797’s
    • EAD cards

US Visa Interview for H1B Stamping after 221g at Dropbox

My visa interview lasted about 20 minutes.  Below are the questions asked and documents reviewed.

  • ME: Good Morning
  • VO: Good Morning
  • VO: Who is your employer?
  • ME:…..
  • VO: What are your Pay and Designation?
  • ME:….$ & Software Developer
  • VO: Is this your first time H1 stamping or Extension?
  • ME: Extension
  • VO: Do you work for Client or Direct Employer?
  • ME: I work for the Client.
  • VO: Do you work at your client Location or Employer Location
  • ME: Client
  • VO: Who is the Client?
  • ME: ……
  • VO: Can you please spell the Client Name?
  • ME: ………..
  • VO: Is your designation the same at the client location?
  • ME: Yes Sir
  • VO: What is your highest level of Education?
  • ME: Master’s in computer science
  • Gave my passport to staff in the background they returned it after 2-3 min
  • VO: Can I check your LCA and Paystubs?
  • ME: Yes… Checked if I am getting the same wage as LCA
  • VO: What is the address of your Client location?
  • ME: Told him address
  • VO: Can I check your Client Letter?
  • ME: (I didn’t have Client Letter) Gave him my Vendor Letter, PO & MSA.
  • He Just read Vendor Letter
  • VO: Do you Have your Employer agency registration certificate?
  • ME: NO
  • VO: OK no problem
  • VO: Do you know your rights in the USA?
  • ME: Yes
  • VO: Your Visa is Approved
  • ME: Thank you Have a good day

Important Note : You must carry every detail document, Visa Officer reviewed my Vendor Letter , MSA , LCA and Pay slips.

Passport Stamped, Arrival :  received my passport with Visa stamped after 2 days.

What has been your experience going for Visa Stamping after Dropbox ?


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