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Best Job search sites in USA

 Every country has some specific job sites that are very popular. If you are a student or someone on H1B visa who came to America  for starting a career you might be wondering what are the popular sites in USA ?  Here are some of the best sites with a little bit of background about them.

If you are looking for a job in consulting, here is where you go and post your resume. All the consulting companies post most of their requirements here. You get calls from recruiters for jobs. It is called Dice. http://www.dice.com/

If you are looking for full time job, the good sites to apply are careerbuilder and monster.

There are many other websites, but the above listed three that are most popular sites and where most of the requirements are posted. You can also check Yahoo Hot jobs which is not bad :  http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/


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  1. The chances of being hired from using job sites is very low…most jobs are filled by personal contacts of present employees — so networking is REALLY important.

    @Surendra — don't worry about the difficulty in driving, you are definitely NOT alone — most Americans have issues as well!

  2. Hi Surendra ! I can understand your frustration without job. Your questions are really good. It will be helpful for others too if I post them as a new post. I will do that. I have replied to one of your questions as a new post (http://www.redbus2us.com/2009/11/why-am-i-not-getting-interviews-though.html) . I will post the other too soon in couple of days. Keep checking and subscribe. Hope it helps ! Good Luck !

  3. Hi Sir,

    I've been here for 6 months without job, I can understand it is becouse of present market conditions.mean time i wanted to clarify some of my doubts from seniors like you.
    1)i have posted my resume 5 months ago,the consultancy prople are calling and asking for the deatails,but no body scheduled interview yet. i don't know this is becouse of my resume or the market situation is like this.

    2)if i got any interview call,how interview would be? it would be like interviews in india or the process here will be different?

    3)i have been worrying so much about the public transportation,i don't know car driving,i took classes from one of the driving schools here in america,but not getting time and source to practice it.recently i drove my friends car,at that time i couldn't even park it proparly.is it common for everybody or me myself is facing the difficutly like this.

    look forward for your reply,hope your reply will give me positive attitude towards my future.



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