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Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

One of my very good friend Babu applied to get EAD Card for his wife, who is on L2 Visa and got it successfully without any issues.  One of our blog readers asked few questions regarding the same. He was kind enough to answer them and share the sample cover letter template. Thanks to Babu for taking time to answer and letting us share it with our readers !

1. I would like to know the list of forms to be filled for EAD on L2 Visa. Apart from  I-765, do I need any other form ?

Only I-765 Form

2. Checklist of the supporting documents for applying to EAD on L2 Visa :

– Filing fee – Currently $410 (Please check on USCIS site for latest fees)
– I-765 form
– L1 approval notice of spouse
– Copy of Passport
– Copy of I-94
– Two photographs
– Copy of SSN (If you have)

3. Should it be e-filed or sent through regular mail? Which would be processed faster ?

Both of them take same time. If you do e-filing, you would have to send your docs by regular mail later. So, it is preferred that you send all the documents through regular mail at once, it will be easier instead of e-filing.

4. Is a covering letter required? If so what should it contain?

Nothing in specific. Just the list of documents. Download it from link below:
Sample Covering letter L2 EAD Card USCIS

5. Its been a week since I’ve come , Can I apply immediately or should I wait for a specific lead time?

We can apply immediately.

6. How long is the L2 EAD card valid?

As long as your spouse L1 is valid.

7. In case I go back to India before I receive the EAD , can I ask someone to pick it up? Will I be able to use it when i come back again?

EAD card comes by mail, so anyone can receive it. Yes, you can use it after coming from India.

Experience Shared by Kavitha –  August 2016 

Hello Everyone,

This is the timeline of my application

1. USCIS accepted the application on June 28th 2016
2. Received the acknowledgement # for tracking on 1st July 2016
3. Case status changed to ” Card sent to production” on August 5th 2016 – in the morning
4. Case status changed to ” Application is approved” on August 5th 2016 – in the evening.
5. Case Status changed to ” Mailed the card” on August 9th 2016.

Now i’m waiting for the card , the entire process completed in 42 days. I followed the same document which was shared by Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. Hope this helps!!

EAD Applicant Documents

  •  Filing fee $410 ( fee change 2016)
  • I-765 form
  • Copy of Passport including spouse name
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of I-94
  • Two photographs
  •  SSN Copy

L1 Beneficiary Documents

  •  L1 Blanket approval notice – I129S , I797
  • Copy of Passport including spouse name
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of I-94
  • Copy of Indian Marriage Certificate, issued by Government of Tamil Nadu, India
  • Employment Letter



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  1. Hi,

    I am Divyesh Modi, right now I am in US with L1B visa and my wife on L2 visa from last 20 July 2014. Now I want to apply EAD for my wife so can you please help me below my queries.

    1. Where I have to submit my wife EAD application? (we are staying at Vernon hills IL 60061)

    2. As here mentioned above fee for $380 (whatever latest amount) but I want to know in which condition I have to also pay fee for

    3. What is meaning of “L1 approval notice of spouse”
    a. L1 stamped passport
    b. I-797
    c. both
    d. or anything other which I have not mentioned if yes just tell me

    Thanks in advance
    Divyesh Modi

  2. My husband have L2 visa. Can he come to US apply for EAD, do biometrics done and return back india to continue his existing job.
    Find US job from india, once he gets the job then he resign existing job and go to US.

  3. An Valid L2 VISA holder Can work for an india company under India payrol from US after applying EAD.
    Once EAD is approved then apply for job in US. Please suggest. Some where I read if EAD is in Processing , the person is not allowed to work in India as well.

  4. Hi

    I’m Neelima.
    I moved to USA in Nov-2013 and applied for my EAD and got in March-2014 and is valid upto March-2016.
    Presently I am actively looking for jobs.
    But my husband who is in L1-visa is moving to india and will return in 4 months.
    In his absence can i stay here and work on L2-EAD.
    If i would stay without him and apply for H1-visa next attempt, will it effect in future.

    If at all I go to India and return back in 4 months will my EAD be valid since the date in it mentioned valid “upto March-2016”, or do I need to apply newly.

    Appreciated your Help.

    Thank & Regards
    Neelima Vardhanapu

  5. Hi Saurabh

    My husband is on L1 visa and his petition has been extended for 2 more years. But, I94 is expired and I know it will be extended once we go to India, have the visa stamped and return back to US. At this point, I have only approved petition extension and an expired I94. Is it correct to apply for my L2 EAD? If I go back to India then what happens to my approved EAD?

    Appreciate your reply,

    Thank you

    • When you say your husband’s extension is approvws., didn’t he get a new I94 along with the extension? If extension approved the bottom part of the I797 would have a new I94. You can use that to apply for EAD

  6. Hi,

    I am on L1 visa in US presently. My L1 visa is valid till July 2015. My husband is presently in US on B1/B2. He will apply for L2 visa. I read that i-129 and i-797 are the two necessary documents needed for L2 application. I seem to have lost them somehow. He is planning to go to India and apply for the visa but without the the two documents, could you please tell how would that be possible?
    Also, is it possible to change the status of his B1/B2 to L2 here in US itself?


  7. Hi Sourabh,
    I am on L1 which is expring by Sep 2014, but i and my wife have i93 till 2016. and my wife got EAD in 2012 and valid till June 2014. She left for India in March 2014, she is in India now and planning to be back in Aug. Can i apply for her EAD extension (by getting her signed document from India) here, when she is in India.?

  8. hey, just wanted to know that can i come back to India after I ahve applied for my EAD? Thanks so much, narayani

  9. This is Raji, i came to USA on J2 VISA, week back and wants to apply for EAD. Can i apply immediately? couple of people said you can’t apply for at least month.

  10. Hello Saurabh,

    My husband is holding H1B visa and he will be flying in next few weeks. I wanted to know can if I can opt for any visa using which I can work there may be L2 visa? is is possible or which visa should I apply ?

    can you please reply urgently.

    • Hi Pooja,

      You can only get H4 Visa as your husband dependent but you cannot work on H4 visa. If you want to work then you will have to look for a company which can sponsor you for H1 visa.

      L2 visa is dependent visa of L1. You can only get L2 if your spouse is on L1.

  11. I am on L1 and currently in US, planning to get my spouse here for 3 weeks in Dec 13 to get the EAD processing done. She is working in India and cannot stay here for more than 3 weeks. Is it possible to apply for EAD and She go back to India after 3 weeks? She will come back once she has the approved EAD for good? And one more question while applying on line what is the payment method for fees?

    • Hi Ravi,

      Please note that your wife will have to quit her Job in India if she wants to work in US on L2 as your I94 information is recorded. You cannot go back to India and work if your EAD is in processing.

      It takes three months to get your EAD. You can pay by your debit card or send the cheque.

      • I call the USCIS NSC and as per them L2 visa person can come to US and apply for EAD. After 4 weeks mostly the biometric appointmnet will be there. And after biometric, L2 person can leave US and there is no impct on EAD process even of the person is not in US.

  12. Hi Saurabh,

    I have a query but before asking that I want to give you a background.
    My Husband is holding L1B visa which is valid for 3yrs, he went to US on 27th January2013 and his I94 is valid till 30/11/2014. I am holding L2 dependent visa went to US on 18th April2013 my I94 is also valid till 30/11/2014.
    We both came back to India on 28th Septem2013 now again in January 2014 we might go to US so can I apply for EAD online being here in India or there can be some kind of technical problem with that.

  13. Hi

    This is Vardhanapu. I’m on L2-visa and am in India & my husband is presently in US. I want to apply for an EAD can i apply from India.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. Hi Saurabh,

    I have a L2 EAD, which is expiring in March 2014. and my Husband and Mine L1/L2 Visa is valid till Aug 2014, We recently visited India So Our I94’s are valid till jan 2015.
    As myEAD is Expiring in the month of March, I am Thinking to Apply for Extension during DEC 2013,

    For my EAD Extension, Will the Visa validatity (i.e Aug 2014) is going to Impact? and Visa Extension can only be done after March (i.e <6 months)

  15. Hi Saurabh,
    I filed for my L2 EAD renewal on 06/11/2013. Today on the 91st day, I got an RFE Alert for additional evidence. I have not received the RFE by mail yet. I have my info pass appointment scheduled tomorrow.

    1. Am I eligible for an interim EAD with an open RFE for additional evidence?

    2. If I am eligible, should I attend the info pass appointment and ask them for an interim EAD?
    Or should I wait for the RFE by mail and go by the normal route?

    3. If I am eligible for an interim EAD with additional evidence RFE, can I request for it over phone?

  16. Hi Saurabh,

    My L1BVisa is expiring in 9-sep 2013 and my I-94 is valid till 2016.
    Can my wife who is on L2B dependent visa apply for EAD based on the I-94 validity, even though the visa is expiring in 9-sep-2013.
    Also can her offshore employer apply for her EAD at USA


    • Sunil,
      Your wife can apply EAD herself and submit hers and yours I-94s. She should also submit copies of the L-1/2 visa stamps (it is ok for them to be expired). Once EAD is approved, she can join any employer.

  17. Hi,

    I came here on L2 Visa and applied for EAD. It has been more than 90 days now since i applied for EAD,
    I filled the online application for I-765 and subsequently sent all the required documents.
    My biometrics was done on 7th May 2013 and after it I did not receive any update on my case. Also I did not receive any RFE for my case. 2 weeks back I called up the support center and a request was raised to expedite my case, but it was rejected.
    I want to know, now when the application has crossed the normal processing time of 90 days what should i do to get it processed.

  18. Hi,

    My husband and I work in the same company. My L1 is getting processed where as his L1 could not applied.

    1. Can a L2 be raised while he is still working or would he need to quit.
    2. What is the average time that it taken to get EAD if he comes on L2

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Sany,

      As per my understanding, he needs to quit. He might need to go back to home country. He can come back only after his L2 is Approved & stamped. I advise you to check with HR of your company or Some attorney to be more sure about this scenario.

      You can apply his EAD the day he is in US on L2 visa. It might take 1-2 months to get EAD. Once he gets his EAD, he is good.

      Hope I answered ur qn.


    • Sany,
      From your post it seems you both are outside US.
      1. In that case, you can appear for L-1 stamping and he can appear for L-2 stamping. It is not required to have resigned from the employer when appearing for L-2 visa stamping.
      2. Once in US, he can apply for EAD which can take 2-3 months to process

  19. Hi,

    My Spouse’s EAD is valid till March 2014 based on my earlier L1 Visa (Which was valid till Aug 2013). But, I applied for new L1 Visa and got new L1 Visa effective 20 June 2013 and my wife got new L2 based on new L1 I applied. Does she need to apply for new EAD? As her earlier EAD is valid till Mar 2014. Please let me know.

    I spoke to USCIS customer representative once. He told me that L2 status is same for any L1 and if your spouse’s EAD is valid till March 2014 then you don’t need reapply till March 2014. But, I still want to have more information if we need to reapply. I don’t want to take any risk with this.

  20. Hi,

    My wife’s EAD expires in August -2013. We got L1 and L2 extension till 2016. Do we need apply for new EAD or can we renew the existing one? Is there any different application for available for renewal.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I think you need to reapply as it is expiring. There’s option of renewal on the site. but, process is same for renewal as new one. you’ll have to pay same fee and everything is same. I suggest you to start soon.

  21. I am on L1 and my wife is on L2. My wife’s L2 EAD (work permit ) expired on August 2012, she stopped working and went to India. She came back to US on March 3rd 2013. Now she wants to join work once she gets her EAD. Can we apply for a work permit (EAD) now even though it is more than 180 days since her last EAD expired
    Please help.. Thanks !

      • Thanks saurabh

        One last question , her previous EAD has expired in August 2012, ane we are applying for a fresh EAD now in March, Then why do we need to submit the copy of the Previous EAD (its already expired)

        Also when i submit the copy of previous EAD , will that be a problem as her previous one expired in august 2012 and the new one will come in 2013, hence there is a period of discontineuty?

        Thank you so much

        • Tushaar,
          I see no harm in submitting the old EAD card. Personally I prefer to submit all the documents instead of submitting less. As long as you don’t have anything to hide, it should be fine. Maybe they need old EAD card to see that its not a new EAD, but just an extension (even if there is a break in b/w).

          BTW, where do you see that it needs to be submitted?

  22. Hi

    I have L2 visa. How much time it generally takes to get a Biometrics Appointment after the day you apply for an EAD? Also, I am planning to come back to India after completing the Biometrics appointment. Since my I-94 would be taken away by them, Would it create any problem in my EAD processing?

  23. Hi Saurabh,

    I want to check whether L2-EAD gets extend basis of i94 or visa validity.
    On first time I got EAD which was valid more than my visa validity. now visa is getting expired on Apr and EAD is valid till aug.
    I want to apply for new/extend EAD now.
    My spouse’s company is not going to file extension of L1.
    Can we get L2-EAD extension on the basis of i94 ?


  24. Hi Saurabh,

    I am working on L2-EAD and EAD is getting expired on Aug while L2 is getting expired on Apr (before EAD).
    I have i94 validity till nov 2014.

    can I apply for EAD extension ?
    as at first time I got EAD which was valid more than L2 visa. does it mean they give EAD based on i94 ?

    Please suggest.

  25. Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning to apply EAD for my spouse. I just downloaded and filled i-765. I located in California i wish to send this through USPS. What are the other documents that i need to send along with i-765 also please let me know how to send the fee and do we need to go for bio-metrics.

    Thank you

    • Raghu Iyer,
      The article above lists the required documents. Fees can be send through a personal check.

      I am not sure about the biometrics appointment if you can take on your own, or if USCIS sends you a letter after applying for EAD. Maybe others can help or you can call USCIS to find out.

  26. Hi Saurabh,
    I am on L1 Visa and have visa and i94 till 25th March,2015.I got L2 for my husband and he visited me in Oct,2012.I wanted to apply EAD for him but unfortunately he had to go back in 2 weeks so did not apply for EAD as he would not have been able to make up for the biometrics call.He would be revisiting US in April,2013.My question to you is can i apply EAD on his behalf based on the I94 he got last time when he came in oct.But the i94 was taken away while he left to India, so is it still valid to apply EAD by providing the xerox of that EAD or it could run into issues.If this option is closed for me, can i do something to save time before he comes to US in April end, i dont want him to sit idle for 3 months over here and wait for the EAD to come.
    Please help i am in a dilemma if i can apply EAD based on the i94 which he got last time or to wait till he gets another i94 when he comes in april.
    Appreciate if you could reply.


      • Hi Paul,
        My email id is [email suppressed] ..could not find your email id.My no. is 4086439009.You can give me your details as well i would get in touch with you.
        Thanks for the response,

        • Hi Paul,
          Can i have ur email id or number.Need to talk to you urgently.
          You can contact me on sucheta.verma01 at gmail dot com or on 4086439009.
          Thanks in advance.

    • Sucheta,
      His old I-94 record is now closed as he has left US. He can re-apply when he returns to US as they would need the latest I-94 for processing.

      • Hi Saurabh,
        So do they make any entry while taking away the I94,it was just collected and thrown away in trash.I called the USCIS as well but they were not sure of this.Also if this is a closed option now, can i do something before my husband comes to US, like E-File in advance or something which can save some time.

        • Sucheta,
          Who throws away the I-94? I-94 is the official way to record one’s entry and departure from United States. It is a very important piece of document and not even airlines throw it away. They keep it away and probably return the box to CBP.

          This is what EAD requirement is “File Form I-765 with evidence of your lawful status and evidence you are a spouse of a principal L-1, such as your Form I-94.”

          Unless the person is in United States, they don’t have any status. So it can only be filed after the person has entered US.

          • Hi Saurabh,
            Got your point,so what about the other option.Can i apply EAD for him when he is in India..i read in some forums about it but not sure…i mean can i do the e-filing or something and once he reaches here then submit the latest I94 copy etc.
            Also one more query:Can he not go to india once the process has started for EAD till he gets the EAD card(3months) or after a certain stage say when the biometrics is done he can go back for sometime if needed and then come back.

  27. Hi shurabh,

    I am on l2 visa which got expired in june 2012 so i am on i94 now which is vaild till july 2014…my husband is on L1 which also got expired and his i94 is also vaild till july 2014….now my question is because of health issues i need to go to india…is it posible that i go to india alone and get my L2 extended and come back to usa with out my husband ……. my husband will be here in usa…..can my l2 get extended in india without my husband …………..please help me with the answer …i m in need …plz help me…..


    • Veena,
      Yes, that is possible. You can appear for L-2 stamping and once approved return to US. Carry all the documents related to your L-2 and husband’s L-1. If they ask about your husband, you can mention that he couldn’t return b/c of some office work etc.

  28. Hi,

    I am on L1 visa and I just applied for EAD for my wife who is here on L2. We went to USCIS yesterday for biometrics. When I checked the status of her EAD online, it says the case is in “Card/ Document Production” status. Can we conclude that everything has gone well and we can expect her EAD card soon?

    My next question is My Visa Expiration is March 2015 but I94 expiration is Aug 2015. My spouse’s visa expiration is also March 2015 but her I94 expiration is March 2015. Is there a way I can extend her I94 also to Aug 2015? Please let me know the procedure.


    • Aravind,
      I don’t know what that status means, but getting approved in 1 day sounds like too good to be true.

      You can apply for I-94 extension to match spouse’s I-94. However, your current EAD will be issued until current I-94 expiration date, and can be extended later.

  29. Hi Saurabh,

    My L2 Visa would expire on 1st Dec 2012, I-94 having the same expiration date.
    My Husband’s visa and I-94 has the same expiry date as well.
    we have filed for visa extension for both of us this oct 1st week.
    Is it a wise decision to apply for my EAD (for L2) at this point of time or should we wait till we get our visa extension..?


    • Poornima,
      If you apply for EAD and it gets approved, it will be valid till I-94 expiration date only. You will have to file for EAD extension after getting L-2 extension in this case. The other option is to wait and file for EAD after getting L-2 extended. It is up to you.

  30. Hi,

    I am an L1 Visa holder and my wife has L2 Visa. She is travelling to US apply for EAD and stay there for 10 days.She is again travelling to US after one week from her current organisation on B1/B2 visa for attending some conference/training.

    I wanted to know –
    1) Can she change her L2 visa status from L2 to B1/B2 while in US.
    2) Say, She doesn’t change her Visa status. apply for my EAD while on L2 and come back and travel again to US on B1/B2, when UCSIS will call her for Biometrics, Can she go for Biometrics while on B1/B2?

  31. HI Surabh,

    I am L1 B Visa, and it got expired last month… But my i94 is valid till may 2015.
    My husband is on L2, but his visa also got expired last month, but his i94 is valid thru May 2015.

    Now i am planning to apply for his EAD, will the application be considered as i94 is valid or not? please let me know.


  32. Hi saurabh

    My husband got his L1A approval today and I got L2 approval too. I am going to apply for ssn and EAD this week . In the form I 765 there is one entry where I have to enter ” my earlier visa status “. I came to US as a H4 dependent and my husband got his L1 A as he is reaching H1 B maxout . So, should I mention as dependent or should I specify that I was as H4 dependent. And do I need to send any supporting document for H4 to L2 transfer or should mention in cover letter about the visa transfer .

    Please clarify

    • Kiran,
      I looked at the form here and didn’t see any section for earlier visa status. They ask for current visa status which would be L-2 for you. Are you seeing something different?

  33. Hi Saurabh,
    I am on L2 and my visa got expired (my hubby visa expired as well). We both are I-94 which is valid till 2014. Can I apply for EAD based on the above criteria? Appreciate your inputs on this? Thank you.

  34. Hi
    I am on L2,planning to apply for EAD.
    Visa expiry(mine and hubby’s) Dec 2012
    i-94 expiry (mine & hubby’s) APril 2015
    1) will there be any problem because of visa expiration date??
    2) if we do paper filing, do we need to go for biometric in ASC ??I know for e filing the steps are like this -: e-file>>supporting doc mailing >>bio metric ..But nobody tells about paper filing procedure..Can you please help..

  35. Saurabh,
    How to proceed further? I applied my L2 EAD in Vermont center on march 30’2012 via electronic mode and sent document via USPS ,had bio-metric test on May 1’2012, didn’t get any RFE.From day one status is initial review and on June’30 application will complete 90 days of time frame.I called customer care and raised a service request stats that application is touching maximum time frame on last week.
    Please let me if status don’t change on or before June’30 2012 ,what would be my next step?i should get infopass and ask for intern EAD?

      • Thanks Saurabh.
        Actually i got RFE after above post , one day before my 90 days EAD cycle.My status got change on Jun 29’2012 and got RFE mail on July 2,2012 .I responded on July 5 and they got document on July 9’2012.I had waited one week till July 16 for any update and called customer care and raised SR under financial loss category,by evening status got change to RFE review ,2 days after on July 18 application got approved and today i for my card on July 21’2012.

        Thanks for lot for your help if i didn’t get RFE then i would have gone other way you have mentioned.

  36. Hi Saurabh,

    I will be applying for L2 EAD to work for a company. Also, my hiring company is planning to file for my H1B visa through cap exempt category.

    Do you see that there could be some issues for applying both of them together? Also how much time will it take for the L2 EAD to come? Will having an offer letter help my case to get the L2 EAD faster?


    • Rahul,
      They can happen in parallel. L-2 EAD may take 2-3 months to process, and I don’t think it can be expedited.

      BTW, is your employer cap-exempt or did you have H-1 in the past?

      • I have an approved H1 petition in past which I did not use. It is within the 6 years bracket.

        Thanks in advance for your help.

  37. Hi,
    I am currently working on L2 EAD and below are my details
    1 My L2 Visa expiry – Nov 2012
    2. My I-94 expiry – Nov 2012
    3. My EAD expiry – Jan 2013
    3. Husband’s Visa Expiry – Nov 2012
    4. Husband’s I-94 Expiry – Mar 2014

    Now can I file my extension of I-94 based on my husband’s I-94 though his visa is not till 2014.
    Can the EAD renweal done based on my I-94 only and not on petetion.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    • Neha,
      I would suggest first get your I-94 extension and then apply for EAD renewal. You can get your I-94 extension after submitting your husband’s I-94.

  38. Hi Saurabh,
    Me and my husband has just got L1 and L2 approved. We both work in the same company. My husband has already left for US and my will also transfer me to US on L2 Visa provided I get my EAD. My question to you is, can my husband file an EAD on my behalf while he is there? If no, second option, can I go and apply EAD and come back? Is it legal if I am working in India and have filed EAD in US?

  39. Hi Saurabh,

    Am currently on L2 and wish to apply for EAD immediately. However our address in US is likely to be changed (currently staying in a service apartment for 1 month) but we do not want to loose this 1 month as it takes 2-3 months to get EAD processed.

    1) Is it a good idea to apply now with a temporary address – given we have heard many cases where address changes pose lot of problems as there are couple of touchpoints with the quoted address (receipt, document submission, biometrics) and process gets delayed if anything gets missed out etc) and or would it be better to apply quoting a relatives address which a permanenet even though we may not be available all the time at the address?
    2) Will going through an attorney speed up the case and/or help in the temporary address issue.

    it is a fairly straightforward case otherwise. But we need to apply for EAD immediately hence the questiions. Appreciate your quick response.


    • Komal,
      1. You can apply w/ your current address. Once you move, you can notify USCIS about the new address using the receipt number. You can also tell USPS to forward all mails from old address to new one (they will do this for 6 months).
      2. Involving attorney will not help in speeding the process.

    • Saurabh – Thanks for the response. Any thoughts on what mode is more advisable in our case – e-fing or manual. Was more inclided for e-filing as understand the process may have become better now with the option of online payment, electronic submission of photo (not 100% sure understood that part). However they still dont accept electronic versions of documents . Just thinking that post e-filing will send the documents proactively . What is your advise? This is for NJ area and SSN etc is already in place and I-94 was recently stamped and so they do take biometrics at port of entry (Just thinking if that can also exempt the biometrics process).


  40. Hi..

    Following are myself and my wife’s details

    My VISA:- L1B Valid Until 12/2012
    I-94 for me and my wife:- 01/2014
    Passport Expiry for me:- 01/2014
    Passport Expiry for wife:- 06/2018
    EAD Expiry:- 12/2012
    Arrival in US me & my wife:- 08/2010
    VISA Stamping:- 01/2010

    What are the chances of my wife’s EAD getting renewed WITHOUT my VISA getting extended since I have I-94 Valid until 01/2014. Not looking for Extension as they are getting rejected now a days.

    On what basis EAD gets renewed. is it I-94 or VISA?

    What best options I have so that my wife’s EAD gets renewd next year.


  41. Hi,

    I am on valid L1 B; I need to go back to India due to some personal urgency. But my company is not allowing me to go, and also not providing tickets. Pls suggest me what to do in this situation.

    • Ramgopal,
      Company is not required to provide you air tickets. You can discuss w/ employer about their concerns, and then try to address them.

  42. Hi saurabh
    I am L2-visa. i am applying for an EAD. I have a doubt regarding the application fee.

    Can we pay the fee through credit card. Is it better to send the cheque.
    I am staying in newyork so to what address i need to post my application form.
    My hubby has a core leave in september so we are planning to go and come back so will my EAD will be valid or do i need to apply again.
    Appreciate your support


    • Rekha,
      I don’t think one can pay the fees by CC, but you can check the options on the USCIS website. I don’t know which address it needs to be sent to, but you can check that on USCIS website as well.

      Once your EAD has been approved, it can be used even after you return to US, as long as it has not passed the expiration date.

  43. Hi Saurabh,
    I have 2 questions for you:
    1) I submitted myI-130, I-485 and I-765 in One application on April 1, 2012 and my interview is on June 26, 2012. When do I expect to receive my I-765 approval and Final green card? (wWll I get my I-765 before June 16, 2102?)
    2) They are requesting my husband’s birth certificate, but we don’t have it. What alternative can we submit? (Note: My husband is a US citizen)

  44. Hi Saurabh,

    With respect to L1 Visa, I understand the aspects of premium processing, but apart from premium processing is there any way a request can be made to fasten the process ?

    My employer doesn’t want to opt for premium processing, that’s the catch. And I have other things depending on L1 approval.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Regards

  45. Hi saurabh,

    i have L1 b getting expired on Oct 21 2012 , i just came from India and while in transit
    i got I-94 till may 08 2015, do i still need to ask my employer for L1 B extension ?

    • srikanth,
      When you say L-1 expiring in Oct 2012, are you referring to the visa stamp in the passport? In that case, you don’t need to worry about it and can continue to stay and work on the basis of I-94.

      • yeah saurabh iam talking about visa stamping on my passport..thanks for responce

        one more question my wife would visit to USA in another month on L2 visa which will have same visa expiry date as mine. whether she can also stay in USA even after my visa expiry as per my I-94 status ..


        • Srikanth,
          When she enters US, she will be issued her own I-94. She can stay in US until HER I-94 expiration date.

  46. hi
    hey i got a mistake in immigration form … my date of birth they entered wrong. how can i correct it ….and what we have to follow that…we are new to this place send me full details please

        • Suma,
          You can get it corrected by sending the I-94 form to nearest USCIS office or going to the CBP office at the nearest airport. If it was an error on part of the officer then you won’t be charged anything. If it was error on your part, then you may have to pay the fees (don’t know how much).


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