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Can I get OPT for a Second Master’s (MS/ MBA) in USA, One year?

Some of you might be in a situation where you realized after a couple of years of work life that your first master’s (MS) in the US was not the right one in your desired field of interest and decide to do a second Master’s in the US. Some of you might even be passionate about quitting your current job and going back to an F1 visa to study for a second master’s.

It would be good if you got to know about the OPT(Optional Practical Training) rules related to doing a second master’s.  In this article, we will look at the OPT rules for second masters. For background, you may read Working on OPT vs CPT in US.

Do you get OPT for a second Master’s (MS/ MBA) in US ?

Short answer: NO (in most cases). Unless you have not used up all of your 12-month OPT after completing your first master’s degree. Even if you applied for 12-month OPT and got it approved by USCIS(irrespective of whether you used it to work or not) then you would not be eligible for another OPT for that level.

Let me explain with an example. Let’s say first you graduated with an MS in Computer Sciences and have worked on OPT for 12 months or applied for 12 months OPT and got it approved. After a couple of years, you decide to convert to an F1 visa and do an MS in Marketing or an MBA in Finance as a full-time student…Although your second master’s belongs to a different major, you will NOT get a year OPT period because you have used 12 months of OPT (or even applied for it and got it approved).

DHS rules state that “Twelve Months of Regular OPT is available for each Higher Level of Study” ( see the below screenshot from the DHS.gov website). You get 12 months OPT for one-degree level, even if in different fields or majors”. i.e. you get one 12-month OPT for a Bachelor’s, One for a Master’s, and one for a Ph.D. The number of degrees in different majors at one level does not matter. You only get one OPT for one level. Check DHS.gov website for more info.

Options for getting a second OPT ? 24 STEM OPT Extension?

USCIS says you can split your 12-month full-time OPT period between two master’s degrees. Even though it sounds like you can do it, it may be difficult for students to plan for their OPT of second masters down the lane after a few years…talk to your DSO( designated school official) or international advisor at your school for more info.

STEM Degree, Options to get STEM OPT

If your degree falls under the STEM Category and you have not used your 24-month STEM OPT extension for your first degree, either master’s or bachelor’s level, then you may be eligible to use that 24-month OPT extension. You will need to speak to DSO on this and get this clarified.

As per USCIS, you can use your 24-month extension, even if your current degree or new (second master’s) does not fall under the STEM category. See the below screenshot of the same. Read Official USCIS OPT STEM Extension FAQs .

Eligibility for STEM OPT for a previous STEM Degree
Eligibility for STEM OPT for a previous STEM Degree

Impact of NOT having OPT for second Masters

Not getting 12 months of regular OPT for a second master’s in the US puts you in a difficult spot with no time left for your job search or do an extended internship. You need to have an H1B sponsor right after graduation. Unfortunately, it can be one of the hurdles you would have to deal with when you take up a second master’s degree.

If you are considering a second master’s, I highly recommend you talk to your prospective school’s International student advisor or DSO and get advice before jumping in on it. If you do not follow the rules and engage in unauthorized OPT or CPT, you are violating student status, and it will have an impact when you apply for an H1B petition…

Also, you can discuss with a qualified attorney if you are unclear on any of these topics. Also, read the references below for more clarification.

What are your thoughts? Any OPT-related info about Second Masters?

You should read  Will I get CPT to work from Day One in Second Masters ?

Additional References :

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  1. Hi,
    I have completed my Master from UVA, Virginia on May 2016. Now I am starting my PhD in Austin, TX from August 2016. I have not applied for OPT for my masters degree. My question is if I decide to quit my PhD after 2or 3 months like December 2016, can I apply for my post-completion OPT on December 2016 for the masters degree which I have obtained in May 2016?

    • Rahman,
      I suggest you speak to the DSO at your current school UVA, if that is possible. It is better to check from DSO.

      • @mustafa : There is nothing to do with Masters form Any other country,
        In my case I have masters form INDIA UK and 2 Masters in USA, Only thing you need to remember no short cuts Work hard in university apply for Campus Jobs the Optional particular training, if you get job your employer will apply for H1B

        Thanks / Ravi G

  2. Hi,

    I’ve completed MBA in May 2015 and OPT ending in July 2016. I am planning to go back to school and get an associate degree in engineering (STEM).

    One thing to note that I received my bachelor in business previously and had used OPT for that level.

    I wonder If I am eligible to get OPT once I have completed the associate degree?

    • Hello Vivian,
      I am in same boat as you in some extent.
      I have a bachelor degree in Energy Engineering and a Masters in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. I have been in US from last 2 years on a J1 Visa. I am planning to go to school on a F1 Visa and get an Associate Degree in Computer Science so that I can learn some computer science skills and get a job in Poland (my home country) in the IT sector.

      I was wondering if already having a bachelor and masters degree in some unrelated field affect my application for change of status at USCIS. Do you have any information about this ?


  3. I completed my MS in computers in Dec 15 and applied OPT for first time. It got denied on Apr 16, because it was outside of 30 days of DSO recommendation. I am going to file MTR. However, since it is already passed 60 days after my graduation, I have applied for MBA as a backup. In case my MTR is also denied, and I go ahead with MBA, would I be eligible for STEM OPT or MBA OPT?

  4. Hi

    I am currently in the US on H4 visa .Due to my financially situation I want to do a certificate program at UNCC Charlotte which is a 1 year certificate with 15 credit points post that I would want to work for 1 year and then continue with MS.I have checked with the university they add credits from the certificate to the MS .What I want to know is on completion of the certificate program will I be eligible for 12 month OPT.The international student office at the university is not answering my queries ,I don’t know who to talk to.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Trupti,
      You will need to check with the DSO at the school. OPT is offered for full time students after they complete the degree or during the degree. If you are getting a non-degree certificate only, I am not sure, if you would be eligible for OPT. You will need to be on F1 visa first and then check if it is eligible as well. Speak to DSO. Make an appointment with them and speak to them. Read MIT OPT requirements, which tells that OPT is awarded only for degree seeking students.

  5. i finished my first masters in 2013 and used my opt for 12 months which ended in Sept 2014 and applied for stem extension, got a query on my extension in sept 2014 and i withdrew my STEM extension in Dec 2014 and joined in another masters. I am about to finish my 2nd masters, can i use my 17 month OPT extension now.

    • charan,
      You may try, if the current degree qualifies for the STEM category. Speak to your DSO on your situation and check the eligibility.

  6. Any advice would be Appreciate !
    I have completed my 1st Masters in DEC 16 2015 i have applied for OPT in November but Jan i got my OPT RFE and After answering RFE I got denial on Jan 16th which is mostly 60 days completed as Backup i have joined in 2nd Masters which is starting on March 5th , And applied for MTR

    My DSO forget to update my SEVIS record before 60 days SO my SEVIS went to Completed stage has he placed SEVIS SERVICE Request , which is approved on 28th APRIL and went to Auto Completed stage in 24hours he has requested again

    On April 5th last week my MTR is approved and They have posted my CARD and I-765 I have Informed my DSO about my approval notice immediately ,

    He said until I show my I-765 he can not cancel my SEVIS request Not I’m scared if same SEVIS going again corrected Do I lose my OPT and reamin as student ?

    More hand happy I’m Confuse,

    • hi nani , i got caught up in the same situation like yours. can u please email your contact number so that i can talk to you about the issue and have some clarity on how to proceed apart from my insight.

      email : sasank301291 at gmail dot com

  7. I graduated in 2014, and left the US in May 2015. My OPT was valid till October. I also haven’t applied for a STEM extension. Will I be able to get it for my second Masters?

    • Hi OPT is only Optional Particular Training which need to be related to you Studies as Every OPT student must submit there offer letter with in three months in the university I your case you come to USA but not sure they will allow you in Port of entry depends on the answers you gave at the moment

  8. Kavya,

    Did you use your 60 days grace period after completing your first MS? If no then you will have 60 grace period before finding a job. Once you find a job your company can apply for H1. I am not if you are eligible for cap exempt category. I think you are as you already had H1 before. Check with your school authorities on this.

  9. Hello,

    I did my first Masters in Arts related field and used my 12 months of OPT. My Employer applied for H1 through lottery and It didn’t get pick. I joined the another Masters in IT (STEM) and used 11 months of CPT. Now I want to stop CPT and continue to finish my second Masters in MSMIT (STEM). After completing the current Masters can I apply for extension of my OPT (17 months) as I have already completed my 12 Months. Please advise. Thank you

  10. Hi, I’m about to finish my OPT under a marketing master program (Business). If I attend to a new master program in computer science will I be elegible for a second OPT?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi,

    I graduated with my first masters in 2011. I worked on my OPT for one year after which my employer filed for my H1. I worked on H1 for a period of 8 months (Oct 2012 – May 2013). I then quit my job and left the country. I came back to the US in Jan 2014 on an F1 visa for my second masters (re-stamped)
    I am aware that I will not get a second OPT. But I wanted to know what my visa options are once I graduate in Dec 2015. Will it be a new H1B application ? or can it be an H1 transfer ? Also, if an employer is willing to sponsor my H1 in 2016, when can I start working?

    It would be great if someone can help me out !

    • Hi,
      I have a problem..i think you can solve on this..I got graduated in 2011. After finishing my master’s i came back to india after 5 months..Now i want to go for second master’s, will it be a problem at visa interview??
      Can i know what questions did you face when you have gone for the second interview??

  12. Hi, I applied for an OPT a while back, but left the country (for an international job offer) before my OPT card arrived. So technically I never used the OPT. I came back and joined a second master’s program after 12 months. I am eligible for STEM extension, which I did not apply for initially. Would I still be able to apply for a second OPT and use the period that I did not use during my earlier master’s degree?

    Thank you!

    • Because you have applied for OPT already and the default length is 12 months unless you specified in the application. Even though in fact you didn’t use it, you OPT is gone.

  13. Hi Saurabh,

    I have finished my Masters and have exhausted my OPT (12 months + 17 months) and am currently on H1. I plan to attend MBA from August,2015 and transfer to F1 in order to do so. Knowing that i wont be eligible for OPT after graduation, what are my options ?

    a if an employer is willing to hire can he file for my H1B in April 2017 even though i would graduate in May 2017?

    b. if no, then i would have to be unemployed till 2018 and then hope someone files my H1? is there a way i can start working in 2017 itself?

    I appreciate your help

  14. Hi,
    I completed my master’s degree from USA in 2010. I came back to my home country. Now I want to re apply for F-1 (for second master’s degree). After starting my second masters degree, can I apply for H1B on the basis of my first masters degree, before completion of the second masters degree?
    Will I be allowed to change my status from F1 to H1B in the midway of my second masters degree?

    • Yes,you can apply for second masters. For applying H1B, you need to have job so before that you need to take CPT and start working some where.

  15. Good morning. I already used opt after undergraduate in marketing. Now i am planning to get a certificate in computer engineering. Am i eligible for another opt after certificate course?

      • Hi Remo,

        Here is the situation.
        I want to pursue Masters (MPH/MHA). Exhaust my OPT. Pursue IDP (Dentist undergraduate program) and apply for another OPT.Will I get my second OPT in this case. Its a case of downgrading the level of study.

        • Hi Anubhav,

          Did you already used your OPT at the undergraduate level earlier? Then no. Doesn’t matter if you are downgrading level. You get only one OPT at any level.

          • Hey Anubhav,

            So I think i am in the same situation. Did BDS, finished MHA and applied for OPT. My question is do we get an OPT if we pursue DDS/DMD ?
            If not OPT, are we still eligible to apply for STEM extension since DDS would fall into STEM?

  16. Hi,

    I have completed my MS from US in year 2008 Dec from STEM, and was in OPT for just 4- 5 months and came back to India in 2009 March.
    So, now if i want to do my second Masters in US can i retain my left over OPT along with the 17 months extendable OPT .
    Please some one answer my question.


  17. Hi,
    I graduated with a MS in CS in Dec 2013 and currently on OPT. I am planning to do a second Master’s in a different field (Mechanical) this Fall 2014, by which time I will have used up 8 months of OPT. Can I get the remaining 3 months of OPT after my second Master’s? How feasible it is to change fields in terms of travelling to India in between or F1 visa extension during second Master’s.


    • No you will not get 3 months of OPT on 2nd MS. As you already got it approved either you use it for 12 months or you loose it.

      I would not recommend to travel India on OPT- you can take your chances if you want, I have my friends traveled to Indian on OPT with out any issue. If you want to go, do it on F1.

  18. Say, I got a PHD degree and did not apply for an opt. Then, I decided to go for an master degree in a different field. Will I be eligible for an opt after receiving the master?

    • You can get GC is you want as you have PHD?
      You don’t have to worry about the OPT. Go apply for GC and you will get it in a year

  19. After completing my first masters in one major(MS- Computer Science ) , and if I continued with my second degree from another major without taking OPT(eg: finance) ? So If I take OPT after Second masters, then under which major my OPT will be considered ?

  20. Hi,
    I graduated with an MS in 2011 and worked throughout my OPT and its extension..but now I am planning to do a second MS for which I am aware that I wont have an OPT, I have 2 questions for my situation:
    1. If I graduate in 2016 December, on what status will I be until I file for H1 the following April, given in my case it is my second Masters?
    2. Can any employee file for H1 while Im still a student?

    • 1. You can file H1B under US Masters Cap. It doesn’t matter whether you have (a) one US Masters (b) two US Masters (c) One US Masters and one Ph.D.

      2. Yes. But you may have to wait till Oct 1 to begin work unless (a) you have some kind of work authorization (b) you are filing for an organization that is exempt from H1B cap.

      Good luck !

      • A US advance degree has to be from a public or non profit university and the university must be accredited by a government approved accredition entity.

  21. Hi Saurabh,

    I completed my Master’s in April 2013. After that I started my graduate certificate program in Supply chain. Will I still be eligible for OPT after I finish my Graduate certificate? I didn’t use my OPT before.


  22. Hi,

    I am currently on OPT and have had obtained my MS Advertising in the US. I am thinking of applying for MS Information for the coming Fall 2014. My OPT expires in Feb, 2014. Does that mean I have only 2 months to look for jobs if I leave the country in December this year?


  23. I done my Masters in India.Now i am planning for my 2nd masters inUSA. Kindly tell me whether will i eligible for that and will i get admission from US universities and the OPT too

  24. 1. I graduated from a University in US , Texas in Spring 2012 non stem. – I was on F1 Visa. Worked for 4 months in OPT till September 2012.
    2. I left US in October 2012(personal reasons).
    3. Came back to US on H4 visa in June 2013.- My husband is on H1.
    4.I applied for another Master course- Stem in same university.- Visa-H4.
    5. Got admitted to the course to start from Spring 2014.
    My questions :-
    If I change my H4 visa to F1 visa in 2014,
    Will I be eligible for new OPT when I graduate in 2015- Since I will be on a new F1 and new I 20?
    I did not use my previous OPT -2013 as I left US before its completion. Will I be able to regain the unused time for this new course with STEM extension (new course)?
    Should I get a formal confirmation from USCIS on the above?

    Additional information
    In Simple words :- I completed a Masters degree on F1 visa in 2012. I am now on H4 and intend to do my second Master degree in new F1 Visa.. Will I get to do OPT upon completion of my new degree.

    • Hi Meghna –

      I am in a situation almost exactly as yours. I am interested in knowing how you approached this. Can you please share some information? Please email me or let me know how else we can connect.

  25. I have completed my MS in 2010 and left the states without even applying for OPT. How can this of benefit to me if I enter US on another visa?

    • AbdMhammed,
      You can return on F-1 if you enroll in another school or H-1 if the same is filed by an employer when the cap is open.

  26. HI everyone,
    I am still waiting to get an anything form Lottery results and today is last day that is enough reason for losing hope. I have been graduated with one Master degree in Dec 2012. Right now I am on OPT (1year and not in STEM ext as I am not eligible for STEM ext) and doing job. but it seems that I am not goign to get H1b this year. My opt end 14th Jan 2013. I am thinking that I should go for some degree in Msters and apply for CPT as I can not apply for OPT second time. Can I go for CPT and continue my job and file for H1b in April 2014. M I eligible for CPT? Thanks guys.

  27. Hi,
    I have done a MS degree in Singapore. Currently, I live in USA holding an H4 visa. I would like to do a second Masters degree in USA & avail the OPT. Is it possible for me to get an OPT in such a situation? Please, let me know.

    • Nishat,
      To get OPT you need to be on F-1 status. So you can enroll in a school, file COS from H-4 to F-1 and then avail OPT at the end of the course. Check w/ your school for more details.

  28. I finished a masters in CIS then immediately went into a Masters in Finance and Economics without taking opt for neither degree. Both masters degress were in the United States. Now I am finishing the Masters in Finance and Economics but got a job offer related to the Masters in CIS i.e. the first masters. Can I use the OPT to take that job in CIS.

    I appreciate any insight.

  29. Hi,

    I completed a Masters Degree in the US. Due to a claim by my schoool that I worked additional hours on campus, I lost the OPT and moved on to a dependent visa. Now, if I apply to another Masters’ degree, will I be eligible for OPT (considering there was a violation for my first masters and I did not use the OPT?). Kindly keep me posted. I am in a fix.

  30. Hi,
    I have finished my masters and I immediately after that joined PhD. in another university. i at time didn’t use my OPT for 11 months. Now I want to leave my PhD. in the middle after 6 months and want to use the opt which was available after 6 months. Is it possible that I avail the OPT now ?


  31. I did a combined bachelors/masters, graduated with both in 2010. I did apply for OPT then and got it approved. I want to go for my second masters degree yet? Will i still get an OPT because technically in 2010 i would have gotten the OPT for my bachelors anyways.

  32. Hi,

    I’ve completed my masters in May 2011 (Spring’11). Didn’t take my OPT.
    I started my 2nd masters in June 2011 (Summer’11). Am I eligible for OPT after my 2nd masters. I believe as I’ve not taken any OPT period for Masters level – I’ll be eligible but my ISS office says when enrolled I waived off my OPT (I don’t think I did that or understood what they said.)
    Any insight will be appreciated.

    • Vijay,
      Generally one is eligible for OPT if not previously taken for same level of degree. However, I don’t know what your ISS is referring to.

    • Vijay, Yes, you are eligible for OPT. In fact, you can split the OPT period of 12 months between two degrees at the same level. Say if you get MS in CS, you can use 6 months OPT for that and again if you get MS in Economics, you can use other 6 months of OPT for Economics. Talk to your DSO and explain them. Here is a reference on OPT split by one of the schools.

  33. I completed my Masters in 2005 where there was no concept of STEM extension and i was in OPT for 11 months that time . now i am about to complete my second masters in another field . can i use that 17 months period now??

      • Ramu, Bittu & Kumar

        I used only 8 months of OPT in 2008 just before the start of 17month OPT extension for STEM. I will be finishing my 6years of H1B & no GC filing yet. Now if I do my 2nd MS, Can I use my left over 4 months OPT & the 17 month extension.
        Please let me know.

  34. Hi,
    I have completed my masters in computer science program in the US. I applied for my OPT, What are my options if it gets rejected. (I have taken 2 online classes in one of the semesters due to lack of Lecture classes that semester)
    If I apply for another masters program will I be eligible to apply for OPT or CPT.
    Please help, cause we have only 30 days to either of the following
    1.file for motion
    2. Apply reinstatement
    3. Apply to a new school(go out of the country and enter back)
    4.Go back to home country.
    Please suggest me what s the best option , there are a lot of people in my university with these questions.


    • Ravi,
      Typically, OPT will not be rejected as it is not tied to any job offer or company and given by school and USCIS based on your degree.

      If you have not used up all your 12 months in your OPT related to first masters, you are eligible for the remaining. Talk to your DSO for best options. You do not need to worry much, you will get OPT. Make sure you file it right and on time…

  35. I am in a similar situation as Ram, which is F1 (1st MS) ->OPT (12 month) -> H1B (one month short of 3 years) -> F1 (2nd MS) -> ?

    I understand I don’t have any OPT left, my question is, would my future employer have to file for another H1B petition? Or can they extend the one I had before, so that I don’t have to wait till Oct to start working? Does it depend on whether the new position is similar to the old one?

    If I don’t have to wait till Oct to start working, do I still have to wait 2-3 months for the COS to get approved after graduation? Or it might be faster to just go back to home country to apply for H1B? Which might be a higher risk?

    A lot of questions..thank you!

    • They can file for cap-exempt H-1 and submit copy of old H-1 to show that you are not subject to quota. This will allow you to start working even before Oct. The new H-1 doesn’t necessarily need to be related to old one, but you still need to be qualified for the new position.

      However, as your current status is F-1, you will still have to wait for COS to get approved along w/ H-1 petition before starting to work on H-1. It may take 2-4 months (processing time is controlled by I-129 processing and not COS in this case), but PP services are available, in which case it will be processed within 15 calendar days.

      • Thank you for your reply!

        So…Could COS start before I graduate or it has to start afterwards? If I have to wait 2-4 month after graduation to start working (assuming my employer is not willing to go through PP) , I am wondering whether going back to home country and apply for H1B directly through Embassy would be faster? Or would that mean that I give up my petition quota?

        Thanks once again!

        • Sally,
          As you have already been counted in the quota, you are not impacted by the quota getting exhausted. COS start date needs to be entered by the employer at the time of filing. It can be at most 6 months in future, but if processing gets extended beyond that requested date, then USCIS will set start date as the actual approval date. PP fees can be paid either by you or the employer. It’s up to you and employer whether you want to file H-1 w/ COS while being present in US, or you want to file it from outside of US – time wise it would be same, as one needs to file the petition even when present out of US.

  36. I did my BS Accounting, then joined JD (law degree). After that I took my 12 month OPT. Now I have joined MS Accounting to return to accounting field – will I qualify for another 12 month OPT?

      • Thank you very much for your response. Just to clarify: it doesn’t matter I did my juris doctor (doctorate) and took OPT after that and now I am doing Master. It depends on the degree I started with?

        • I am not aware how your courses are designed. The general rule is that when one goes for a higher degree, then the person is eligible for another OPT. So if you got BS earlier and will not get MS, then you can get the OPT. If you get MS earlier, and will get another MS now, then you cannot get the OPT.

  37. Hi saurabh, i had done my masters in united states. but i haven’t applied for OPT as i joined in PhD. (i didn’t utilize my OPT). but now i am planning to come out of school and work. in this case am i eligible for applying OPT now, or can you suggest me some other possibilities, where i can work.

    thank you

    • I am not sure if you can apply for OPT now for your Masters course. However, H-1 can be applied in April 2012 w/ start date of Oct 2012. You can check w/ your school if CPT can be applied while you are continuing your PhD.

  38. Hi,
    I have completed my MS in may 2009 from Univ A and applied for my OPT. The OPT was approved by the USCIS. However I had joined PhD in aug 2009 in another Univ B (not used any of my OPT period). I didnot receive my EAD card due to change of location and hence the EAD card was not delivered. The USCIS website says they destroyed that EAD card since it was undelivereable.
    Now I am unable to finish my phd. Can I apply for OPT on my Masters degree? If yes how does that work out?
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Hi, Thanks for all the info on the website. Extremely helpful!

    A question: I did my MS in the US, worked on H1B, then moved to India, stayed for 2 years, now going back to the US for MBA. I understand I won’t get a second OPT.

    Basically here’s my situation: F1 –> OPT –> H1B –> India –> F1 –> ??

    My course is a 1 year program; starts in May and ends next May. Assuming I get a job offer before graduation (and they file H1B petition), what happens in the time b/w graduation and H1B activation (i.e. May to Oct)? Will I be in status/able to work?

    Any inputs would be most helpful. Thanks!

  40. Hi sourabh,

    Im on OPT (Masters Degree) currently from Program A ( no STEM extension) and it expires on feb 2012. I’m joining second masters Program B ( has STEM extension) in Jan 2012. Once I’m done with program B can I use my remaining one month of OPT n apply for 17 month STEM extension?


  41. hi i am a masters student currently on OPT and its gonna expire on june 15 2012 and i am graduating on may 6 2012.
    Can i apply for OPT stem extension (17 months) even after my OPT expires.?
    If i apply for H1B on april 1 it will be start from OCT 1 . If my H1B is rejected, i had to leave this country.. Is there any alternate way of staying in USA changing to other visa status?

  42. I applied for OPT after my first masters degree. I am soon graduating with doctorate degree. At the same time I intend to graduate with a masters degree in a related field. If I graduate with these two dgrees, a masters and a Phd would I lose my OPT?

    • You will still be eligible for another OPT as you are doing higher education (Doctorate vs Masters). If you would have done another Masters course, then you would not have been eligible for OPT.

  43. Dear Kumar,

    Thank your time. I received my MS from US, then got my OPT. I used my OPT too. Due to some reasons I came back to India. I want to do a second master degree in US. I know that we dont get OPT again for same level of degree.

    What I was thinking is, if I join some university for second master’s, then get a CPT training in the last semester then find an employer or company with FT job to sponsor H1B, Once we get an employer to sponsor H1B then we can graduate. I know this is a long shot.

    My question is how long can we stay unemployed once we graduate if we dont find H1B sponsor? and any other suggestions after graduating with second master?

    Thank you


  44. i have completed mba in india .and i want to do again mba in us …can i apply based on my b.sc degree ….. because they may not accept dual degree

  45. hello

    how about OPT after a bachelor’s degree? can we get OPT after BS? And then if we pursue MS, after a few years, then will we get OPT for the master’s as well?

    please let me know.

    • A person gets 12 months of OPT after every additional advanced degree. So you get 12 months OPT after Bachelors, and then another 12 months after Masters and another 12 months after PhD. However, you won’t get any OPT after 2nd Bachelors or 2nd Masters etc.

  46. Can a student who has completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering in US University who has not taken the one year OPT, could avail that during the first academic year of Masters degree course.As USCIS allows 1 year each for degree and 1 year for Masters,1 year for PhD.

    • I don’t think you can avail 1 year OPT from your Bachelor’s period during Masters, but you can check w/ your school DSO.

  47. I have an employee who is on an F1 and he was recently told that he could not go to school in one state and work in another state. I have never heard of such a thing. I have researched everywhere and cannot find this to be true.

    Can anyone help me? If this is true can you help me find where the rule is written?



    • Is the employee planning to work while his school is in session? If yes, then I don’t think he can work and study in different states. This is because when the school is in session, he is expected to be a full-time student, and for that he needs to be in the state of his school. I think it should be ok during summer break when the school is not in session. This was one of main concerns raised during recent TVU raids – a person cannot work out of state on CPT.


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