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GUIDE to USCIS Change of Address Form(AR 11) Why? Penalty?

As a foreigner in the US, did you know that you need to update USCIS regarding your address change within 10 days of your move?  If you are not sure of the process, requirements around it, read along. We will look at the importance and why you SHOULD update USCIS regarding your address change, how to do it, FAQs, and what if you forgot to do it. 

Background : Why SHOULD you Notify USCIS for Address Change ?

If you are a non-US citizen, according to Section 265 of INA Act, you are legally mandated to update USCIS with any change of address within 10 days of your move. Failure to report the address change is punishable by fine or imprisonment and/or removal.  Many of the international students would have been advised by the DSO or international advisor regarding this at the student orientation to update the school/DSO and USCIS regarding the change of address.  It also applies to work visa holders such as H1B Visa holders, L1 Visa holders, B1/B2 Visa holder, etc. Some of you may not be aware of this.  It is your legal responsibility to update the address change information to USCIS, so that the same is relayed to DHS.

Who ALL should update USCIS regarding the change in address ?

  • Non-US Citizens on Visa : All  non-US Citizens, who are present in USA for more than 29 days on a temporary visa type are bound to comply with this requirement to update USCIS with the address change. It includes all visa holders such as H1B, L1, F1, other visa types, unless your visa type is exempt. 
  • Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders : All Green Card holders are required to update address with USCIS
  • US Citizens : Certain US Citizens, who have filed form I-864, which is Affidavit of support for a foreign national need to update USCIS on their address. 

Who are exempted from notifying USCIS regarding Address change information ?

Diplomats (who are on A Visa), Official Gov. Reps to International Orgs ( G Visa) and certain non-immigrants without a visa and who stay under 30 days in USA.  If you are not from these three categories, you MUST report the change to USCIS.

How to Notify USCIS regarding the Change of Address ?

It is fairly simple. You need to fill out, Alien’s Change of Address Card(AR-11). You can do this by two ways. 

  1. Physically mailing the AR-11 form 
  2. Doing it online on USCIS Website.

Option 1 : Notify USCIS using AR-11 form – Mailing it

  1. Download the AR-11 Form from USCIS website
  2. Complete it with your current address info, including previous address info.
  3. Please ensure you sign the form, if not USCIS will reject the form.
  4. Mail it to the address on the form as listed below

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Citizenship and Immigration Services
Attn: Change of Address
1344 Pleasants Drive
Harrisonburg, VA  22801

Option 2 : Notify USCIS using AR-11 form – Mailing it

Doing it online is the simplest and most handy way. But, there is one small catch, you can only do online, if you have a pending application with USCIS. otherwise, you need to use the physical form.  Below are the steps.

  1. Navigate to  Change of Address form on USCIS Website
  2. It gives you few options to consider like below. Check, if you fall under any of these. Follow the respective instructions, if you fall under any of them.  USCIS Notify Address Change AR 11 form
  3.  If not, click continue at the end of the page
  4. Follow instructions on the page and fill out the details of the address and your Case Information, which is USCIS Receipt Number. Complete the form, That’s it ! You maybe able to save a PDF copy for records

F1 Students Requirements for Address Update to USCIS using AR 11 form 

If you are an F1 student, make sure you send the address update AR 11 form copy to your DSO, so that they have it updated on their records in SEVIS. Typically, you can go to the Internationals students services office and inform them on the AR 11 form, so that SEVIS records are updated as well. 

I forgot to file AR-11 Address Change Form with USCIS after my move, What is the penalty ?

Well, mistakes happen and you should do it immediately, if you have forgotten.  But, as per the regulation (see below), USCIS can fine you for up to $200 and  put you in jail for under 30 days. Also, you may be put on removal proceedings, if they want to. But, in reality, getting deported or going to jail are not seen very often as there are far more bigger issues to deal with. To avoid any issues, file AR-11 on time, if you realized you have not updated the same for a while, work with an attorney and take care of the same.  Check Official Reference and screenshot below. 

How soon should you update USCIS regarding your Address Change ?

You need to file an AR-11 form with USCIS, within 10 days of your move to a new address. 

Do I need to file AR 11 as H1B holder to Notify USCIS for an Address change ?

Yes, you need to file AR 11 to update USCIS. It is mandatory as per regulation

I am a Green Card Holder, Do I still need to file AR 11 with USCIS

Yes, you need to file AR-11 to update USCIS regarding your address change. It is mandatory

What if I forgot to file AR 11 in 10 days, can I file it now?

You should file AR-11 immediately and not delay it. Delay can lead to bigger issues.

Did you recently move? What was your experience with AR-11 form ?


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  1. How to change the address of an I-130 applicant who does not live in the US. Address change of the applicant is from a city in UAE to another city in UAE. AR-11 form has only US address fields-you have add a US state and zip code to submit so I am not able to use this form.

  2. I don’t have a pending application with the government. I am on H1-B visa. My attorney says I don’t need to mail the physical form since I filed it electronically. The confirmation form asks me to mail the document. Shall I mail it?

  3. I am on h1b and changed my residential address using form 11 and got a request confirmation mail.

    can I travel to India and come back while this is in progress?

  4. Do we still have to file AR-11 as a F1 student? Based on my research, in the past, on I20, it states the following:
    “Notice of Address. If you move, you must submit a notice within 10
    days of the change of address to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. ( Form AR-11 is available at any INS office. )”

    However, the recently issued I-20 states:
    “Notice of Address. When you arrive in the United States, you must report your U.S. address to your DSO. If you move, you must notify your DSO of your new address within 10 days of the change of address. The DSO will update SEVIS with your new address.”

    In addition, on the ”
    Change of Mailing Address Requirements” page of International Scholars Office at MIT, it suggests that only “Individuals in other visa statuses (e.g. H-1B, H-4, TN, TD, O-1, O-3, B-1, or WB)” need to file AR-11.

    On the “UPDATING YOUR ADDRESS” page of International Student & Scholar Services at UIUC, it also suggests that only “If you are a student and are NOT in J-1 or F-1 status, you must report address changes by sending form AR-11 to USCIS”.

    I am wondering whether the rules have been changed or not? Perhaps we only need to report the address change to our school, who would update it through SEVIS?

    • Wordering,
      Well, the requirement has not changed. Usually, if you update DSO, they will do it for you…I suggest you check with DSO on this…Also, frankly, it does not hurt for you to update the same online too…

  5. If you updated your sevis address through your university (which is supposed to update it with the Department of Homeland Security), are you still required to submit the AR11 form?

    • Rafael,

      DHS is different from USCIS. You should still update the AR-11 form yourself and keep a copy of the notification for future reference.

  6. This electronic form does not accept foreign addresses … (you need to select the state, that is not the case overseas). The only way for those coming to US (and having previous address overseas) is to mail a regular form. Disappointing ….

    • Rafal Wawrzykowski,

      After you land in US, you would be staying at a location. You have to mention that address. If it is a temporary location, then submit it for the time being and then update it when you change residence.

  7. Greetings: does this change of address applies to Primary applicant or we need to file individual form for every dependent?


  8. I stayed at a hostel for the first 10 days before I could work, and now I’m staying at different hotels since I won’t get access to my apartment until end of October. I’m thinking of updating my address to my work place, is this a good idea?


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