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Hello Everyone !
Have you ever wondered how experience would be traveling to US from Red bus (Typical state government bus in India) ? My journey is from a Red Bus to Air Bus to come to US….I have come from the grass roots level, so I had to explore everything….I would love to share this with you all….
You all might have tons of questions in your mind like below….
How will it be here once you land in America ?
How would your MS life be here in US ?
What everyone think of you back in India ?
What can you do in USA ?How can you enjoy life in US ?
What are the immigration issues ?
What is H1 visa ?
How to work legally ?
Where to work when student ?
How to network with Desi community ?
What is off campus working as a student ?
What every student should know ?
What every student can enjoy ?
What can you enjoy after you get a job ?
Should you date an American ?
What makes you different to network with others in America ?
Should you learn to dance ? What is the edge you got ?
Where to go during breaks to have fun ?
How to plan finances here in US ?
Where to invest ? US or India ? Why ?
Should you call home every day ?Why ?
How is American society ? What people care ? Etiquette ?
How to impress someone ?
Philosophy of Life in US and what good you can get out ?
Why should you enjoy life ? How much to spend ? Why ?
Tons of questions no one writes about… I have embarked on a wonderful journey 5 years ago and it has been so wonderful and I cherish every minute of it…. I have learnt so many things down the road…. I always wanted to write my experience and help others understand and learn…
This blog will have my perspectives and ideas on all the questions we always have and no one writes about….
I will not publish all of these in sequence….Please use the index or use search.
Stay tuned….I will try to post as I have time…..

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