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60DayGracePeriod.com : H1B Jobs by Community

In the last few weeks, there were some massive layoffs in the tech industry like Twitter(3000 jobs) , Salesforce(1000), Stripe (1000+), etc. The macroeconomic factors are not favorable and companies are cutting back on costs. Many people save money for black swan events like these. But, sadly, money does not help non-immigrant visa holders on H1B visas, if they lose their job. They need a job, they are in a tough situation with 60 days grace period to find a job.

An H1B visa is one of the most sought work visas in the US with demand exceeding the supply by a large factor with the H1B lottery situation every year, in the last 10 years. Ironically, many such H1B holders lose jobs due to situations at companies beyond their control. All they get is 60 days of grace period on H1B. You can read more at What is H1B Grace Period, How does 60 days work?

Challenge: Many Job Postings are not real, Some do not offer H1B

While there are hundreds of job sites with thousands of jobs posted, sadly many of these job postings are not real. It could be many reasons such as the company that posted the job is not planning to hire or they are just fishing to build a pipeline of candidates, sometimes recruiters just want more candidates, so they do not take out the job posting, even though they have finalized someone. Also, due to the pandemic, some companies have changed their policies on H1B sponsorship and not sponsoring H1B visas anymore.

Community Driven Job Postings for Validation

We truly believe that community members will help one another in times like these. While, there are some discussions on telegram and other WhatsApp groups, we believe that having a platform where community members can share a job that they know is real and for which hiring is actively done, will help someone looking for a job in 60 days grace period.

We are launching 60DayGracePeriod.com as a community-curated job board for H1B holders. It takes 1 min for you to post the link to a job posting that you think is real and can save someone in 60 days grace period chasing wild geese in the forest of job sites.

60DayGracePeriod.com Website
60DayGracePeriod.com Website

How does 60DaysGracePeriod.com work?

We have built a very simple website that shows a list of curated jobs that are valid with H1B sponsorship. If you know that your company is hiring, all you need to do is take one minute of your time and post the link on the platform.

How to Post a valid H1B Job

Go to the Post Job page and fill in the details of the job posting. It is a Google Form where you submit 5 things. To get to the form, click on ‘Post H1B Job’ button on the home page menu as shown in below screenshot.

  • Company Name that is hiring the job
  • Job Posting Link
  • Job Role Title
  • Location
  • Your email (for validation, it will not be shared with anyone)
Post Job
Post Job

How to Apply for H1B Job

To apply for a job, you can review the list on the 60DayGracePeriod.com home page and click on the ‘Apply’ link next to the job item. It will directly take you to the job site/ job posting that the community member has posted. See below screenshot on how to do it.

Apply H1B Job
Apply H1B Job

We have created a Telegram Group for anyone in H1B Grace Period to collaborate. You may join the Telegram Group at link

How to validate a company’s H1B History, Approvals, Salaries

One of the things you can do is to validate the company that you are interviewing with to ensure they have positive approvals and overall profile. You can check complete details of the company at H1BGrader.com. Below is how to do the same.

  1. Navigate to H1BGrader.com home page
  2. Enter the company name you are planning to interview or join in the search box on the home page. Ensure you have companies tab selected on the top.
  3. You will be prompted with companies names in database in an auto suggest dropdown. Select the company, it will show you all the metrics of the company. See below screenshot on how it looks
How to search on H1BGrader for company
How to search on H1BGrader for company

If you select a company you can get the company profile with approvals, salary, other info as in below info. Click on various tabs to see more info. You can review the grade based on a set of parameters. Below is an example of Microsoft H1B Profile

H1B Approvals Data for Microsoft
H1B Approvals Data for Microsoft

You can check H1B LCAs filed, H1B Salaries and much more info on H1BGrader.com website.

If you have any suggestions, please send us an email at “contact (at) 60daygraceperiod.com”


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  1. Is this article on how telgu couple made H1b fraut true??

    • kapatta,
      It could be true. There is a lot of fraud in H1B space done by IT body shops. Never ever pay a company that tells they will get you H1B. It is illegal.

      • If that the cases, then these peoples should be thrashed with bamboo stick black and blue… these peoples are wiling even to quit their India IT jobs and wash whitehouse toilets on H1p visa.

        • kapatta, you seem to be too naïve, and your writing does not reflect civility or professionalism and nor does it show an iota of intelligence. This forum is meant for discussing relevant updates on US immigration and help one another by sharing meaningful information. I would rather urge you to withhold your views and rile on some another platform instead.

  2. hi chikki,
    There is no chacne!the bucket is already overflowing.. sooo many peoples are desparately tring to get to US for work.. some people seen to be sooo average , zero skills! still have high life expectation da.

  3. Hi,

    My current employer is starting PERM process and collecting my documents. My first US entry was 12-Jan-2019 but my employer started my payroll only from 18-Mar-2019 and he gave me a final separation document (kind of experience letter) which also states my joining date as 18-Mar-2019. Will the gap between the initial entry to US and “actual” joining date be a problem during PERM or i-140 process? Can you please provide some details in this situation or how can I handle this.

  4. Hi,
    What are the chances of getting a job for new H1B holders? Do we need to wait until the bucket is cleared? What do you recommend for them?

    • chikki,
      Well, it is hard to say. Everything depends on the applicant and their skills. If you already have H1B, then your company should have a role for you. Check with them on the next steps.


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