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4 H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experiences in India – 2016

Many of our readers have shared their experiences in the last few weeks, I have combined few of them for the sake of convenience. Thanks to our readers Anonlymus AK, Kumar L, and Bhaddre who have taken valuable time to write up their experience. Really appreciate all their time and contribution to our community. You can share your experience here . We still have few that are on their way to be published in next few days, stay tuned folks.

—————-Experience 1————-

OFC Experience in Mumbai for  H1B Stamping By Anonlymus
I attend the visa interview as Mumbai. I took the OFC on Sunday and consular visit on Monday in Jan. OFC meeting was scheduled on 12:30 pm. on Sunday 12 PM we reach at OFC, trade center. Please note that there is not parking, waiting or locker arrangement, there is no electronic device even CAR keys are allowed. You have to leave all that outside somewhere at your own arrangement.  I visited OFC with my wife. At entry, they just check for passport, appointment letter and DS160. The put a sticker on passport and ask us to wait for our number.

The number appeared on the screen and each of us went to a counter. The guy on the counter asked:

  • Your passport please.
  • Ans : Gave him all my passports
  • Why do you want to visit US
  • Ans : Have got a offer to worked for my company XYZ.
  • put your left, right & thump print on the machine, and we were done for the day.

H1B Visa Stamping Experience Mumbai
On the coming Monday, we visited the Consular Mumbai at 2 PM. There was long queue outside of the Consular office but you need to follow the time as per your appointment. No need to be in the queue.  At entry point, our sticker on the passport is checked and allowed to go inside. At inside, we waited for the security check, then went inside and sitting in a long queue. once, we got our numbers, we went into another queue for the finger prints verification. Once it is done, we are asked to stand into another queue for Visa interview. After waiting for 30 mins, we go our turn.  There was almost 10-12 Visa interview counter. Each was VO was an US officials. you can hear their voice and interview conversation while being in queue. As soon as a counter is become free, waiting person is asked to go for the interview at that counter.  we heard that one particular counter VO was questing too much. She was a young official, and have seen rejecting few of the visa applications. Thought, that, hopefully we should not get that counter. But still, this happened..

H1B Visa Interview Questions at Mumbai – 2016
At counter , me and my officer.
VO : Good after noon sir
me : Good after noon mam
VO: your PP & petition please
VO : since how long you are working with XYZ
Me : I have got a new offer from there for a specialized work to be done.
VO: what kind of company is it.
me : its software prod. development company.
VO : what kind of software they have:
me : explained
VO : why did they hire you.
me : I have referred by one of my friend.
VO : Your friend is working with them?
me : Yes
VO: what is your educational qualification
me : BTECH
VO: what is your salary
me : $XYZ
VO to my wife :
VO : since when you are married
Wife : told the marriage date…
VO: what is your education qualification :
wife : Graduate.
VO looked at screen, start typing many thing, gave lot of bad expression then finally, one last question :
VO :which product are you going to work:
me : told her the product name.
VO : have you gone through this booklet
me : yes
she started typing something, then, she keep our passport and return petition copy, with the words ” you will get your passport in 2 days, have a safe flight to USA and pleasant stay.

—————-Experience 2————-

H1B Stamping Chennai by AK
My first H1B stamping was in 2010. Since then I did not travel outside the US, and switched 2-3 employers. Now I came for stamping again in Dec 2015. I already had the approved H1B petition (based on I-140 from a previous employer).
Background :
Visa Type: H-1B
Time between last stamping and this: 56 months
Eligible for dropbox?: No
Consular visa Location: Chennai, India

OFC Interview
OFC appointment: 28 hours before Consular appointment
Time taken for OFC (fingerprinting, photo, etc): 10 minutes
Documents needed: 
1. Appointment Printout (with both OFC and Consular times printed)
2. DS-160
<>: I forgot to take the appointment printout (silly – forgot it in the house), but I was able to convince the respective personnel that it was indeed my scheduled appointment. Since it was just OFC, they cautioned that I need to take it for my consular (in-person) interview, and if I did not take it, I won’t be permitted to attend the interview.
<>: Do NOT forget your appointment printout. You WILL NOT be even let inside the building.

H1B Stamping – Consular Interview – the next day:

Standing in Line: 45 minutes outside the gate
Questions asked:
1. What employer/ company? — <>
2. What type of employment — <>
3. Where is it located — <>
4. What salary — <>
5. Brief description about job — Answer I gave: “I manage data – clients’ and internal. Some of it is internal, some of it is client’s data. Let me know if you need more detailed explanation.
<< He said “that’s fine”, and said “your visa has been approved – you will get a SMS with notification on when to pick it up. This will tell your rights as a Immigrant Worker in the US. Please read it thoroughly and good luck! ”
Total Interview Time: <2 minutes
Other Information
How long did it take between consular interview and receiving stamped passport?: <2 days (received email the day after my interview that my passport is ready for pickup)
Validity of Approval: Approved for 3 more years (until 2018)
Longest time is the actual wait time from outside the consulate office, to inside the consular building and upstairs to the interview area(s).

—————-Experience 3—————-

 H1B, H4 Stamping Experience by  Kumar L

I want to share my experience which is a positive one with u all so that it can help u in some or the other way to appear with improved confidence for Visa interview…
Background :
1) filed for h1b in April 2015 as every one would have done for this year
2) waited for very long to get the update on my application and finally in the month of October (4th week), got an update from my employer that the application got approved
3) that’s when the tension has started like how the questions are going to be in visa etc. and this is where redbus2us site really came in handy to get to know like how the interview process will be etc
4) with some research, zeroed onto Kolkata consulate for OF and Visa interview in 1st week of dec
OFC Experience:
It’s pretty smooth like it goes for everyone…the appointment was at 12:30 pm where as we reached around 11 and waited till 12:15 as they allow only 15 minutes to our appointment time…it’s better to reach half an hour before instead of reaching there very early…because u will be ending up standing waiting n doing nothing..  Security at the entrance will check for required docs…(appointment confirmation, ds160’s of all candidates and then the passports, rest of the docs like employer & client related stuff are optional, approved petition, I-129 and its supplements – gud to carry)
You will be allowed inside the building and again there will be a check by security and then in the counter inside followed by taking the scan of finger prints etc..
Don’ts: no backpacks, no mobiles. Put in the hotel or give it to someone and walk to OFC.
H1B, H4 Visa interview Day – Questions :

Interview was at 9:30 am next day…reached around 8:30 am…so again waited for another 45 mins as they allow only 15 mins prior…again security check outside & inside including docs…
Then u will be allowed inside to meet one officer in waiting room..he will check whether we had carried the required docs are not and then you will be sent to interview room…there again initial checks by other Indian officers in counters and then will move us to a queue to wait for final interview…this is where American visa officers will be interviewing us…
There were 3 counters and I was hoping for one of the counter where the people were getting stamped and luckily I got that and went there..
First finger prints checking and then the below questions:
A)wished good morning
B)officer greeted ‘Hi’ to my kid as I went with my family for interview
C)officer asked: what’s your highest qualification- told B.tech in so & so discipline
D)who is ur end client – told so & so
E)what do u do for them – told in one line…
That’s it…he was checking for some info in online I believe as he was typing something in computer and he was having water in between and that was making me more tense as he is not asking anything and simply working on the system and officer looked more relaxed..
After few mins,
I heard golden words that “your visas are approved”.
We came out relaxed…myself and my wife kissed my son as this is all about time & luck…

Do’s & Don’ts for Visa Interview

  • no backpacks, no mobiles, no sealed envelopes, don’t reach very early…too much of waiting will make u to lose focus…
  • Don’t get tensed…be relaxed…don’t get disappointed…
  • When u r in queue in front of VO for interview…u will come to know how is the VO and how is he asking the ?s etc and that’s the final chance for anyone to regroup urselves and to hit the bulls eye…
  • Be confident and answer VO like u answer in any other interview..
    Mock test will help..
  • Keep questioning urself and try answering…that will make u tension free…All the best…

—————-Experience 4——————

H1B Visa Interview at Hyderabad – India – January 2016

Here is my VISA interview experience at Hyderabad Consulate.

OFC Experience – Finger Prints :
Jan 10th Finger Prints. Scheduled at 11:00 AM.   Went to the location at 10:00 AM but they didn’t allow inside. Candidates will be allowed only 15min earlier. 10:45 AM went inside security checked appointment letter, Passports, DS160. I changed the DS160 as previous has some mistakes with salary.  Security gave a token and made to wait and next step is straight forward came out by 11:15AM.

H1B Interview Questions at Hyderabad, India – 2016
On Jan 11th went to US Consulate at scheduled time 11:00 AM. Went inside after security verifying the Passports. After 10mins Security gave token. Below are the questions after we made it to the interview.

VISA OFFICER : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning Officer
VISA OFFICER : Your I 797 Please
Me : Handed Over the Docs
VISA OFFICER : How you got this Offer
Me : That’s through employee referral programme
VISA OFFICER : Whats your USA Salary
Me : 65100 $
VISA OFFICER : Whats your Position?
Me : System Analyst
VISA OFFICER : Are you going to work for Client or its a In-house Project
Me : It’s for Client
VISA OFFICER : Who is the Client
Me : Told the Client name
VISA OFFICER : Whats your qualification
Me : Bachelors in Computer Science
VISA OFFICER : What’s the passing year
Me : 2007
VISA OFFICER : To my wife — Do you have children
Her : No
VISA OFFICER : To Her — Is it the first time you are travelling
Her : Yes
VISA OFFICER : Your Visa is Approved. Have a happy stay
Me : Thank you officer


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  1. Hi,
    I’m going to attend visa interview… what’s my question is “I’m going for new opportunity in USA” and currently working in XXX..
    If they ask have you informed to Current company about the visa process.. what’s my best answer for it?

  2. Hi, I will be traveling to India in Dec 2016 for H1-B stamping at Mumbai consulate. I have my OFC scheduled on Dec 4th followed by Visa interview on Dec 5th. Last time I came to India for H1-B stamping was in Dec 2013 and I got a 221(g). It took ~45 days for clearance. I am with the same employer. My question is that because I had 221(g) in 2013 , does that mean I will get 221(g) again? or is it random? Also because of the change of scenario due to US elections will my H1-B stamping be affected?

    Appreciate your responses.


    • Hi Rekha,
      I got 221g during my F1 interview in 2013. now i am travelling to india to get my h1 stamped. How did your interview go? any suggestions?

  3. Hi Friends,

    My H1B visa interview will be on 22nd September’2016. I’m unemployed since February’2016 to till date. Will it create any problem during interview session?

    Also, when I submitted my documents for H1B filing , by mistake I mentioned in the CV that, I’m continuing my work with last company which I already left. Anyways, my H1B was approved and it was premium processing. All those things will create any issue during my H1B visa interview?

    I’m looking forward your valuable reply.


    • M Bishop,

      Carry correct resume and ensure that employment dates are correct in the DS-160 form. The fact that you are unemployed outside US doesn’t impact the decision as long as you qualified for the offered position.

  4. Hi Friends,

    My H1B visa interview will be on 22nd September’2016. I’m unemployed since February’2016 to till date. Will it create any problem during interview session?

    Also, when I submitted my documents for H1B filing , by mistake I mentioned in the CV that, I’m continuing my work with last company which I already left. Anyways, my H1B was approved and it was premium processing. All those things will create any issue during my H1B visa interview?

    I’m looking forward your valuable reply.


  5. Also i have small 4 months baby.we both want to apply for h4 dependent .as she is too small will I be able to get some help inside consulate in handling her ,while appearing for interview? .i have not opted for drop box for my baby.

    • Ka,
      Well, I am not sure, what kind of help you would get. She would probably with you all the time. Maybe, you may not need to stand in long line, etc. Again, I do not think there is a specific service for helping someone with baby.

  6. My husband got h1b stamped and he ia now serving his resignation period in india.can I apply for h4 visa and appear for h4 interview while he is in India and not joined in US as yet.

  7. Hi,

    My case has been selected in lottery and currently in adjudication.
    If everything goes well then I will be moving to US

    My wife however is not moving currently with me. She will move probably after some time due to some reasons.

    I wanted to know if

    1. we can file H4 for my wife on my own later?

    2.How much help is required from the company in the process?

    3. What options do I have if my company doesn’t ply with me for the H4?

    Awaiting your response.

    • Lages,
      1. Yes
      2. You would need copy of approval notice, copy of employment letter and recent H-1 paylsips (assuming you are already in US).
      3. You can do this on your own w/o company’s approval.

  8. Hello , I got my H1 approved this year, still i did not get any papers.
    My question is, i have 14 years old daughter. She is in India . I want to bring her here with H4 visa. when can i apply visa for her.
    I am just separated not divorced. Do i need to take any permission letter from my husband for my daughter visa interview.
    And what are the questions we can expect from the VO.

    • My Daughter got visa. She got interview waver program. But still they asked her to come to embassy to attend the interview.(after looking at her documents) They sent an email for that. They asked my daughter about my client name, my position and state where i am working and then they approved Visa for my daughter.

  9. I am eligible for dropbox(H1B). Is my wife also eligible for the dropbox ? She will be going for visa stamping for the first time(H4).

  10. Hi,
    Can someone tell me, do I need to take my wife when I go for H1B interview, she will not be traveling withe me because of family matters.

    I do not know much about the process, so if someone can please explain.


    • Kumar,
      If you are not taking your wife to US, she does not have to go through stamping process. You can just apply for your visa and go on your own.

  11. Jumar,
    I am finally going for H1B stamping in another 2 weeks. There is a concern now with passport having a few ink stains which happened due to rain. Ink stains are not much noticeable & it is towards the bottom corner of first page where name & other details are there. Bare code and other details are much visible though. I heard from a few ppl that this could be an issue during visa interview . Does this stains really affect stamping ?


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