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3 H1B Stamping Experiences October 2016 – India – Kolkata, Hyderabad

Congrats to Suresh, Roy and Braj on their H1B Visa Stamping. Thanks to them for taking time to share their experiences with the community. You can share your experiences as well here

Background : Thank you redbus2us for the updates and information. After following this website closely for a year now, its my turn now to contribute to this community. I’m a first timer with H1B and this site helped me a lot to prepare myself for any given outcome. Thankfully it all turned positive.
Oct 26th OFC Bio-metrics for H1B Stamping.
Its a very straightforward and simple process. Since I went along with my 2 year old, they let us pass the queue and went directly to document verification section. All you need is a copy of your DS160, Appointment confirmation letter and your current passport. They will take your finger prints and picture and you are done for the day. 15 minutes process max.

Oct 27th US Consulate H1B VISA Interview
We were given 10 AM slot. We reached there by 9 AM. But it doesn’t matter. Folks from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM were all made to stand in the same queue. One guy with a small microphone asked only the 12 noon guys to move out of the queue. And they asked to make a separate line for folks with kids. Again, there was no wait time anywhere. Went into the main door for documents and physical security check. And they asked us to skip the queue again and we were asked to directly go to the bio-metrics verification line. They checked for the finger prints matching and then we were guided to stand directly at one of the counters for interview. There was L1 and B1 interview going on either sides of the counter and they were pretty tough and got rejected. That got into my nerves. Did some deep breathing exercise 🙂 Finally she called us for interview.
H1B Visa Interview Questions asked by Visa Officer
VO: Good morning
ME: Good Morning
VO : Passports Please
ME: (Passed on the passports)
VO: Who is your petitioner?
ME: Said my company name
VO: Who is your client
ME: Said my client name
VO: Which city are you going?
ME: Said the name of the city
VO: What is your designation?
ME: said my designation
VO: What is your salary?
(By this time my son pulled the bio-metrics machine and it was about to fall. So got that saved and i missed the question)
ME: I’m sorry mam. I missed your question?
VO: (Smiled at my kid and asked) I was asking you what is your salary. But never-mind..
ME: Told my salary

H4 Visa Interview Questions To my wife
VO: Are you working now?
My wife: No
VO: When did you quit?
My Wife: said the date
VO: How long you have been married?
Both: Answered at the same time 🙂

She said your Visas are approved and she gave the rights pamphlet. She didn’t ask for any other documents except for our current passports. The total time from the time we entered and left the building was not more than 15 minutes. Thanks again to redbus2us for all the experience and information. Good luck to everyone.

 H1B interview experience at Kolkata Consulate by Roy
Background Info :

  • OFC: 27th Oct, 2016
  • PAI: 28th Oct, 2016
  • Interview location: Kolkata

OFC Experience:-
OFC is conducted at a different location than PAI.I was given 3pm slot. Reached 1 hr early,
but they don’t allow you before 15 mins, had to wait on the road. Entered OFC venue at 2:45pm.At the gate the security personnel checked the ds-160& PAI letter. They also have a list of candidates who will be attending. At the venue a lady checked the PAI letter & passport & scanned the barcode & let me in. After another round of security check, now with handheld metal detector was directed to the counter.  At the counter a lady asked me to read out a declaration pasted & took my scanned my hands & took photo & pasted a barcode at the back of the passport. Took 5 mins to complete the whole procedure.

OFC Tips:-
– don’t reach too early, they won’t allow you in
– only ds160,pai letter & passport is required
– Don’t take bags, they don’t have any locker, you have to keep them outside & they don’t take any responsibility of it
– Don’t wear white or very light color dress, as the photo is taken with a white background

H1B PAI ( Personal Appearance Interview )  Experience:-

My PAI appointment was scheduled at 8 AM but I reached early at around 7 AM, so was ahead in the Q
1) At first one of the security guards checked my Passport and DS160 confirmation page outside
of the consulate & gave me one serial number(as mentioned in PAI letter).
2) They let us enter into the consulate at 7:45 AM where another security guard checked my pockets and belongings and asked me to place everything in a basket to be passed through metal detector conveyor belt (as in airports). A security also checked with handheld metal detector.
3) After all the security checking was done, I was sent to the waiting room where an Indian person checked my passport, I797B original and the whole bunch of petition which includes the I129 and LCA.
He arranged all the documents and returned those to me along with a white pamphlet
describing the rights we have in US & send us to another room. That was the last room of my visit
4) In this room there are 7 counters. Counter 1 – 4 are for verification & 5 -7 for interviews.
I was sent to counter 2 where an Indian folk checked my passport and asked me my designation & told me to go to counter 4. There an African-American person scanned the barcode which was pasted on the backside of my passport during OFC. Then he checked my finger prints to cross checks the finger prints taken during OFC & asked me to wait.
5) After 30 mins we were asked to form a line & go to counter 6, where the actual interview took place

PAI – H1B Interview Questions

Me: Good Morning sir.. How are you?
VO: (with big smile) Very good morning sir. I am fine, how are you?
Me: I am also fine.
VO: Can I have your passport & I797 please?
Me: Sure..(Gave him the passport & I797B
VO: For which client are you going??
Me: XXYY (He never heard the name I guess, was not able to pronounce it, told again, still not able to pronounce. After 3 attempts, he got it right)
VO: So what are you going to do for them?
Me: I am a developer, will code … blah blah….
VO: Ok Ok. Cool… (stopped me in between). What is your total exp?
Me: 5+ years
VO: Are you married?
Me: No sir.
VO: When are you planning to get married?
Me: Not in next 2 years 🙂
After that he stated to type something in his computer. Suddenly his face became very serious.
Believe me got very much frightened then…..VO looked at me & again started to type. I was wondering why his expressions changed all of a sudden
VO: What will be your salary?
Me: $xx,xxxx
VO: Did anybody give you a white pamphlet?
Me: Yes sir, I was given the same in the waiting room.
VO: Have you gone through that?
Me: have started to go through it
VO: Please go through it. It explains what rights you will have in usa. In case of any questions call the helpline number. You can collect your passport 2-3 business days.
Me: Thanks sir!
VO: Happy Diwali
Me: Happy Diwali!!!
I came out of the consulate at around 9:30 AM.
No other document except passport and I797 was asked from me during the interview.

PAI H1B Interview Tips:- 
– There is an Airtel shop which is on the opposite foot of the consulate where you can keep your bags and the shopkeeper provides a token. One can carry his/her wallet inside the consulate. Mobile phones/bag/sealed envelope/any kind of electronic devices are not allowed inside the consulate.
– Reach an hour early
– be confident
– don’t lie to VO


My Visa Interview Experience at Hyderabad – By Braj


Stood in Q and went inside, was given token, waited for 30 mins. My token number was displayed on screen and went to the counter here the lady took finger prints of both hands. Came back home and celebrated Diwali.

Background of H1B Consular interview:

Scheduled at 11:30 AM, reached at 10 and stood in Q. Entered the outside waiting lobby and waited for 5 mins. Soon after staff called us to enter the security check area, they scanned all belongings including all the files we carry. After this I walked in for finger scanning (done by American lady).
After this I was directed to a waiting area and sat for about 2 hours, it was a long wait. I thought this was the best time to go through all the documents and questions that VO might ask.

At about 12:15 PM we were asked to enter the building where actual interviews were held.
I was given a token, went inside and VO just finished interviewing a lady and I Greeted good morning.

Questions asked at H1B interview :
VO: What company?
ME: XYZ Company
VO: Who’s your client?
ME: ABC Client. VO asked me to repeat the client name. I did.
VO: What’s your salary?
VO: Who’s your Role?
ME: answered.
VO: Which place is your company located?
ME: XXX city, YYY state
VO: Have you visited this city before?
ME: Answered
VO: Have you visited USA before?
ME: Answered
He Looked into system for 10 secs and said “YOUR VISA IS APPROVED”. Have a nice journey/flight..
No cross questions were asked. I didn’t fumble or didn’t gave second thoughts while answering any of those questions. Came back home and celebrated Diwali with kids again.
I guess self-belief and confidence is the mantra.
All the best to all the RedBus2US readers and aspirants about to attend the interview


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  1. Hello All,

    I have a plan to visit India next month i.e. Sept 2017 during the festival month.. Can anybody help me to know how long it takes for dropbox.. Both My Consulate and hometown is Kolkata, West Bengal. My husband got leave for 15 working days in which 4 days Kolkata US Consulate would be closed! can we be able to get our job by then? Due to recent pressure on H1B and also this is the month of Festival in India.. Need suggestion.. As you know its almost the end of august and we are going to plan within 2-3 weeks.. Thanks in advance..

  2. here is my experience in HYD on 30th May 2017(my biometric done on 26th May 2017):
    Me: GM
    VO: GM, spelled out my US company name
    Me: Yes mam
    VO: what this company do
    Me: it is IT solutions provider, and has client base like 2-3 company names.
    VO: where is it located?
    Me: replied with city and state names
    VO: which client are you going to work ?
    Me: I will be working on inhouse project
    VO: what is that project, and what you do?
    me: explained in very short lines. one line for project detail and two lines(sentence) for my role.
    VO: how long you are working for this company?
    Me: new job.
    VO: where are working now ?
    Me: replied with my current company name
    VO: how long you are working with this company?
    Me: answered.
    VO: asked me to take pamphlet at window and asked me to read through before I go US
    VO: looked into my PP, turned few pages (she found that I traveled many countries). and your visa accepted …
    Me: thank very much. and left from the window.

  3. Well now it is going to get much, much harder to steal income from American engineers. I voted for Trump to specifically put a stop to H1-B. Celebrate Diwali in India not the US.

  4. Sireesha

    Hello guys,

    I am planning to attend my H1B visa interview in Hyderabad on Feb 1st week.Can somebody please give me the information about H1B visa approvals.

  5. Today we attended H1 B Interview in Hyderabad office along with family.

    H1B Visa Interview Questions asked by Visa Officer

    VO: Hello Sir
    ME: Hi Sir
    Me: Good Morning
    VO: Good Morning
    VO : What is your company name.
    ME: Said my company name
    VO: What is the Client Name.
    ME: Said my Client name
    VO: Which Location you are going to
    ME: Said the location name.
    VO: After few seconds He said your visa is approved. Thank you
    ME: Thank you

    No questions for Family and no documents check, only he took passports.

  6. Hi, my name is Raj,

    Can anyone let me know what will be my case and will my visa be approved or not based on below conversation with Visa Officer ?

    I appeared for my H1B Visa Interview on 7th Dec, 2016 at Hyderabad Consulate.

    the VO is a Lady and asked me below questions. after I answered all the questions she said she don’t see my I797 approval copy in her system and asked me if i have an extra copy of the same, i have handed over the extra copy i had.

    she finally said, i am keeping your Passport and with out a digital copy in her system she cannot issue the visa and gave me a 221G white form, she did not checked any boxes except the following statement, (no documents asked ).

    “Your Application requires additional Administrative Processing Before a Final Decision can be made”.

    she said in 2 business days I will get an update and if i don’t hear in a week time i can contact the consulate.

    she also asked me if I have received the “Know your rights” pamphlet, I said Yes.

    Question and Answers.

    1. who is your petitioner?

    Ans: I said XXX

    2. How long you have been working with this company?

    Ans: I said, it is a new opportunity

    3. How did you find this opportunity?

    And: When i was looking for job change, I saw a matching position on XXX company website and i applied for.

    4. can u please explain me the application process?

    Ans: They scheduled my interview. I had gone through 2 technical and 1 HR round. Then they offered me this position.

    5. where do you work?

    Ans: Dallas, TX

    6. are you going to work for any client?

    No Mam. I am going to work for XXX company in-house product

    what is you position.?

    Ans: I said Systems Analyst

    7. what is highest degree?

    Ans: MCA

    8. what is your salary?

    Ans: XXK

    9. did you receive “Know your rights” Pamphlet?

    Ans: Yes Mam.

    10. do you have a copy of your I797?

    Ans: Yes I do. I have given the same

    Thank you

  7. H1B visa program is on its way out. I give it 3 months tops.
    Trump has repeatedly said he will curtail or severely clamp down on work permit visas to create more jobs for Americans.
    With Jeff Sessions as Attorney general who is a fiercely opposed to H1b , it’s only a matter of time.
    Republicans are in majority in senate and house and anti-H1b Bill will pass easily.
    This is a bitter truth and nobody wants to hear about it. H1b visas will be made very difficult and salary requirements will be high with the drastic reduction in numbers.

    H1b death countdown has began already……

    • Very true, this is EXACTLY what is going to happen. And then I read about a System Analyst making XXk.. no wonder employers are shafting Americans that is a XXXk position but they’re getting it for cheap. Well no more, goodbye indians you’re all going home.

  8. HI All,

    Myself vali, I attended Visa Interview on 17th &18th Of Nov 2016 In Hyderabad.
    OFC was on 17th Nov , i have faced small issue my name on passport has no spaces between first and last names , while filling DS-160 i have filled with Space in between the first and last names.
    The Indian guy who verifies the documents while we are in queue for OFC identified it and asked me to refill the DS-160 once again and correct the space as same as it appears on the passport.
    I rushed to the Net Center guy who is there at consulate only and asked him to refill my DS-160 and corrected the space and confirmed.He charged 250/- for doing this :-).
    So better cross check each and every space also.And after this iam done with my OFC with no issues.
    On 18th PAI.
    All security checks and waiting is same.
    I got Token no 15,there is lady VO
    before me there are two H4B candidates (Mother and child) they have been asked about the client , location and sal of the H1b Applicant.
    and my turn came:
    VO: hi sir, Good afternoon? or How are you doing ?
    ( i didn’t heard it clearly )
    Me:hi,iam doing good ,How about you?( with bit low voice ,she seems to be not heard it)
    VO: so XXX is our Employer
    Me :yes
    Vo: who is your client
    me: XXXX( i pronounced it with speed , she asked me again i told the spelling)
    She typed and checked something in the system
    VO:how long you are with this employer?
    me; It’s new opportunity
    Vo: how did you applied?
    Me; Online Job Portals
    Vo:what is your sal?
    Me : XXXKUSD
    Vo: How many people are working at your employer?(something like this)
    (i didn’t understand her accent but i understood she is asking the headcount of employer in US)
    Me : around 50( she looked at me and said fifty, i said Yes
    she typed something in the system and said ok
    VO:Where do you live?
    Me : New jersey.

    VO said your visa has been issued and handed over my I 797B and kept my passport with her.
    i said thank you and collected my I 797B and left the counter.

    I checked the status : It is showing as
    “Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”

    Can anybody tell me how many days it will take to deliver the passport and the change in the status?

  9. Dear Friends,

    My current work location in Riyadh, my I797C original received stating Consulate: Chennai, Can I appear for H1B PAP interview in Riyadh location?
    Please advice.

  10. Hi,
    My husband has a h1 visa. Currently he has changed his employer , so the current h1 visa is being transfered to the new employer. The status is still under process. But I have h4 visa stamping next week and the h1 transfer is not completed. Will this affect my H4 visa status?

    Thanks in advance


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