H1B Visa Stamping Experiences for 2017 in India

3 H1B, H4 Visa Stamping Experiences – 2017 – India

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To add to other visa dropbox experiences of 2017 we just published, we have our great readers, Praveen, Karthik, Anonymous, who have taken time to write their experiences as well. Thanks to them for taking time and sharing ! You can share yours as well here
H1B Visa Stamping Experience by Karthik
Background Info :  Thanks a lot to the folks who have been sharing their experiences online. Here is my experience from Mumbai consulate on 6th Jan, 2017. I wouldn’t go into extensive details of finger printing experiences. All I can say is it shouldn’t take more than 30mins to go through the process and out of the Mumbai VAC. Remember, you will not be allowed inside until 30mins to your slot. No point reaching out early and straining yourself.
H1B Visa Interview experience – January 2017 :
My slot was at 9:30 in the morning, I reached there by 8:30, was not allowed inside until 9:30. You’ll have to wait in the queue along the wall when your time-slot is announced. After extensive wait, you’ll be put in a seating arrangement inside the building. It was another tiresome wait as I remember waiting at least 1 hour there as well. Lots of thoughts crossing mind, tried revising so I don’t screw-up, but it doesn’t help if you are really nervous. Thought about things other than the interview like pending work at office, family, kids etc… It helped relax. Once in a while saw folks going out of the interview place, some happy, some blank, some sad, some shaking their heads, some eager to get out and tell their loved ones…My suggestion, don’t get carried away with their emotions, you just don’t know what they went through. Each case is different.

After an hour wait, my row was called inside. I was hoping to get to the end of the procedure, but to my disappointment there was about 3 rows of queue until the officer who schedules you to an interview cabin.  Most of the times you can over hear what is being asked. Most of the officers seemed very friendly.  After waiting for a while, I tried listening to and was hoping to go to a counter where I would get a friendly officer, not that they would be lenient, but they would help me relax and do my interview better. Suggestion in the queue would be to relax and if things are making you nervous just do not over hear. The questions would be on what you have filled up in your DS-160. Run pleasant thoughts through your mind. It wouldn’t be easy as it was not for me but I tried and didn’t get carried away with nervous thoughts.
I was assigned to counter -32.  I waited there and there was an old person in front of me. He needed a translation(B2 probably). It took for-ever(:P), must have been about 10-15mins I waited for my turn.  The officer called me(he got his visa).
Visa Interview Questions
Me: Hi Ma’am, Good Morning(oops, it was already 12, may be I was nervous or sth).
Officer: <<>>
Officer: Please hand me over your i-797 and passport
Me: Provided.
–>Is this your first h1b
Yes ma’am
-> Where are you going
….Mentioned the same.
-> So, you ll be working at the client’s site?
Yes, ma’am
-> Who is your client?
….Mentioned the same. She didnt get it first, I spelled the first half for her.
-> Tell me about your project
….Explained, appeared as she didnt care. Probably was checking if I was talking or not.
-> Were you given this pamphlet?
…Yes ma’am. Was hoping this would be all.. Too optimistic huh 😀
-> What is your qualification
-> What will your salary be?
-> Where did you study?
….Was telling her the university name, she interrupted and asked if it was from India, said yes
-> Are you married?
..Yes ma’am
-> Is your wife travelling with you?
…Not as of now.
-> Do you have kids?
….Yes, ma’am a 4 year old boy(again, not interested)
-> Why did you come to mumbai.
….Explained that i didnt get any dates where I was supposed to go.
– Your Visa is approved, here is your i-797.
Me: Thank You ma’am, you have a good day. <>>
However the officer is, try to keep a pleasant face and don’t get blacked out.  Relax, try the conversation starters(Good morn, how are you doing today etc) it will help you relax more than making the impression. If you are not sure, it doesn’t hurt you to repeat the question or seek for clarification. Take your time to answer. It wouldn’t harm you. Think fast, talk slow and clear.
H1B Visa Stamping Experience by Praveen
H1B, H4 and Kid – Visa Interview Experience :
Thank you to Redbus2us and the readers for all the detail explanations and experience shared for complete process. It’s my turn to share experience.
We(me, my wife and we just carried my sons documents) attended 3rd Jan 2017 for OFC – nothing much to explain 4th Jan 11:30 AM Visa Interview We just have to carry all the required documents, staff members will guide everywhere, you just have to follow their instructions. Before me 2 F1s rejected.

While other interview in progress our passports has been collected and handed over to VO by staff member.
me : Good morning Sir
VO : No response
me : I tried to give I797 form
VO : I don’t need any documents
VO : Who is you petitioner
me : xxxx
VO : How long you are working with this company ?
me : Its new opportunity.
VO : how many employees work for this company ?
me : xx
VO : Which location are you traveling ?
me : xxxxx
VO : What will be your salary ?
me : xxxxx
VO : currently are you working for xxxx company?
me : yes, Sir
VO : from how long your are working for xxxxx ?
me : 6 years 8 months
One more senior US guy was standing with VO from the beginning
VO switched of the mice and they both had conversation about 2 to 3 minutes
VO : your Visas has been approved, have a good day.
me : Thank you Sir, have a great day
H1B Visa Stamping Experience by Anonymous ( Doesn’t Matter)
Background : My visa is approved. Thank You so much for all the members here in this group for timely updates. I have learned a lot about the process from this forum. I am sharing my interview experience here. I applied from consultancy and having client letter. I went through numerous interview experiences and prepared myself for all sort of questions by VO, However mine went very smooth.
OFC Appointment : Jan 18th, Hyderabad
Visa Interview on Jan 23rd, Hyderabad
Interview Questions :
VO : How are you
Me : Good Morning Officer, I am good. How are you.
VO : I am good. Who is you petitioner?
Me : XX
VO : From how long you have been working with xxx?
Me : New Opportunity.
VO : How did you came to know about this opportunity?
Me  : Answered.
VO : What is your salary per annum?
ME : xx dollars
VO : Will you be working at Client location?
Me : Yes
VO : Who is your client?
Me : YYY
VO : Come again
Me : Spelled it.
VO : Which City, State you will be going?
Me : xxx,yyy
VO : Highest Education?
Me : Bachelor’s in technology
Vo To My Wife (When VO switches her questions to your dependents , 99% your visa is approved. I am telling this with my R & D on visa interviews)
VO asked only 2 questions to my wife 1. How Long you have been married, 2. So you have 2 kids?
VO : DO you have that white pamphlet?
Me : Yes Mam. (Now I am 99.99% sure my visa is approved)
You both have to go through it. its very important to know your rights in US. Your visa is approved.
Suggestions for Visa Interview : I have some suggestions for the folks who are going to attend interview in future.

  1. As everyone says, Yes you have to be very confident. You might be tensed, try not to show it on face and answer confidently.
  2. All your answers should be short and sweet. No short forms like B.Tech, B.E.
  3. Prepare all sort of probable questions and Ask your friend to take a mock interview, I did this and helped me a lot. I was struck at many places while answering to my friend.
  4. I assume booking morning slots is better than afternoon slots, VO will have a fresh mind. Its my personal opinion, I might be wrong though. In Hyderabad consulate they just look at your date, not time. So even though you got a latter slot try joining the queue very early.
  5. For In house project folks, be prepared to answer the question “Explain me about your project”, There is a very high chance to ask this, and most of the times this may decide your fate. So take this question very seriously.
  6. Some more important questions where you might get caught are “What do you know about your client/employer?”, “What does your client/employer do?”, “Explain me about your interview process”, “Name of your technical interviewer”, “Why did you choose this opportunity”, “Why did your employer choose only you?”

ALL THE BEST FOLKS. Hope we wont face any troubles with Trump’s aggressive decisions 🙂


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Comments ( 12 )

  1. Archana

    We attended visa interview at Chennai today for h1b. I was asked only few questions very standard. Salary? Which company? What do they do? Highest level of degree? Are you direct hire? Got approved in 5 mins. The most important thing is to stay confident. Rest will be easy.

  2. kris

    Wanted to know what will be the interview questions asked in India for H1 extension in Hyderabad consulate? In detail – My H1 visa got extended and came on vacation to India and now US embassy has scheduled interview, could anyone suggest

  3. Sanjeet

    Got to know from friends that 221G form is being issued while visa stamping interview. I have plan to go for stamping , want some input from you guys who have got stamping recently.

  4. Akhil

    Hi I have a valid petition i797 till Jan 2019. but my travel visa has expired since stamping had been done using old petition. The latest petition is valid till 2019. i am going to india this month 20th and will go for visa re-stamping interview. Could anyone please share their experience if any. I have all the docs with me. i am going there with my family.

    To summerize,
    new petition valid till jan 2019
    old petition expired on sep 2016
    travel visa expired as of sep 2016
    valid passport till mar 2023
    i-94 valid till 2019
    have recent paystubs/w2/appraisal letter
    interview location mumbai

  5. Ram

    For the two of you coming in as consultants, I must say you have very generous clients! They interviewed and hired you directly from India! 😉

    Anyways all the best. You will need a lot of luck under the new administration! 🙂

  6. Nishith Niranjan Vyas

    I am bit nervous as I am going for visa stamping on Feb 15th 2017. Recent change by trump administration states that the minimum wages (for H1B visa holder/I797B Approved Candidate who is going for visa interview) will be 130000 US$ PA…!!!

    Now, as per my client letter, my salary is 70000 US$ PA.

    So, the question is, who is going to pay double amount to H1B Visa holder? Also, client needs to do lot of paper work again for my approved h1b case.

    Please guide.

    1. Sameer Singh

      What does your common sense tell you.Is bill passed ? Clearly No. Not sure nervousness is about stamping or changes that would come when bill would pass allegedl. Its not that bill is gone pass within month or so.

  7. Chaitanya

    Since you guys have successfully completed visa interview process with positive outcome….request you help us with the questionnaire (h1-b interview) you have prepared for yourselves…hope it will be helpful for others.

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