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News : US Visa Stamping in India – Pick your Favorite Consulate- New Change!

In Immigration| Visas by Kumar11 Comments

Some great news for professionals and students in India, who plan to go for US visa stamping… on November 18th the U.S. Ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer announced flexible option to pick your choice of consulate for visa stamping. He believes that this change would position them better to serve the Indian visa applicants, US citizens and Businesses in …

November 16th, USCIS H1B visa FY 2011 Cap count Update – 1,200 filed

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USCIS updated the H1B cap count numbers yesterday. As of November 12th, 2010 the updated H1B petition filing numbers since last week are: New 1,000 Cap eligible H1B visa petitions were filed under regular Quota. New 200 cap eligible H1B petitions under Advanced degree cap. November 12th, 2010 USCIS official H1B cap count update : Regular H1B Cap H1B filings …

Detailed F1 Visa Stamping in Chennai with Tips

In F1 Stamping- After Visa by Kumar8 Comments

Below is a detailed F1 Visa stamping experience at Chennai, India from one of my friends.  This is not from 2010 and written some time ago…some of the administrative procedures might have changed so double check on that stuff, but it is very well articulated and help anyone going for F1 Visa stamping. Thanks to my friend for sharing his …