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2 H1B Visas, B2 Visitors Visa Stamping Experiences – Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai

Our readers Gaurav, Arun and Santosh have shared their H1Bs and B2 stamping experiences at Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Thanks to them for taking time to write and sharing their experiences with everyone. You can share yours as well here to be published on the blog.

OFC Experience: My appointment was at 415pm However I went to the venue at 330pm. On first come first serve basis, my biometrics were taken successfully. I got a verification stamp from VFS centre for the next day visa interview at the U.S. consulate. The process was simple and straight forward and took no more than 15 mins.

Background, Day of H1B Visa Stamping :
I have previously done F1 visa stamping in Mumbai few years back and as compared to Mumbai U.S. Embassy, Kolkata U.S. consulate is smaller and have only 4 processing windows and 2 windows for visa interview. My visa experience was very smooth and pleasant.   Appointment time was 10 30am
Reached embassy at 9am and was standing in queue for almost 2 hours the 1030am slot started at 11am. After doing security check at the embassy was redirected to waiting room where one consulate officer asked for H1B approval notice and petition papers. After verifying those, she gave me “rights as a foreign worker” pamphlet.  Then was redirected inside the main building for visa interview, I was redirected to main window 2 instantly. (My visa approval I979 was for Mumbai Consulate but booked appointment for Kolkata consulate)

H1B Visa Interview Questions :
VO: Please give your DS160
Me: Yes, please

VO: your visa approval notice is for Mumbai consulate, how come you here?
Me: I booked appointment for Kolkata U.S consulate

VO: I am sorry it’s okay, you been in the U.S. before?
Me: Yes

VO: my colleague at window 6 will take your interview please wait in the queue at the next window.
Me: Thank you!

I waited for almost 15 mins in the queue and it was very dramatic because there were many other candidates who were there for H1B visa stamping. I overheard the VO at window 6 asking questions like what is your project, why you going for this project and there were candidates who were not able to communicate in clear English ( Nervous and lost their ground in the moment of panic) and that pissed the visa officer very badly and he was grumpy thereafter. Furthermore, VO asked few candidates do you know what a visa is ? and I saw many being denied as they were taking the exit door after the interview with their passports. I was affected by this but I held my ground and I was confident and positive.

After 15-20 mins my turn came and VO asked me to verify myself by putting my left hand fingers on the finger printing machine.  Then he asked for my I-797 approval notice and passport, flipping through my passport like a deck of cards he saw my UAE (Work visa), UK ( work Visa) and US ( F1) visa and said “okay okay cool”.

VO: do you work for XXX company?
Me: Yes
Vo: what is your designation?
Me: Answered

VO: what is your highest qualification?
Me: M.S. in XXX

VO: is it MBA?
Me: No, Master of Science in XXX from Florida

VO: May I see your social security card?
Me: Yes sure ( I provided my Social security card to VO, he returned it after verifying the SSN number from his side from petition docs)

VO: Welcome back to the United States sir 🙂
Me: Thank you!

Tips for visa interview:

  • The most important one: Always smile and answer, even if you been cross questioned stay calm and answer with a genuine smile.
  • Don’t answer immediate take a deep breath, think, take 2 secs and then answer
  • Dress formal with no belts
  • Clean shave
  • Talk no more no less
  • Do not volunteer information unless asked
  • Be clear in your communication
  • Appear at the interview well prepared by doing some Q and A prep


H1B Stamping Experience in – Chennai

I got my H1B visa stamped. I was a silent follower of this site. I read all the interview experiences posted here and got pretty good idea on how the interview will be, what are all the possible questions they are asking and what are all the process involved. So thanks to this redbus2us community.

OFC Experience:

There will not be much process involved in OFC. Take your passport, DS 160 confirmation, Appointment confirmation with you for OFC. I reached there by 8.30, my slot was 9 AM. There was a big queue there and I waited for my slot. Around 8.45 AM I was allowed to enter into the building. Please note that there will not be any parking facility. Once we entered the building, we were guided to VAC, there your passport will be verified against DS 160 followed by security check. Mobiles are allowed but you will have to switch it off. Once the security check is over you will be moved to counters, there they will take a photograph, record your finger prints. They asked some basic questions like:

  1. What is your purpose of visit to US
  2. What is date of birth and place of birth.

They will place a white sticker on the back side of your passport and give it to you along with the verified DS 160 and appointment confirmation. You need to bring that verified copies to consulate interview.

That’s it! You can leave to your hotel from OFC center.

H1B Consular Interview :

The appointment was at 11AM in the morning and I reached there around 8.15 AM itself. There our passport is verified and I was in the long queue. I was in the queue for 30 minutes and then queue started to move. Then I went for physical security check and once done I went into the next building. First my finger prints were verified and I was allowed to counter area for the final visa interview. Deep breath!

As all the counters are occupied I was standing in the queue for few minutes. I was able to hear all the questions asked by VO. Then lobby assistant asked me to go to a counter, where a person came for L1 interview, the interviewer was asking too many questions and gave him a pink slip. I have to go there next.

  • VO: Good morning Sir, How are you doing today?
  • Me: I am doing good madam, thank you. How are you doing?
  • VO: Great, thank you. Your Passport please.
  • Me: Passed the Passport.
  • VO: Typed something and asked are you from ABC?
  • Me: Yes, I am from ABC.
  • VO: Who will be your client? Typed something on her computer for long time.
  • Me: XYZ is our client.
  • VO: What is your highest degree of qualification? [During this question I saw her taking a white booklet, I guessed I made it]
  • Me: Bachelor of Technology in so and so major.
  • VO: What is your current designation
  • Me: I said my current designation
  • VO: Thank you Sir, your visa is approved, Have a nice stay in US. This pamphlet will explain the rights for foreign workers in United States, you can go through this and passed it to me. You can leave for the day, good day to you.
  • Me: I was full of smiles, I said thank you madam, you too have a great day ahead and left the place. I came out by 9.05 AM.

It was a smooth experience for me. What I noticed was that they are checking few of the information we have provided on I129, so please go through the entire I129 before the interview. Be cool and calm and share all the information they are asking. Please keep in mind that visa officers are there to provide your Visa not for rejection, so be honest with them and get your visa approved. All the best.


B2 Visitor Visa for Parents Stamping Experience in Telugu

This is Santosh. I would like to share my B2 visa Exp. Me and my Parents attended for B2 visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate today i.e on 25th Nov.  Surprisingly, there were too many B2 visa applicants today. We were interviewed at counter no 9. The VO is a young man with really very good command on Telugu language.

B2 Visitor Parents Visa Interview Questions in Telugu

VO: Namaskaram!!
WE: Namaste(Parents), Good Morning(me).
VO to my Dad: Me Passports ivvandi (Please pass on your passports)
VO to my Dad: US lo evaru untaru(Whom are you going to visit in US)
Dad: Ma Ammayi (My daughter)
VO: Me Ammayi ekkada untundi?? (Where does your daughter stay)
Dad: XXX University, Place
VO to my dad: Meru em work chestaru?(What do u do?)
Dad: I work for XYZ corporation of India.
VO to my mom: Meku entha mandi pillalu (How many children do you have?)
Mom: 2
VO to my mom: Meeru em chestaru?(What do u do Madam?)
Mom: Housewife
VO to me: What do u do sir?
Me: I am working as ABC for XYZ technology services Pvt. Ltd
Typed something for long time….
VO to me: Could you please repeat your company name? XYZ??
Me: Its XYZ… I have mentioned the spelling X….Y….Z
Typed few characters and then
VO to me: For how long will you stay in US?
Me: 1 Month
VO to my dad: Ok..Meku VISA vachindi. Have a nice trip!! (Ok. your VISA is approved).

It was very simple.. No supporting docs were asked.  The family that took interview just before us, faced a partial rejection. That actually made me little. panic since I have faced Multiple F-1 visa rejections in 2011-2012. But it turned out to be an awesome exp.


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  1. I have B1 visa valid till July 2019. Initially requested the same from Delhi back in January 2019 and received a drop box letter for interview waiver.
    However since I was suppose to travel to US which got extended between 31/03 to 6/05……I had to hold on to dropping my passport new and old at the drop box.

    I have got the updated drop information for which I really wanted to check with you all.
    1.What is the current success rate for US Visa renewal for US Embassy @Kolkata.
    2. things I should keep in mind before I got to drop my passports.
    3. Preparation if any I would require in terms for documentation.

    • 1. It is hard to say, there is no public available data for this.
      2, 3. nothing, should be pretty standard. Give all relevant documentation as needed, that’s it.

  2. thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    One question, I have valid H1B permit till 2018 Sep. But, I came to India to take care of my ill parents.

    Unfortunately, I could not sell my car as I came to India abruptly and my car is still there parked in my friends garage.

    I am planning to sell the car but I am not sure how can i sell it while I am here. Even, the US DL has expired. I am really in a tough situation. I would appreciate any help.


  3. Hi,

    One of the US consultant has filed H1B for 2017. Currently I have a Canada workpermit(ICT) for six months till July 2016 and I gave my Canada address when I submitted my documents. Now, on personal grounds, I came back to India. Can you please suggest, if there will be any issue during stamping in Canada if my H1b gets picked up as I am currently been designated by my employer in India.

    • Purvi,

      When the time for stamping comes, you can go to CA or IND depending upon where you are located and are resident of. Doesn’t matter where you were when the petition was filed.

  4. Hi Expert

    Regarding I-134 expiring on 29th Feb 2016

    In process to B2 visa for my parents I am filling one of the required document is I-134 but I have checked the form expiry date is on 29th Feb 2016 . I have book appointment on March 4 2016.
    so by the time my parents go for interview which is on March 4, the form is already expired.

    when USCIS will have a new I-134 ?
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in Advance


  5. Hi,

    My job title, description and Roles and responsibilities is different in my petition and DS160. my interview scheduled on 28th this month. if VO is requested the Roles and responsibilities which one i have to explain.

  6. Dear Saurabh,

    This is an excellent initiative you’ve taken here. Thank You.
    My fiance is looking to apply for the H1B visa 2017. Do you have any resources/info on the same viz. a viz. medical practitioners?
    The NPTE last date for 2016 is in October. If he clears the exam in Oct 2016, are we in time for H1B filing for 2017 visa?
    Will stay connected and post updates on our experience.

    • Anu,

      I am not aware of medical practitioners who sponsor H-1, although I know couple of people who came to US as PTs. Not sure who their employer is.

      FY-17 filing begins on April 1, 2016 and is expected to get over within a week. If passing NPTE is a pre-req to H-1 filing, then he cannot apply in FY-17 but can apply in FY-18, whose filing will start on April 1, 2017.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. Hi,

    Appreciate, If any one could able to suggest me here !!!

    As I’m waiting for the decision on my Amendment process from last 7 months (for work location change), having said that…..I have approved LCA for new location and Receipt number. Does it impact any thing, if I initiate my mother B1/B2 visa??

    Thanks in Advance

      • Thanks Saurabh Ji,

        I got doubt…..if Visa Officer checks my petition status at the time of my mother interview (for validation purpose), will it show something like pending for decision ???

        Anyway thanks for your suggestion and it is much helpful.


        • Venkat,
          Your petition will show as approved and amendment will be shown as pending – and this is ok.

          PS: Stop adding “ji” at the end of my name 🙂

  8. Hello Kumar/ Saurabh,

    I have H1B petition approval but as of now my company doesn’t have project in USA and don’t when they will have. In case if my company will not get any assignment for me in coming months then what should i do? shall i start searching another companies? is H1B is transferable? can i go for stamping on behalf of another company?

    • Hello Saurabh,

      Your current employer can revoke your H1 petition so before your resign talk to another company and get a fresh petition. There is nothing as visa transfer. The only advantage you have is that you are cap- exempt now for the next 5 yrs. i.e you will not have to undergo any lottery.

    • Hello Saurabh,

      Your current employer can revoke your H1 petition so before your resign talk to another company and get a fresh petition. There is nothing as visa transfer. you can go for stamping on behalf of another company .The only advantage you have is that you are cap- exempt now for the next 5 yrs. i.e you will not have to undergo any lottery.

  9. Instead of Client letter, Can we take SOW and MSA documents for H1 b stamping. As per client policy they will not be able to provide the client letter. Currently I am working direct preferred vendor.

  10. Hi,
    My visa got stamped on 21 Dec , in Mumbai Consulate. It took less than a minute. I was asked my designation,Salary,Client name and whether I am married or not. I did not have the client letter so I was worried but the visa officer did not ask me about the client letter.

  11. Hi,
    My case was approved and i got my name wrong in the sheet.
    My employer has filed H1 Amendment for name change and its almost 2 months and no response.

    My question is, if we file H1 amendment, will there be any status change ? Means,now the status is case is approved. from this,will there be any change? Or will there be a separate receipt number ?

    Also if you know, please let me know how much time it takes for name change and what are the possibilities of tracking the same

  12. Hi ,

    I need an advice. My H1B petition was filed for a location A and approved. Later, an amendment(normal processing) was raised for Location B in November 2015 and is filed with USCIS and is under processing.

    Now, my employer(MNC in Hyd) has an immediate requirement and wants to pursue that in Location C. My concern is

    – Can another amendment be raise for Location C now while an amendment is pending with USCIS?
    – If i do so, will there be an issue during my VISA stamping?

  13. I got my H1B picked. But unfortunately I can’t take the Interview for stamping. Is there any deadline to go for stamping? If any, what is the deadline time?

    • Renuka,
      You can appear for H-1 interview anytime during the petition validity period. Make sure you have recently dated employer documents when appearing for interview.

  14. Hi Saurabh/Kumar

    I need some professional advice. I got my H1 done through a US based consultancy. Stamping is also done. I never travelled to US. Now my employer is saying they will process my L1. I asked for H1 transfer but they are insistent on L1 probably because its not easy to change jobs with L1. I’m mainly worried that if they do L1, I’ll have to go for visa interview again. In such as a scenario:

    1. What are the chances of approval/rejection if you go for L1 with a H1 active?
    2. Will L1 approval have any impact on my existing H1? Can the consulate take my H1 away incase L1 is approved?
    3. Will they ask questions around why the conversion is happening etc?

    Really worried! Any help is appreciated.

    • I don’t understand why you are worried. If your company is doing an L1, it could be that they must be really confident of getting it approved and that may be the right category of visa for that position.
      What if you have to appear for an interview? As long as you have the required experience and provide necessary document, nothing to be worried.
      And once you are in the US on L1, you can definitely look for other employers who can sponsor an H1 for you.

  15. I’m going to appear in interview on coming Friday. I’m hopeful but confused as well. I have applied H1b when i was in Pakistan. But currently i’m in Auckland New Zealand. I have submit my DS160 and take appointment for Friday. If anyone here ever have experience of Auckland US consulate General please share. I will share my experience because its really helpful for others .. please pray for me…


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