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How to choose your employer for sponsoring your H1B Visa ?

I am having hard time with other obligations to keep posting regularly…..I will try.This post is part of the series : Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US

There are primarily two class of people looking  :

  • Students who are in US trying to find a n employer who can sponsor visa , train them, provide accomodation and help them get job
  • Experienced professionals or students back in India who are interested to come to US on H1B and pursue a career in US.

In either case, the first and foremost things to look in an employer are :

  • Size of the company
  • Is the company willing to pay for your H1B Visa, provide boarding and lodging and train you.
  • Does the company have good marketing team ? Do they have direct clients ?
  • What is the company’s specialty in Marketing ? is It SAP, Microsoft , Java,etc ?
  • Does the company pay on time, without delays
  • Do you know anyone in the company who can give you unbiased feedback
  • Does the comapny do  Green Card processing, Do they have anyone with Green Cards
  • Do they give hike or re-negotiate the Salary package or Percentage as you work for longer time?
  • Do you know the head of the company of some key person in the company and not just the recruiter ?

The size of the company is very important. You do not want to go to really small company ( like having just 20  – 50 or less )  if you are starting your career because you do not have any connections in the market and you might have hard time to get job. You can always switch to smaller comapnies as you work more projects and know more vendors and contacts in industry. The larger the company ( around 100 to 150 ) the more chances of the company to have a bigger marketing team.

You really have to make sure the company pay for your H1B, train you, give you boarding and lodging facilities. I know some big companies do not do this especially boarding and lodging. It is very important if you are coming here to US for the first time or finding your first job as a student. Make sure they do all these. Training is very key and you need help with resume and other things too.

Most of the times, you talk to some recruiter and commit for the deal. But, it is very bad idea. You have to know someone like the Owner or someone who owns stake in the company and influential. It is very important for you for your future salary negotiation and growth in the company. It is VERY Important for your pay negotiation after you find project. If you get your own project, you can get better percentage if you talk to the owners and explain. Also, for Green Cards and other situations you need support from them.  You do NOT want to among those people who always go through recruiter and you do  not know what the recruiter is  saying to owner. It is VERY important.

Every consulting company is primarily very good at marketing  only some technologies. You really have to identify your company based on what technology you work on. Some companies are good at Marketing for Java and some for SAP.  What it means is, it will be easier for you to get a job in that technology if the company is good at that and they have some clients ( for consulting jargon click here ).  No one never says, they do not market. Anyone can do marketing for any technology, only thing is they might SUCK ;).

Paying on time is very important. I do not think, the company recruiter or owner will tell they wont pay on time 😉  Here is where you need to know someone who can give you unbiased info about paying. Many companies, say we are waiting for client money and we will pay after 60 days. These kind of companies, hold lot of your money to make sure you do not transfer. So, be careful and get to know the company.  The person you talk to is  key, Make sure he is not looking for just BONUS if you join the company ( some companies give bonus if they refer someone ) and wash his hands off by giving you wrong info.

If you plan to live in US for more than 6 years and may be settle down here, you need Green Card. Check with the company if they do Green Cards, Most of them do. But, here is they key, see if they are big enough and old enough to support themselves and give you support too along the process of Green Card.

Key take aways,

Talk to someone who work in that company before you join that company. You need Unbiased clear details about the company.…I recommend to choose companies of medium to bigger size if you are starting your career in consulting. You can always move around once you know the nuts and bolts of consulting arena.


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  1. Hi,
    I have 8 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and staying in US with H4 visa. Can I get converted to H1B with any sponsors.

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in working in USA. I have 4+ years experience in storage testing in servers and storage array domain.
    Could any employer file a H1B visa for me?
    I am looking for H1B sponsor.

  3. Hi,
    This is Aparna, Im currently in US with H4 Visa. I have 5 years of experience in SAP FICO.
    Can anyone of you let me know any good consultancies/companies who sponsor H1 visa??


  4. Hi Team,

    I am working for oracle India as QA manager for 1.5 years before that I was QA engineer with 10 years experience with different automation tools,my wife got a H1 through her company and I also have H4,I would like to accompany my wife in US.I would like to know anybody sponsor H1 or need help on my career like should I need to change to new technology to get H1.Please help me in this.

  5. Hi,

    I have 10 years experience in Software Testing.
    I like to work in USA but I don’t have any VISA Sponsor for H1 B.
    Could any of you guys share the contact details of a company/consultant?


  6. Hi,

    I have more than 9 years of software development experience in Microsoft .Net Technologies. Currently I am working as a Lead Software Engineer in a US based company in North India.

    I also wanna work in US but I don’t have any VISA Sponsor for H1 B. Could any of you guys share the contact details of a company/consultant?

    Best Regards,

  7. Hi,

    I have stamped H1b from company A but haven’t travelled to US as they have no projects right now. If I get my H1b transferred to company B while I’m in India, will company A come to know about it? And if company B can’t get me a project after Visa transfer, can I go back to company A?


  8. Hi,
    I am looking for a H1-B sponsor.

    The technology that I work in is SQL Server development.

    I have 8 years of experience. I hold a B1 Visa.

    My Professional experience stands out in
    1. Core SQL,
    2. SSIS,
    3. SSRS,
    4. Jasper reporting,
    5. Informatica.

    I have been working on multiple Data warehousing projects.

    Currently managing a database for a Nordic based bank.

    I am into performance tuning of queries. Transpiring business rules in the financial arena into SQL.

    For further access to my profile please get in touch at the following number +91-8378987675.

    Thanks Regards
    Girish Jaiswal

  9. Hi,

    I was working with JP Morgan Chase as a Performance Test lead until April 2014.Total exp is 6.5yrs.I am currently on H4.Looking for H1 B sponsors.

    Can anybody help?Thanks!

  10. Hi,
    I am looking for a job in SAP BW/BO in US .I have around 4 yrs of work experience in SAP. Please let me know how can I proceed forward with work permit .If you could guide as I don’t know how to approach this problem. I have plans of settling in US by 2016.

    Help would be appreciated .

    Thanks ,

  11. Hello,

    My Wife is on H4 Visa currently in US. She is looking for H1B Sponsorship. Have around 4.5 years of exp in Testing.
    Please email the details if anyone is willing to sponsor the visa.
    [email removed spam]

  12. I have 9 years and 5 months of experience in Manual and Automation testing of Software applications in various domains such as Capital Markets, Front Office Trading, Healthcare. I have been twice to USA, once on L1 Visa and next time on B1 Visa. Currently, interested in H1 Visa sponsor so as to work in USA. Please let me know if you guys have any opportunities.

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Hello,
    I have completed B-tech in computer science in 2013,now I am working in pvt ltd company.Now I am looking for the job in usa/canada with visa sponsors as wel as consultency and company.Please contact with me bu email.

  14. Hi
    I am Ajay Bhagat from India(Mumbai),I am in UI and UX designing field I Findout sponsorship Visa from company as well as consultancy,Please help how i will get job overthere and who will provide me H1B please send me on may email:dadabhagat@gmail.com

  15. Hi All,

    I’m a experienced software engineer with 7 years of experience in designing and developing multiple windows and web based applications/solutions using .net ( with SQL Server) technologies. I’m currently in Chicago,USA on B1 for 3 weeks. I’m seeking a position with the company who can sponsor H1B Visa to me.
    Thanks in advance.
    [email spam]

  16. hello sir..my name is piyush. I have 3 years experience in adani oil and gas company as a machine operater and maintenance staff…I need job so who sponsor Me …please give me reply …my email address is … [spam email]

  17. looking for H1B
    Having 10 years exp on cognos TM1 and cognos Admin.certified on both.
    If any one has capability to sponsor H1B.plz reach me
    mkkpotturi@ gmail.com

  18. Hi,

    I am currently working for India as a front end developer with skills on web development and andriod development using cordova technology for past 3 years . Pls let know how can I get H1 visa / L1 visa and who can sponsor it? Pls send me the details.


  19. hi!
    i am tariq i want to get L1 & hib visa of usa .i m working in airline since 9yrs ,i have b.tech degree in mechanical engineering.is it possible that i can get L1&H1b visa on airline behalf.

  20. Hi

    Me & my husband want to move to the USA . I think 2015 H1b cap exempt is over we want to try for 2016 . I want to clarify whether from oct -2014 should we search jobs or can search by dec 2015. I also want to know whether you sponsor visas.


  21. I conceive this website has got some rattling superb info for everyone. Dealing with network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks. by Eric Sevareid. cfccfdaebacd

  22. Hi,

    I’m a software tester with 9 years experience. I’m on L2 visa and applying EAD. I need a job and sponsor H1 visa. I have excellence skills and experience but accept low salary.
    Please contact me at -nhantran204 at gmail dot com.

    Thank you,

    • HI,

      are you still looking out for an H1B sponsor. our company does it and please let me know your interest.

      thanks and regards

      • Hi Divya,

        I am looking H1B sponsor in USA, Currently working as Software Quality Analyst in DuPont in Chennai – India, i have 9 years experince and my qulifications M,sc (IT) and MBA, could you please let me know H1B opportunity.

        Muralikumar- V

      • Hi
        I have 8+ yes of experience in IT as test engineer. I am looking for h1b sponsor. Please let me know if ur company sponsors it. I am planning to apply during 2015 quata

      • Hi Divya,

        Please advise, I am looking for 2015 H1 sponser, ready to take all kind of expenses. please advise and wait for your reply.

        [removed number spam alert]

      • Hi Divya,

        Myself Jasmine this side.
        I have currently 3 yrs 2 months job experience in IT .
        Working specifically with Data warehousing tools like SSIS,SSAS,SSRS,Informatica,SAP BW.
        I am looking for h1 visa sponsorship to work in USA .
        Please let me know posibilities for same as want to get in 2016 H1 cap .
        Please get in touch at number provided below for same .
        Any help would be highly apprecitated .

        Thanks and Regards

      • Hi Divya,

        I am software manual testing associate, looking for H1B sponsorship. Please let me know can I start from this point. I am from India.


      • Hi ,
        I am looking for h1b sponsors , I have 8+ exp in IT.
        having excellent knowledge and certifications in my domain, working in a very good MNC and good position.
        Thank you

  23. Looking for H1B visa sponsor for US? I work in DotNet Technology with 9yrs exp.
    Is it too late to start processing for this year 2014?

  24. Hi,

    am working in datawarehousing (using Informatica and datastage tools) and have 5.5 years of experience in the same and have L1B visa with me. Please let me know if there is any possibility to get it converted to H1B.


  25. Hi Sir,

    I m on H4 visa.I have work experience in India. Pls let know how can i change it to H1 visa and who can sponsor it? Pls send me the details.

    Thanks & Regards
    Geetha A

  26. Hi, I am working in Software Testing (Manual) for the last 9 yrs. I have also worked in US for 2 yrs from 2007–08. My company is not filing H1B, can you please help?


  27. Hi,

    Is it okay to join a small company (less than 50 people) which is privately held and found in 2011 if its referred by a good friend who personally knows the CEO of the company? or is it risky?


  28. Hi friend can any one help me out to find me H1B visa sponsor i have 10 year of expereince and i did recieved H1b visa in the past .
    find me a consultant/sponsor who charge fees for applying the H1B visa on my behalf.
    waiting for prompt response.


    • @Nasir .

      I think its too late for finding a sponsor for this year and Too early for findig a sponsor for next year.

      However you can try if you can find a cap exempt employer like Unversity’s , college’s etc

      For next year you can start the search from Nov , Dec 2013 . You can find in list of sponsoring companies online.

  29. Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for your replies.
    I got one more situation. I’ve two h1 sponsors, A with bond(MoU) of 5kusd and B without MoU .
    Both have done my filing process(paid fees/lawyer etc) as per their email.
    1> Now (before 1st April), I want to go ahead with B. Is it possible to deny A.
    2> is it possible to get stamped for both and later I join B after paying 5k USD to A?

    Can you please let me know pros and cons of 1> and 2>.


    • ABC,
      1. The fees hasn’t been paid to USCIS yet as the petition will be reach USCIS on April 1 or later. So if you say No to A, they will lose the lawyer fees and not rest of the filing fees.
      2. You can get petition filed through both but will have to get it stamped through one of them. You can pick the better employer and go for stamping through them. You can then travel to US through them and work on H-1. No action required on the other petition.

    • Can you help me out to get me the sponsor who charge fees for applying H1B visa on candidate behalf. please email me .
      jamnasiralliani AT gmail DOT com

  30. Hi

    I have a stamped H1B visa. But my current employer Company A is not able to find a position for me at US. Is it possible for me to go to company B who have a open position at US and travel from there.

    • Jos,
      B should file a cap-exempt petition for you, and once approved you can travel to US w/ B’s petition and A’s visa stamp to work for B.

    • The compnay I work for, We do H1b transfers.
      Let me knoe if I can help you out.

      email contact- vidhi.tekneur at gmail dot com

      • Hi,
        I have a H1 visa from one comapny, but theya re saying they do not have proejects and i did not travelled yet to US. Is it possible to trasfer the H1?
        If yes, kindly let me know the procedure.


  31. I have 8 years experience in QA / Software Testing ( Manual and Automation). I am in India right now and looking for company/consultants who can sponsor H1B visa? Can anybody suggest me.

    Help Please !

    Please contact me at sanjay.sq at gmail dot com

  32. Hi,
    I am working in India from past 5 years on Software Testing. Can you let me knw any good consultancies/companies who sponsor H1 visa??

    Looking for you help

      • Hi Vidhi,

        Does your company do health IT and sponsor well experienced consultant ?
        I am having 10 yrs of US healthcare experience with 4 yrs into HealthIT, having b1, has been to US for more than 3 times in past 2 years.


          • Hi Vidhi,

            I am having 10years experience in IT inclusive of 7yrs in software Testing. I am in India and looking for H1B sponsors. Please let me know if you can help me.

  33. I am the first employee of the A company. They are willing to file H1 for me. I am just wondering how risky it is to file H1 from this new consulting company.

    • Jz,
      USCIS will be interested in knowing their financial health. Are they a consulting company or product based company? How many employees are there in the firm?

  34. Hi

    How tough/easy is to get converted from H4 to H1.
    I’ve 2+yrs exp as MS Access Developer..I see lot of jobs available but they need h1.
    I was planning to do one yr MS and then search
    Which one would be better ?


    • Nethra,
      Depending upon your location constraints and skill-set it may be easy or difficult. There are consulting companies willing to file H-1 (not until April 2013 though) but you really need to be careful as not all companies have your best interest in mind.

      • Hey Saurabh!
        I am from India. I worked in the US for 6 months as a Software Tester & Documentation Resource Consultant, but now I’m on H4. Can you please let me know any consultant who can transfer my H4 to H1 for next year.

    • Thanks
      Jyoti at relianceglobal dot com
      908-769-1271 x 106
      Certified Minority Business Enterprise
      Reliance Global Services Inc. / Palvai global services inc.
      50 ,Cragwood Rd. , Suite # 100
      South Plainfield , New Jersey ,07080

  35. I was working in offshore with company A and was managing 10 member team for 2years and now I came to US in L1b visa and now managing the same offshore team from US. I need the below clarification:-
    Is it possible for company A to file GC in EB1?.
    If I get H1b through company B, what are the chances for company B to file GC in EB1?. Is it possible?.


  36. Hi,

    I am working for a financial client through some American Consultany(company A) as my employer on L2EAD. Now Company B(Indian consultancy) has applied for my H1B for 2013. So once I have approved h1B how I am going to shift from company A to company B? Do I need to quit the current project I am working on and search a new job with new employer? Or is there any way I can continue with the project and company A and B can deal among themselves. Please let me know the different scenario under this type of circumstances.

    Thanks, Shilpi

    • Shilpi,
      You need to find out if B applied H-1 w/ COS (change of status) or w/o it.

      If it was approved w/ COS, then your status will become H-1 from Oct 1 or actual approval date (whichever is later). You will then have 2 options:
      1. Have A file H-1 transfer for you and you work for them on the basis of transfer receipt and approval. You will become A’s employee in this case and B will be out of picture
      2. Have A and B sign a contract w/ A. You will be B’s employee who will be providing services to their client A.

      If it was approved w/o COS, then you can continue working for A on L-2 EAD.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        I am having 10yrs experience in IT inclusive of 7yrs experience in Software manual Testing. I like to know H1B sponsors. Please help and guide me in this.


  37. Saurabh,

    Having other country work permit on passport will have any adverse effect for L1 Blanket ??


  38. Hi,
    Am currently on L2 EAD but not working for any company yet. My background is Software Testing with 3+ of Indian experience, i heard that consultants have specialization in marketing. So can anyone please lemme know any contacts who can sponsor a H1B for me this year.
    Please reply ASAP, also can i travel to India within October with my current visa and re-enter US.

    • Sandy,
      Yes, you can travel on your current visa and return to US as long as it remains valid and your spouse maintains the L-1 status.

  39. Hi Sir,

    Am currently working for Company A on L1 status [Valid till 2014 Nov] in USA. I would like to get H1B visa this year and other company B is willing to give fultime offer to me. Only problem here is my H1B visa. The company B dont apply for new H1B but they can do transfers.

    In this case can I approach any consultants and get my visa processing start? If I file Visa with help of some consultant, what will happen to my current L1 status? I believe I can still be eligible to work for Company A till October1st.

    Also should I be in USA only after filing H1?


    • KGR,
      An employer can file H-1 for you along w/ COS (change of status). Once approved, your status will be H-1 from COS approval date (usually Oct 1). Until that date, you have to work on L-1 and will have to work on H-1 thereafter. Another employer can do H-1 transfer once your initial petition has been approved, but again you cannot work for them until Oct 1.

      When going through consulting companies, make sure its a credible one as they are subject to close scrutiny.

      • Thanks for response Saurabh.
        Also is it necessary to be in US only once I filed for H1 untill Oct 1st? Can I make a re-entry to US with current L1 even after filing/with approved H1?


        • KGR,
          Before I answer the question, can you let me know whether you plan to be on H-1 from Oct 1 or continue working on L-1 for more time.

  40. Hi Saurabh,
    One US consultant who is willing to sponser me a H1B asking me to transfer money to an indian bank online(asking for 5200$ to file H1B), and they refusing to give any kind of receipt for the money payment. They say that no consultancies gives you a recipet. is it OK to just transfer the money like that.

    • Ganador,
      Few things to keep in mind:
      – Legally, employer is supposed to pay for H-1 fees
      – The quoted amount is on the higher side
      – You are taking the entire financial risk. In case of rejection, employer has nothing to lose and you will be $5200 short
      – With no receipt, there is no way to go after the employer in case things turn sour

  41. I am currently on H1B and working for a consulting company A. I have an offer from another consulting company B. Company B has filed for my transfer and has got the acceptance receipt from USCIS. They want me to join the client on acceptance receipt but I don’t want to join Company B until I receive the approval notice. Company B is saying that if I don’t join them immediately then it might jeopardize my position with the client. I am reluctant to leave Company A until I get an approval for Company B from USCIS.

    What will happen if I don’t join Company B and they revoke my transfer after it has been approved? Will I be out of status or would my H1B from Company A be still valid? Can I continue to work with Company A even if my transfer with Company B has been accepted? I have heard that the last I-94 you receive is the valid one.

    • Nithin,
      In case you join B, and the transfer is denied or B’s withdraws the petition (either during or after approval), then you have following options:
      – file for H-1 transfer to another H-1 employer
      – go back to A, provided they are willing to hire you back
      – file COS to any other applicable visa status

      The rule that the latest I-94 is valid is more when having multiple I-94s belonging to different visa statuses. In your case both I-94 will belong to H-1, and so you both will be valid.

      • Thanks for your reply Saurabh. Incase I do not join B after I get the H1B transfer approval and continue working for A, will A have to hire me again or my existing I-94 will work?

        • Nithin,
          You can continue working for A as if nothing changed. If 6-7 months down the line you want to join B, then you can start working for them on the basis of their approved petition (provided B’s petition is still valid and they still want to hire you).

          • One last doubt. What happens if Company A withdraws my H1B petition after I leave them and join company B on receipt notice. Will I be out of status if there are issues in H1B visa filling my company B?

          • Nithin,
            In this case you will be in a fix if B’s petition gets denied. At that point:
            – you can either go back to A (if they haven’t revoked the petition)
            – file H-1 transfer to another employer
            – file COS to another applicable visa status

            For last two, your I-94 should still be valid and the new petition should be filed ASAP after B’s denial.

  42. Hi,
    I am in L1B visa my visa and I94 expired on Dec 2011 and my company apply for extension still not receive any feedback from USISC, in my three years visa time frame I am in US 1 year 5 months.
    If my extension gets rejected can I raise the request for re capturing of pending time?

    • Subhra,
      What’s the current status when you check it online? If your extension is rejected then you will have to leave US ASAP as your I-94 has already expired. Later you can re-enter US provided your stamp is valid, your I-129 petition is unexpired and your L-1 employer still wants you to come to US for an assignment.

  43. hi i am currently working as oracle apps developer. I am in a consultancy but i am not confident that my consultancy can get me an H1B. Would you please suggest me a good consultany where can i get good pay and chances of getting an H1B more. Please reply its very urgent………..

    • I am HR executive In one of consultancy in CT.
      Our compnay does sponser H1B.
      We are always looking for good qualified candidates in IT, Oracle, JAVA, BA ,QA and DBA.
      Please contact me at vidhi.tekneur at gmail dot com ASAP

      • Hello,
        I have huge experience as Spanish-English Administrative Assistant for multinational company/
        I am living in Abu Dhabi ,United Arab Emirates and I am looking for a new opportunity out of this country.

        I would like to apply for your company.

        Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me in this matter.

        Best Regards

  44. Hi Sir,
    I am currently looking for consultancies for in CA for BI/BA course. I have discussion with a person from AllianceIT, located in San Ramon, CA. There are ready to pay flight ticket, accomodation, stipend, free training and on job support. However, I did not find any reviews of this company. Shall I join? What do you suggest? I am looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you

  45. Hi Sir

    Iam experienced IT professional. iam interested in applying H1B for this year. please help me in finding sponsors.

    [email suppressed]

    • I am HR executive In one of consultancy in CT.
      Our compnay does sponser H1B.
      We are always looking for good qualified candidates in IT, Oracle, JAVA, BA ,QA and DBA.
      Please contact me at vidhi.tekneur at gmail dot com ASAP


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