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Exit Immigration Process

After your intended travel is complete in Australia, it is important to exit the country on time without over staying. You will be subject to penalty, if you stay for longer than your visa stipulated time. The exit process for Australia is one of the most modern systems and does not involve any hassle.

Documents Required during Australia Exit Immigration Process at Airport / Seaport

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid visa for the country of your travel, if not flying to your home country
  • Copy of your Visa Grant letter or Visa details on VEVO app.

Australia Exit Immigration Visa Process at Airport / Seaport :

Below is the typical process for exit at any Australian airport or seaport.

  • Step 1 – Airline Verification : Airline will ask for your travel ticket, passport and visa for the country you are traveling to, if it is not your home country. If you are traveling to your home country, you would not need visa. They will verify the details of your passport, visa and then issue your boarding pass.
  • Step 2 – Exit Process – Automated Lane Passport Scan : After taking the boarding pass, you should look for sign that says all gates or immigration lanes. You will be directed by the personnel there to go to an automated exit process immigration lane. You need to open your passport with the photo page on it and insert it with photo facing downwards into the machine holder, where it says insert passport. The automated machine will take your passport and scan it and then open the glass door for you to enter the camera section. You need to take your passport back and enter the camera section of the immigration lane.
  • Step 3 – Automated Camera – Validation for Exit : You will need to stand in the designated foot marks on ground and turn slightly to the right and look up to the camera screen. It takes 10 to 15 seconds or maybe 30 seconds maximum for the camera to detect your face, identify the details and validate the same against the passport. Once it is successful, it will open the glass door for you to exit the lane. Nothing is stamped on passport. If there is an issue with the camera or something does not work, you will be asked to step aside and they will process it manually with the help of immigration officer.
  • Step 4 – Security Check for Exit : After you have the passport validated and cleared for exit, you will enter the security check area. You will need to remove all your electronic stuff like laptop, phone and put them separately on the open container for scanning. You will be asked to go through scanning gate and then they will let you take your luggage.
  • Step 5 : Exit to Respective Gate and Board flight or Ship : That’s it, you are done with the exit process and there is no additional steps involved. You just walk to your gate and board the aircraft or board your ship. There are no additional steps done at the gate.

Do I need to fill out any form during Australia Exit as part of Immigration Process ?

No, there is no need to fill out any form as part of exit process from Australia. You just go through the automated lanes and exit to the airlines gate or seaport terminal.

 Australia Exit Stamp on Passport at Airport / Seaport ?

There will not be any Australia Exit stamp put on your passport by the immigration officer or by the automated machine that processes your passport. The automated system or immigration officer just verifies your details, checks on your visa and validates and lets to you exit to board the flight.


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