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Garage Sale in USA –Should you buy or NOT ? How to find them ?

One of the things that I noticed during my first summer when I bought a car and was driving around in neighborhood Garage Sale in USA Rummage Sale Should you Buy or NOT was lot of boards/ signs saying “Garage Sale From … to … , Garage Sale this Sunday, Rummage Sale for supporting…”. I will share some of my thoughts on Garage Sale or Rummage Sale in this article.

What is Garage Sale or Rummage Sale ?

Garage Sale or Rummage Sale is a very simple and smart way to sell your used stuff. It is a way to clean up your stuff that was piled up in Garage or home and sell them for a discount or cheaper price.  In northern states you see Garage Sales usually in Summer. The idea is in the northern states once winter & snow season is over, people tend to clean up their homes and garages and get rid  of stuff that they do not use or did not use.  Garage Sale can have all kind of things ranging from Clothes to lawn movers, etc. Typically I have seen stuff like Clothes, Paintings, Golf Clubs, Clocks, Tables, Chairs, Kitchen sets, decorative items, bicycles, Microwaves, TVs, etc… In fact, anything can be sold in a garage sale. People usually arrange all the stuff in order and put a price tag to all the items. As a customer you just browse around and see the price and decide. It is no different from a Mall, but the stuff in Garage is used and you may pay only Cash. Garage Sale is usually done to clean up their Garages, hence the name.

Should you buy stuff from Garage Sale?

Yes and NO. It depends on what you are buying. Garage sale is a great place to buy Tables, Chairs, Computer Desks, Golf Clubs, Bicycles, Some electronics stuff, Paintings, Antiques, Wooden carvings, Decorative items, DVDs, Toys, etc. The key point is, you get really good deals and you can always negotiate the price.  I would not really recommend anyone buying stuff like clothes, Mattress, eating plates, etc or anything that you directly use.  Some people do buy this stuff, but I would not recommend these. You just have to be cautious about what you buy…Overall, I would highly recommend anyone to check out  Garage Sale and use discretion in buying. Sometimes, people do Garage Sale to raise money for a good cause, so it is a good thing to buy too and support the cause.

Where to look for Garage Sale or Rummage Sale listings?

There are few ways to look for Garage Sales. Key thing to know, typically Garage Sales are usually held mostly on Weekends.

  • One good place to check for this is go to Craigslist and Look under For Sale. You will have to select your city from the home page of Craigslist by selecting state and then city. Most of the people list Garage Sale here.
  • You can check out Garage Sale Tracker, enter the zip code and then check out the listings or Go to Garage Sale Hunter and do the same thing
  • In Summer, if you drive around any neighborhood you should find Garage Sale Boards and then check them out

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