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USCIS Policy Update – Discretion for Adjustment of Status Application Decisions

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USCIS has made updates to its policy manual on the way they would adjudicate Adjustment of Status(AOS) applications filed using Form I-485 on Nov 17th, 2020.  The updated policy memo has new “Discretionary Factors” that would be used to make a decision on the Adjustment of Status(AOS) application with USCIS for getting Green Card. In this article, we will cover …

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Public Charge Rule Cancellation- Court Judgment on Hold

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Public Charge rule is one of the biggest regulations that was proposed by DHS last year. As per DHS, it impacts about 382,264 people annually. Also, it could impact about 50% or 200,000 marriage based green cards applicant as Boundless. Today, it was cancelled by a federal judge in court judgement. Public charge rule cannot be applied nationwide as per …

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H1B Lottery to be based on Wage Levels, Impacts 163K H1B filings

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DHS announced a new H1B rule today that will change the way H1B registration lottery is conducted. DHS plans to change the H1B lottery selection based on the prevailing wage that employer plans to offer for that position.  DHS is seeking public comments as part of the regulatory process. This rule is not final yet, but in the process.    …

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I-94 Extension in US : Bad Experience – Issues with CBP officers, Tips

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As most of you know, you would get a shorter  I-94 ( arrival departure record) duration at US Port of Entry than the approval notice listed end date, if your passport is expiring soon. As it is mandatory to have valid I-94 all the time in US, you need to apply for I-94 Extension within USA after getting new passport. Many users had normal experiences, …

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ICE Arrests 15 F1 Students on OPT for Fraud, 1100 in violation

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Today US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 15 students on F1 Visa OPT, who fraudulently used OPT program to stay in the country. It is part of an operation called “OPTical Illusion”. The operation was part of ICE enforcement that monitors F1 students for compliance and their status. SEVP and ICE monitors over one million nonimmigrant students in F …

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17 Organizations file new Lawsuit on H1B Wage Levels Increase

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Late yesterday evening, 17 organizations, which consist of group of Universities, non-profits, and businesses filed a lawsuit against US Dept of Labor regarding the recent rule on increase in the H1B, PERM Wage Levels & changes. This is the second lawsuit, the first one was filed by ITServe. In this article, we will review the lawsuit summary and key argument …

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Lawsuit on H1B Wage Levels Increase Filed by ITServe Alliance

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As many of you know, the H1B Prevailing Wage levels were dramatically increased for H1B workers in recent wage protections regulation that was published in federal register.  There was a lawsuit filed today on the new regulation. In this article we will discuss the background on why and details of the lawsuit that we have as of now. If you …

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H1B, I-140, L1 Premium Processing Fee $2500, Effective Oct 19th

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As many of you know, USCIS provides Premium Processing for faster processing of I-129 petitions and get a decision in 15 days. The current fee for it is $1,440 and it is increasing to $2,500 from October 19th, 2020. In this article, we will cover the background, why going up, who all it affects and other details. Background of Premium …

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New H1B, PERM Wage Levels defined in Regulation. Huge Impact!

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As some of you know, recently H1B, PERM wage levels rule that was submitted to OMB and later withdrawn. It was published as an interim final rule to Federal register on Oct 8th, 2020 and effective now. We will review the background, current wage levels, new wage levels, and impact in this article. This prevailing wage level changes rule is …