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H4 Dropbox Experience with Appointment: Process, Documents 2019

In US Visa Stamping Experiences by Guest AuthorUpdated : 9 Comments

One of our readers, Rajesh, recently got their H4 visa stamping done using Dropbox using the New Appointment Process at Hyderabad, India. He was kind enough to take time to share their experience with the community. Thanks to Rajesh for taking time to share their experience. H4 Dropbox Experience Hyderabad– Background Info : I applied for H4 and H4 EAD …

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H4 EAD Lawsuit Case: Oral Argument Summary, Next steps ?

In H4 Visa by KumarUpdated : 19 Comments

Earlier today H4 EAD lawsuit case oral argument was held at 9:30 AM EST. Below is the summary, key argument points. If you need background, you can read H4 EAD Lawsuit History article to get details on the timeline. First, Save Jobs USA got the chance to present their case. Below are the key points and judges’ questions and points …

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US Visa Stamping India: Dropbox Appointment Must, if eligible: Sep 1

In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : 45 Comments

US consulate general in India quietly updated their visa processing website today, making changes to the way they process US Visa stampings using Interview Waiver option, popularly called as Dropbox. There was no official press release on the US consulate or embassy page on this topic, but an unclassified document was released last week that was circulated in social …

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H4+EAD Processing Times after Biometrics – User Data, Averages

In H4 Visa by KumarUpdated : 12 Comments

Since the introduction of the New I-539 Form with Biometrics, many of the H4 Visa Holders, who have filed H4 extensions / Change of Status along with their spouse’s H1B Petition in premium processing, have been waiting for their petition decision…Majority of them applied for H4 EAD, and were waiting for decision to continue working on H4 EAD. It has …

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2 H1B Visa, H4 Stamping Experiences – India 2019, Questions, Tips

In US Visa Stamping Experiences by KumarUpdated : 1 Comment

Couple of users went through H1B, H4 visa stampings and some good tips regarding things like smart watch, issues with DS-160, fixing them that are good to know. Thanks a lot to our readers Aswin and Anonymous (for privacy) for taking time to share their detail visa stamping Experiences with community. We appreciate it !  You can either share them …

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USCIS Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency, Assess Public Charge

In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : 14 Comments

USCIS, DHS recently published final version of the ‘Public Charge’ rule, officially titled “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds”. In the public charge rule, they mentioned that, a foreigner’s likelihood of becoming public charge would be determined based on totality of circumstances of the individual, and they would use “Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency” to assess the same. In this article, …

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New Public Charge Rule Impact for F1 Students, F2, OPT, STEM OPT?

In F1 Visa by KumarUpdated : Leave a Comment

Trump administration recently published the final version of the new ‘public charge rule’ officially called as “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” that is expected to have significant impact on most types of US visa holders and future Green Card Applicants. We have published an article with the summary of Public Charge rule, its Impact for H1B, H4, L1, L2 visa …