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Funding, Scholarship : Are they different ? I20 samples for Scholarship, GA : FAQs

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One of our readers recently asked a question about Funding. The questions are as below: What is the exact difference between Funding and Scholarship? The tuition fee waiver that is given along with the I-20, is it considered as scholarship or funding?? and is it given directly by the university or should we put a special application to avail this …

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H1B visa holders sent back at Port of Entry. AVOID travel to India / Home country. What can you do to make your Case stronger at port of entry ?

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One of the shocking news that I heard recently from my friends and also highlighted in news websites like  Rediff News  is few of the H1B visa holders were sent back to India at the port of entry. This article is about the incident and caution to avoid travel. Real incident : H1B holders sent back to India at Port …

F1 Visa Defer admission in US schools. I20, Visa issues, Fees? Process – How to Defer?

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After going through the complete process from studying for GRE all the way through visa stamping, occasionally due to family situations, financial situations or medical conditions you may not be able to attend the US school for the term you applied though you have visa. This post explains the process of deferring admission in US Universities and other commonly asked …