US Port of Entry Experience Details

Visa TypeH1
US Port of Entry (POE)Abu Dhabi
Entry Date into USJul 9th, 2018
POE - Status Easy - Successful Entry
Questions at POE, Experience Very polite soft spoken immigration officer. The lines were long in AD airport, with 3 security checks I was quite tired when I got there. She was polite and professional. Asked me questions relevant to my stay in US. Some of the questions she asked were- Where I did my masters? Why are you flying to NY, when you live in a different state. The whole thing was over in about 2 minutes.
Checked Documents, Phone, etc. Additional Info No other documents besides passport.
Case Entry Created Date, Time Jul 23rd, 2018 19:08:41
Case Last Updated Date, Time Jul 23rd, 2018 23:08:41

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