US Port of Entry Experience Details

Visa TypeH1
US Port of Entry (POE)Los Angeles
Entry Date into USJan 4th, 2018
POE - Status Easy - Successful Entry
Questions at POE, Experience 1. What if the purpose of your visit? - Work 2. Where do you work? - Told company's old and new name both (my company filed for my H1-B, it got picked, but then it changed its name. Neither the interviewer at Mumbai consulate nor the CBP officer at LAX cared) After typing for very long, he took my fingerprints and photo. The stamp on my passport has the same expiry date as my passport because my passport expires before my H1-B. At LAX, H1B people should not use the kiosk. I was incorrectly ushered to the kiosk. Pretty early on in the form I realized I should not be filling it. Overall, chill experience. Just remember that people having bad experience at POE are very rare cases. So don't take a lot of tension
Checked Documents, Phone, etc. Additional Info I-797 and passport.
Case Entry Created Date, Time Jan 6th, 2018 07:50:55
Case Last Updated Date, Time Jan 6th, 2018 12:50:55

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