US Port of Entry Experience Details

Visa TypeH1
US Port of Entry (POE)Chicago
Entry Date into USJul 3rd, 2017
POE - Status Easy - Successful Entry
Questions at POE, Experience Which place? (i was going to philly, but had POE at chicago) Why not philly directly? (No tickets due to short notice by employer). Whats your project? (told) Be confident and honest while answering. Don't lie for the sake of entry. Carry all the documents(I-797,Client letter, LCA are imp ones)
Checked Documents, Phone, etc. Additional Info Asked for passport and CBP form(which you will get in flight)
Case Entry Created Date, Time Jul 5th, 2017 09:37:15
Case Last Updated Date, Time Jul 5th, 2017 13:37:15

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