US Port of Entry Experience Details

Visa TypeH1
US Port of Entry (POE)Chicago
Entry Date into USJul 24th, 2016
POE - Status Sent Back at POE - Asked to Withdraw
Questions at POE, Experience Did not carry LCA since i have visa and petition approval. Hence they questioned me for 2 hours. It came to the point why employer not taking american and second custom officer also told directly am stealing American job !!! questioned from how i got into engineering to how i lived in US prior. The time i started counter questions custom officers stopped recording the conversation. Experienced Americans showing frustration and racism just because am not accepting employer had no job bcz i knew they had job and missed LCA so did not accept to say its my fault . I had to respond back and prove employer need to follow law and not me.I just look for job to get paid and No law says people from other country not to look for job/work in USA!!! Finally had to make them feel its American lacking the skills, not much Americans are in IT field so Indians are coming to fill the gap because America got lot of job opportunity so Americans saying Indians stealing job is wrong. Literally saw Americans trying to protect job so find all possible ways to stop asking all possible required documents. So had to ask them not to abuse and talk about Law. Law says H1B visa need to have project to get in and if no project proof no entry and employer collecting filing fee in terms of security deposit or reimbursable amount is also not accepted. so H1B visa was cancelled else they had to to ban for 5 years. They told i need to get new visa to enter USA but i don't think they will approve.
Checked Documents, Phone, etc. Additional Info my entire phone was checked call details, emails for years, whassapp messages including personal photos and messages. Prior employment in USA and tax payment salary details. I was not allowed to make call nor given internet to provide the document requested.
Case Entry Created Date, Time May 13th, 2017 03:21:16
Case Last Updated Date, Time May 13th, 2017 07:21:16

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