H4 Visa EAD Case Details

CenterTexas Service Center-SRC
Filing DateMar 22nd, 2021
Decision DateSep 22nd, 2021
Processing Time184 days
EAD Qualification Criteria Previous Approved I-140
Visa Status at Filing H4 Visa
Additional Info H1, H4 and H4-EAD filed together by Attorney. H1B Approved March 28.
H4 EAD Applying experience: H4 and EAD expired on 13/Aug when I was 1 month into a job. My employer supported me 6 weeks unpaid leave, before termination. I tried expediting my case with 2 different Senators from my state on basis of job loss/financial loss and I am happy, its approved right on time at the end of 6 weeks. I also had attached the speed slip that came with my previous EAD.
Created Date/Time Jul 2nd, 2021 19:54:42
Last Updated Oct 2nd, 2021 00:11:13

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