H4 Visa EAD Case Details

CenterCalifornia Service Center-WAC
Filing DateJun 17th, 2020
StatusReplied RFE
Decision DateN/A
Processing Time532 days
EAD Qualification Criteria Current Approved I-140
Visa Status at Filing H4 Visa
Additional Info Attorney
H4 EAD Applying experience: I had requested expedited processing of my EAD citing financial loss to the company, parents disability and complete dependence on me. Last week, a USCIS Tier 1 agent took the request but did not take the supporting pieces of evidence and told me that she would be sending an email asking to attach the supporting documents. However, instead of that email, I received a denial on expedition request yesterday from USCIS that says the evidence is insufficient. Today I called USCIS again, but the agent said that she cannot help as I did not provide the evidence earlier (which was never the case, they hadn't sent me the email asking for evidence as they mentioned before). The agent later suggested her to call back tomorrow and ask for Tier 2 agents as Level 2 was not available today.
Created Date/Time Oct 7th, 2020 16:08:44
Last Updated May 25th, 2021 20:12:32

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