H4 Visa EAD Case Details

CenterCalifornia Service Center-WAC
Filing DateDec 4th, 2019
Decision DateApr 20th, 2020
Processing Time138 days
EAD Qualification Criteria Previous Approved I-140
Visa Status at Filing H4 Visa
Additional Info H4 Renewal + EAD application
H4 EAD Applying experience: The USCIS has wrongly denied the H4 application (while H4 is already approved for 3 years) stating that the Applicants has already issued the green card status, therefore application is not valid. While, the status for the main applicants (H1B folder) is only I-140 approved, no application has been initiated regarding the PR status for H4. USCIS has also denied the EAD application based on H4 denial. My lawyer is going to re-apply for H4-Ext, while has already appealed to USCIS to review the decision. This seems very unfortunate and irresponsible decision by USCIS. Has anyone come across such situation, any idea what was done to resolve?
Created Date/Time May 16th, 2020 22:53:42
Last Updated May 16th, 2020 23:53:42

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