H4 Visa EAD Case Details

NameOvi Phatak
CenterNebraska Service Center-LIN
Filing DateMay 22nd, 2020
StatusGot Receipt Number - In Process
Decision DateN/A
Processing Time558 days
EAD Qualification Criteria Current Approved I-140
Visa Status at Filing H4 Visa
Additional Info H1, H4, H4 EAD Combined Application for Extension of Status All the cases were filed on 05/21 H4 case received on 05/22 H4 EAD case received on 05/22 H1 Got approved on 06/17 - 25 days
H4 EAD Applying experience: Layers screwed up in my case they applied two cases for H1/H4/ H4EAD. of course the second set of cases all of them got RFE cause of duplicate cases. Layers disagree but I believe this has caused delays in original cases(except H1)
Created Date/Time Apr 16th, 2020 12:16:20
Last Updated Aug 26th, 2020 12:09:53

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