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CenterDont Know
Filing DateFeb 13th, 2012
StatusCase Approved
Decision DateN/A
Processing Time3074 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info Hi guys, I'm a graduate student with F1 visa valid upto May 2014 (i94 expiry is D/S - duration of status). Due to financial situations, I'm quitting studies and joining a job. I'm not eligible for OPT/CPT. I got h1b approved with start date of Oct 1. 1. I'm worried how to stay in status from Aug 28 (start of Fall) to Oct 1? 2. If I register ( pay fees ) for Fall and get a refund of fees on last date of refund (Sept 24), will I be considered out of status from Sept 24 to Oct 1? 3. I'm planning not to travel out of country anytime soon to avoid any hassles of H1B stamping. But, when I terminate F1 status on Sept 31, does that mean that my i94 also expires. If yes, do I need to get a new i94 to continue working? 4. Can I stay in US for all three years without H1 stamping and new i94? 5. How will this affect my H1 renewal and Green Card ?
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Created Date/Time Jul 19th, 2012 14:34:33
Last Updated Jul 19th, 2012 13:34:33

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