H1B Visa Case Details

CenterVermont Service Center-EAC
Filing DateApr 1st, 2019
StatusH1B Stamped in Passport
Decision DateSep 24th, 2019
Processing Time176 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info
H1B Visa Applying experience: 2 days appointment Day 1: 10 AM - Went for Biometrics to Mumbai VAC. Indian people works here. Person asked me for left hand 4 fingers, right hand 4 fingers, 2 thumbs then he clicked my photo, pasted sticker at the back side of passport for next day. Got it done in 10 mins. Documents required: Passport(s), DS-160 confirmation receipt(Appointment receipt), Fee receipt Day 2: 9 AM - Reached to Mumbai Consulate at 8:45 AM. After security check, entered into waiting hall. Was there for 30 mins and then asked to go inside in a Queue. Passport scanned by US person/consulate, verified right hand 4 fingers (Person will ask either for left hand 4 fingers or right 4 fingers or 2 thumbs. Please listen instructions carefully) Joined another line and waited for my turn. I was asked to go to available window with passport and Petition letter in hand. Greeted him as Good morning sir, how are you? He reverted back with smile and replied. US person/consulate opposite to glass requested for passports (my & dependent). Submitted current passports and asked him whether he want to see my old passport also. He said that not required. Then he scanned my passport(s) and typed something on computer (might be opened my DS-160), Asked me below questions. 1. Have you been to US before this? - No, this is the first time 2. What is you Job profile? 3. What will be you salary in US? 4. From where you intend to work? (client site or in-house, options given by him) 5. What is your highest degree? Your Visa is approved, you will get passports in 4 to 5 working days. Handed over me some 2 page prospectus. I thanked him and have a nice day ahead. He replied with smile. Don't surf on internet for interview question, just go through your DS-160 thoroughly. Be confident and keep eye contact (Don't stare), greet with smile and stand properly. If you are not getting what consulate asked, please ask politely to repeat (but not 2nd time, listen carefully this time), don't fumble, take you time to answer as per filled information in DS-160. don't speak to loud, don't bother about what is happening on adjutant window, who's getting rejected, what question asked to another person etc. Best luck!!
Created Date/Time May 14th, 2018 09:34:56
Last Updated Sep 24th, 2019 13:18:22

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