H1B Visa Case Details

CenterVermont Service Center-EAC
Filing DateMar 28th, 2016
StatusH1B Stamped in Passport
Decision DateOct 3rd, 2016
Processing Time189 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info
H1B Visa Applying experience: OFC Date Dec 21-12-2016, Place Hyderabad Document Required : DS-160 Confirmation Printout Visa Appointment Letter Your New and Old Passports As per my experience in Hyderabad center, it will take not more than 20 mins for OFC/Finger prints if all the documents are proper without any mistakes. I have completed finger prints in 10mins along with my family(3 members), here no questions will be asked, they will take your fingerprints and stamp on your DS-160 form. If you are going along with family, each one of your family members need to attend individually. Dec 22 2016, Visa Interview in person. I went along with my family. You have to reach the consulate not re earlier than 30 mins, as per Hyderabad traffic I suggest you that be there 1 hour before, so there wont be any last minute huddles. At consulate, at entrance gate they will check your passport 2 times then send you inside, then you have waiting area where you have to sit down for sometime, later security guard brings a try for each candidate asking you to keep all your files,folders, documents, belt other metal items in tray for security check just like Airports. Be careful that, pendrives, mobiles, chargers any of electronic devices are items are not allowed, I have kept mobile phones at home. Later you need to pass thru security check then again waiting area, for us only 10mins waited later need to go thru fingerprints check up, then need to be in queue waiting for your turn for interview. Never ever listened any others interview discussion it will make you tensed. Each one interview is different. VO: Good Morning Me : Good Morning Vo : Can I have your passports and 797 Me : Here it is VO: What is your Company Name? Me : XXX VO : How you spell it ? Me : Xxxx VO: How long you are working here? Me : New Opportunity Vo: Where it is Located? Me : Texas VO: What is your Salary? Me : XXXX VO to my Wife: How long have been married? Wife : XXXX VO to My Kid : Which grade your in? My Kid : xxxx VO : Your visa approved, Have an Nice day VO didn't as any other documents except 797 original, but I strongly recommend that please carry all your supporting documents along with you, we never expect what they going to ask. Here I would like to mention on important about visa status in CEAC web site after completion of Interview. I have seen in many forums people are very tensed and panic about the status. Initially in CEAC website it shows "Administrative process", if you have all documents perfect and if they don't require any more supporting documents then within one or two days status changes to "Issued", for me next day status changed to "Issued". Normally stamping process takes 2 to 3 working days. So, don't get tensed give them some time to stamp visa on your passport and it is not only you who is applying there are plenty of passports they have to stamp it so logically it will take sometime. All the best
Created Date/Time Dec 26th, 2016 01:48:10
Last Updated Dec 26th, 2016 01:48:10

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