H1B Visa Case Details

CenterDont Know
Filing DateApr 1st, 2016
StatusH1B Stamped in Passport
Decision DateN/A
Processing Time1996 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info
H1B Visa Applying experience: I have done my visa interview on Oct 20th in Hyderabad and it got Approved. My interview was scheduled at 10.30 Am. I reached there @10.00 am. And security has been allowing up to 11.30 am slots. After clearing security and bio metric check there will be a queue and they are allowing one by one to VO counters. And my turn came. I am 4 th person in the Queue and who is standing before me also H1Bs. Interviews was completing with less than 5 min to all. Interview happened to me as below: VO:GM ME:GM sir VO: What you do for Your Employer ME: Explained My Expertise VO: Whats your Role ME: XXXXXX VO: How Long You are working form ur current company ME: XX years VO: What you do for ur current company ME: Same , Expertise VO: Your visa approved. ME : Thank you sir. H1B visas are approving with out much questions. Good Luck.
Created Date/Time Oct 27th, 2016 12:27:24
Last Updated Oct 27th, 2016 12:27:24

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