H1B Visa Case Details

NameIhsanUllah Alkozay
CenterDont Know
Filing DateJun 9th, 2016
StatusCase Received(Receipt Notice)
Decision DateJun 9th, 2016
Processing Time0 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info -Name- IhsanUllah Alkozay -Sex- Male -Age- 26 -Date of Birth- March/7/1989 -Place of Birth- Kunduz Afghanistan -Marital Status- Married -Health- Excellent – Nationality- Afghan -Address: Afghanistan Kunduz (City) – Mobile: +93787033104 -Tel: +93779945893 (Residence) -Email-ihsan.alkozay1@gmail.com Dear Sir / Mam my name is Ihsan Ullah. 26 years old. Born in Kunduz city. I am graduated from high school. My high school graduation is 78.12 but for financial problems I leave the studies. I can speak English/Pashto/Farsi/Urdu languages. I am from Afghanistan. Living in Kunduz province. Live in poor family. I need help. Now I am jobless. I want to study more. I am searching for job any type. I am ready to do any job. Also I am a Cricket player. Played for Regional Cricket team in Afghanistan. Please please please dears help me. Know some programs of Computer. I have Certificates in Cricket. My phone number is +93787033104. my Email ( ihsan.alkozay1@gmail.com ) I also using Facebook .( Ihsan Alkozay ) I have financial problems . For my problems I am ready to leave my country. If someone can help me .please please please helps me. I can't pay the Visa fees. Anyone lend me some money to pay the Visa fees. I am ready to work for him or when I find job. I will give you your all money soon. I need help please help me TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. (Country, University, College, Company) Dear sponsored; University, college (any country) I would like to apply to sponsored free scholarship & grant in your institution, i.e. university, college to continue my education. I undersigned applicant held my from Qush Tape high School on Jan 10,2015 .I am trying to proceed the next steps to be learn, but I cannot affordable because I have so many circumstances, especially shortage of money. I need much more to continue, though I didn’t succeed by the explained problems & others (No Accessibility) Now I would like to apply for the education that could be available in the field of medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Science/health science, and other fields in your Institution. So, I submitted required documents with the application letter & Curriculum Vitae (CV.) according to your voluntariness, if you are trying to join me in your university/ college I am ready enough to come & continue Education. Hopping that you will consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. “Sincerely Yours” Ihsan Ullah Alkozay
H1B Visa Applying experience: no
Created Date/Time Jun 8th, 2016 15:43:23
Last Updated Jun 8th, 2016 15:43:23

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