H1B Visa Case Details

NameJagath Reddy Vemula
CenterCalifornia Service Center-WAC
Filing DateApr 13th, 2015
StatusH1B Stamped in Passport
Decision DateJan 27th, 2016
Processing Time289 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info
H1B Visa Applying experience: My Interview last for about 20 min. Interviewer (A white American lady) asked so many questions felt like a job interview. She asked me, Where I am currently working, How long I have been working for them, What are my job responsibilities, What technologies that I use, how related the new position that I have received from US to the current job roles, What will I be doing there, how did I get the position, is it a consultant or client, how your client has the project to afford you, do you have the proof that your client has a project which required your services (luckily I had all the documents ready), She asked me about the copy of approval letter, asked me to show the petition that my client has lodged initially, asked me to show the qualification documents, after checking all the info against the system, she has returned to the initial questions, how long I have been staying in the country (I am Indian National but staying in South Africa, so I have attended in South Africa Johannesburg), where did I work throughout my 7.5 years experience.. after all of these she asked me to show my marriage certificate and my child's birth certificate. She has verified all of them and asked me to sit for five minutes then she went inside to speak to the manager! (I could see that from the glass window). She has returned in 3 minutes and said that they have to do some administrative process on my application therefore she refused to grant visa that time and returned all our passports! I was so disappointed because at the next window with another interviewer people are coming and leaving in about 3/4 minutes with a big smile.. I have asked the interviewer that what administrative process that they have to do? she replied that she cannot tell exactly what it is and how long it takes!! then I have asked how do I know the status of my application? then she replied "unfortunately there is no way that you can track it, but if you not received any feedback in 90 days then contact us at given e-mail address in the green form (which she has issued me along with the passports)". When we reached home with loads of disappointment, started finding the relevant info in the internet.. most of them were said it took about 3 to 4 months and ended up in two possible ways i.e. approved and declined. Some of the other were waiting for about 2 years!! However, after 3rd working day I have received a call from the consulate asking to submit our passports and they are ready to issue the visa.. :) I have submitted the passports very next day. After 3 working days, I have collected the passports from DHL courier sevices without any issues. I thought the above questions would assist someone who is preparing for the interview. All my other friends who got the visa have faced 2 or 3 questions. But prepare for the worst to avoid the rejections.
Created Date/Time May 13th, 2015 03:20:44
Last Updated Jan 29th, 2016 10:58:49

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