H1B Visa Case Details

CenterVermont Service Center-EAC
Filing DateJun 25th, 2021
StatusH1B Stamped in Passport
Decision DateOct 21st, 2020
Processing Time247 days
Processing Type Regular
Quota Regular
Additional Info I would like to share the petition journey: 1. On March 2020 registration got picked up on lottery. 2. On June-26 - 2020 my employer filed my petition . 3. My case was filed for premium processing, but after 15 days my employer came back to me with an update stating that, USICS responded they can't do the premium processing for your case. So, USICS refunded the premium processing fee.(not sure how much amount as I my employer paid the same) 4. I was little worried after learning the news. But, fortunately after 3 month without any RFE my case got approved on 21-Sept-2020. 5. As that time lots of chaos around on H1B travel ban and Corona virus. So I was little sceptical about scheduling my interview. As I was based in Singapore and Singapore consulate was operating at that moment for H1B, So my employer told to schedule the interview. 6. After I received the I-797 from my employer , I scheduled my H1B interview along with my Wife (H4) in Singapore consulate. And follow the details of my interview experience starting from interview till the Stamping of H1B in Interview Experience Section.
H1B Visa Applying experience: Giving a little background of me, I am based in Singapore and already having B1/B2 visa, which I got from Singapore consulate, And also I had traveled to USA as well. So, I was overconfident on the my interview and went with less preparation.(Which was biggest mistake) I scheduled my interview on 24th Nov 2020 in Singapore Consulate without doing lots preparation with a thought process that the interview will be same as B1/B2, But I was completely wrong . Interviewer asked me following questions : 1. What business your employer do ? (I explained in short answer and she was not satisfied with my answer As, she was expecting in details. So provide as much as details as you can including products, clients etc. ) 2. What will be your role and responsibility ? (Explained well, try to explain with technical verbose rather plain english) 3. Asked my resume (This is the most important thing to carry, try to get the USA consulate format resume. I had taken my resume which was little modern and which she did't liked. She given me a sample format and asked to send according to their format ) 4. Asked my degree certificate, my marriage certificate (I didn't had a copy of my marriage certificate , so please do carry a copy) 5. Interesting fact about photo: Please do take your very recent photo and don't go for any hair cut which will do any significant appearance change comparing to your submitted photo . (I made a mistake, I took my photo with medium hair and cut it to completely short before 2 days of the interview. She didn't accepted my photo and asked me to resend photo) 6. She asked me the the president proclamation exemption (P10052) document which your employer should give(My employer told its not required and I went without the same) 7. She asked me lots of question around my client and work location (As I din't had any client and I was going to work for my employer product itself. so I had not any clue what to say. I told I am going to work on product and on my employer location. but, she didn't got fully satisfied with my answer and asked to get document from my employer confirming my work location details) She asked me and my wife some 4-5 more general questions like where you will stay, asked my wife that do you know you can't work on H4 , do you have read the non-immigrant work policy (they will give a document, suggestion : try to overlook it) etc. Then finally she given me a Yellow 221(g) slip stating all required documents and returned my passport. I am literally devastated as I didn't thought I will face all this. I went back to my employer with the list of required document and my employer asked me to wait. And finally, my employer came back to me with a response by consulting the attorney on last week of Feb 2021. Then I send all requested documents to the email which visa officer asked me to send And within 5 days I got response from visa officer. this time they asked my offer letter , salary and benefit details , roles and responsibility details which were not listed on 221(g) slip. Again I responded with the details and then I din't heard from them for 15 days. Finally after long await and going through lots of anxiety I received a email from visa office that your administrative processing got completed and submit your passport along with your marriage certificate at their dedicated location for stamping. And finally after 5 days from the day I submitting my passport, I received email for passport collection. Finally !! I received my stamped visa. the happiness and felling can't be expressed with words after getting it.
Created Date/Time Mar 26th, 2021 13:00:25
Last Updated Mar 26th, 2021 18:00:25

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