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221(g) Visa Stamping Case Details

NameNaga Rama
Visa TypeOther
Consulate / EmbassyConsulate
Visa Interview DateFeb 15th, 2018
Visa Stamping StatusPending
Slip ColorWhite
Consulate Final Decision DateFeb 15th, 2018
Processing Time0 days
Passport Collection Status Passport Returned at Interview
List of Documents Requested by Visa Officer Description for Relationship before Marriage
Documents Submitted after Visa Interview
Documents Submitted Date : N/A
Additional Info / Notes Can anyone help me in addressing below Query for my wife H4 VISA. The Query is for Relationship before marriage, the VO mentioning marrying uncle daughter is not accepted in US, I am not sure how to address this. The Conversation went as mentioned below. VO: Hello My Wife: Hi Sir, Good Morning VO: What is your Name? My Wife: XXXXXX VO: What is your Spouse Name? My Wife: XXXXXX VO: For Which Visa You are applying? My Wife: H4 Dependency Visa VO: Where your husband staying Now?? My Wife: US VO: Where is your spouse staying in US? My Wife: told the Address VO: How much salary your husband getting in US? My Wife: USD XXXXX VO: What does work your spouse doing in US My Wife: Mechanical Designing Support VO: What is your spouse company name? My Wife: XXXXX Company VO: What is client location of your Spouse? My Wife: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin State VO: Who's paying for your trip My Wife: My Husband Company VO: When did you got marriage? My Wife: 25th Aug 2016 VO: Love marriage or Arranged Marriage?? My Wife: Arranged Marriage VO: How Was the marriage arranged My Wife: Parents and Relatives VO: When did you meet your spouse first time? My Wife: I know him from my childhood VO: Is that Relationship from your mother side / Father side?? My Wife: From my Father side. VO: How?? My Wife: My husband is my father sister son. (My Husband is nephew to my father) VO: This relation cannot accept in US for marriage’s. Just send your relationship to this mail ID. He gave the white Paper mentioning “Description-Relationship Before marriage” My Wife: Can I show my Marj certificate? VO: not required Please help me in addressing this query.
Case Entry Created Date, Time Feb 18th, 2018 01:15:30
Case Last Updated Date, Time Feb 18th, 2018 06:15:30

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