Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017
221(g) Visa Stamping Case Details

Visa TypeH1
Consulate / EmbassyChennai
Visa Interview DateSep 14th, 2017
Visa Stamping StatusApproved
Slip ColorBlue
Consulate Final Decision DateNov 1st, 2017
Processing Time48 days
Passport Collection Status Passport Returned at Interview
List of Documents Requested by Visa Officer 1. "A copy of the contract between the U.S. based petitioner and the client company (the job site where you will actually work), stating the timing, terms and agreement for your project. 2. "A copy (on letterhead) from the personnel department at the U.S. end client company (the job site where you will actually work) stating that there is a vacancy for you." 3. "A detailed description of the project to which you will be assigned. Including a complete technical description of the Project, employer, timeline, and current status, number of employees assigned, work-site location, and marketing analysis for the final product."
Documents Submitted after Visa Interview
Documents Submitted Date : Sep 14th, 2017
Additional Info / Notes 221(G) at Chennai EVC Model - Don't lose hopes if you have authentic Job and supporting Docs. 2nd H1-B Ext, have done MS in US, I-140 approved: 09-05-2017 Docs drop off @ drop box loc. CEAC: CC: 06-Sep-2017 S:AP 09-08-2017 Passport returned with 221(g) Requested: Agreement btwn Client and Employer, Letter frm US personal there is opening and project detail Letter. requested to attend interview. 09-14-2017 VO : askd abt work loc, highest educ, slry and do you have reqsted docs...? gave. Waited for 90 min & collected all H1-B docs: I797, LCA, I129, C-V-E letters, I-140, my tax returns and W2. Gave 221(g) refused for AP checked. Returned Passport CEAC: Case Last Updated: 14-Sep-2017 Status: Administrative Process(AP) 09-19-2017: Recv an email to collect the docs. Returned all the original docs collected during the interview. CEAC: Case Last Updated: 14-Sep-2017 Status:AP 10-04-2017: Client Verification. CEAC: Case Last Updated: 14-Sep-2017 Status:AP 10-25-2017: CEAC: Case Last Updated: 25-Sep-2017 Status:AP 10-26-2017: Recv email with 221(g) to submit Passport. Passport submitted along with 221(g). CEAC: Case Last Updated: 25-Sep-2017 Status:AP 10-30-2017: CEAC: Case Last Updated: 30-Sep-2017 Status:AP 11-01-2017: CEAC: Case Last Updated: 01-Nov-2017 Status: Issued
Case Entry Created Date, Time Nov 1st, 2017 09:51:03
Case Last Updated Date, Time Nov 1st, 2017 08:51:03

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