Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017
221(g) Visa Stamping Case Details

Visa TypeH1
Consulate / EmbassyNew Delhi
Visa Interview DateOct 13th, 2017
Visa Stamping StatusPending
Slip ColorWhite
Consulate Final Decision DateN/A
Processing Time1032 days
Passport Collection Status Passport Returned at Interview
List of Documents Requested by Visa Officer 1. Complete I-797, I-129, Labor Condition Application and Cover Letter submitted to DHS with Petition Application 2. Letter from END CLIENT, Itinierary of Services and Contract 3. Petitioner's federal tax returns for the last two (2) years 4. List of petitioner's employees Provide a notiarized list of all employees with each employee's name, specific job title, yearly salary, immmigration status and employment start and end dates 5. Paystubs 2016-now
Documents Submitted after Visa Interview Me > Employer > Prime Vendor > End Client 1. H1 packet obtained from my employer 2. End Client Letter, VISA Support Letter(from the prime vendor), Itinerary of Services(from Employer), Work Order(from Prime Vendor), Subcontracting Agreement between my employer and Prime Vendor 3. Tax statements as given by my employer 5. Notarized List of employees on Payrol 6. Paystubs after joining my employer
Documents Submitted Date : Oct 31st, 2017
Additional Info / Notes Q1. Who is your employer? Q2. When did you join this company? Q3. How did you find out about this company? Q4. What is your designation? Q5. Who is your client? Q6. Describe briefly your job responsibilities? Q7. How many people work at your office? To spouse: Q1. What are your educational qualifications?
Case Entry Created Date, Time Oct 31st, 2017 14:12:22
Case Last Updated Date, Time Oct 31st, 2017 13:12:22

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