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221(g) Visa Stamping Case Details

Visa TypeB1
Visa Interview DateAug 28th, 2019
Visa Stamping StatusDenied
Slip ColorWhite
Consulate Final Decision DateAug 28th, 2019
Processing Time0 days
Passport Collection Status Passport Returned at Interview
List of Documents Requested by Visa Officer -the list of countries visited during the last ten years including the months and years of visits -the list of your children's names -the list of names of your brothers and sisters -the addresses of your homes during the last ten years -the numbers of your previous passport -the list of your duties and the employers for the last ten years
Documents Submitted after Visa Interview -pervious passport -certificate of work -name of my brother and sister
Documents Submitted Date : Aug 28th, 2019
Additional Info / Notes Here we go: On 17 april 2019 i had my interview at the US embassy in mauritania for US VISA B2 with my mother the interview was stared verry well by staring asking my mother why the US? She smilled and answering the question just for the touriste purpose , the consular ask again where will you stay in the US ? She say New york , the consular ask her again how much will you stay in the US ? She say exacly for 2 weeks. And the consular ask her the last question and the question was about me if im her son? She say yes. And now its my turn, the consular ask me , are you working? I say yes, and i tell him that im engineer of telecomunication. The consular say to us: have a good travel And we have to paid the fees of US VISA , and we paied it , when we paied it they told us to come on 3 days to take our passport. The day that we have to take our passport there was the hell for me, i apologise for this word but i want you guys to feel me it was hard for me , The passport of my mom with US VISA , and my passport without US VISA , just a paper There is writed that im refused on 221(g) And i have to answer some question about my backgroud like : To tell them the name of my brother and sister, the number of all my recents passport, list of all country that i visited, all the address where i stayed since 10 years ago, the list of my kids. Well, on the same days same hours i send all the information asked, on thier mail embassy. On the same days i check my status on the website and i found my status is Admin process. I didnt get any mail from the embassy like the recieve my information or anything else. I stayed everyday by checking my status on the website of the US consular and every day was the same status : Admin proces after 21 days The status changed from Admin process to Refusal or Refused i dont remember yet. Case created 17 april 2019 Case last updated 07 may 2019 Status: Refused By the way no one from the embassy tell me that im refused or approved since the days of my interview and i didnt get any mail from them. Its was hard for me, but i moved foward and i say its okay. After one month about my case , my mom decide to send mail to the US consular , and tell them the whole story about my case , and the US embassy answer her after 3 days that i was refused on 214(b). On 28 augest 2019 , i reapplyed for a second time for US visa B2. But this second time i was only on the interview without my mom And the interview stared by asking me the first question what is your work, i tell the consular about my work He say where will you stay on the US, my answer was New york He ask me again for how much will you stay at the US : i tell him exacly for 2 weeks and i mentioned that im traveling with mom. He ask me again do you have kids? I say no He ask me do you have brother and sister i say yes, he ask me the last question where do you before traveled , i answered him. There was the end for my interview the consular watch me on my eyes and tell me, that i have to email them about this all information asked on this paper and he gived me my passport: The paper was that im refused on 221(g) and i have to send this information asked on the paper to them by an email. The informations asked was the same asked on my first interview with mom same question same supplemtairy documents asked on my first interviews. On the same days i mailed them with all informations asked: But this time the US EMBASSY replyed me with: Thank you for sending this information, we will notify you once we have made ours final desicion. But my status on the website after my interview was Refused not Admin process. Logicaly my status on the website it must be Admin process not Refused, that what i think and that what is logical. Anyway my status is refused on the website: Ok, im refused but the consular must not give me this paper that im refused on 221(g) and give me hope that i will get the US VISA, or my status is refused. Hard to understand. Case created 28 augest 2019 Case last updated 28 augest 2019 Status: Refused Im overthinking about this story or case so i cant understand where is the probleme. So there is the question? Help me? Advice me? Thanksfull. Best regards. My highest due compliment.
Case Entry Created Date, Time Sep 25th, 2019 12:58:09
Case Last Updated Date, Time Sep 25th, 2019 12:58:09

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