Why SHOULD Non-US Citizens update USCIS regarding Address Change in USA? How?

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As a Non-US Citizen, Did you know that you need to update USCIS regarding your address change within 10 days of your move?  If the answer is NOT sure, read along….Let me dive into the details on the importance and why you SHOULD update USCIS regarding your address change, including how to do the same.

Why SHOULD you update USCIS regarding your address change ?

If you are a non-US citizen, according to Section 265 of INA Act, you are legally mandated to update USCIS with any change of address within 10 days of your move. Failure to report the address change is punishable by fine or imprisonment and/or removal.  Many of the international students would have been advised by the DSO or international advisor regarding this at the student orientation to update the school/DSO and USCIS regarding the change of address.  But, in terms of H1B Visa holder, L1 Visa holder, B1/B2 Visa holders, you may not be aware of this, if you have not been told by anyone or read on USCIS website.  It is your legal responsibility to update the address change information to USCIS, so that the same is relayed to DHS.

Who ALL should update USCIS regarding the change in address ?

All  non-US Citizens, who are present in USA for more than 29 days are bound to comply with this requirement to update USCIS with the address change.

Who are exempted from informing this Address change information to USCIS ?

Diplomats (who are on A Visa), Official Gov. Reps to International Orgs ( G Visa) and certain non-immigrants without a visa and who stay under 30 days in USA.  If you are not from these three categories, you MUST report the change to USCIS.

How to Update the Change of Address to USCIS ?

It is fairly simple. You need to fill out, Alien’s Change of Address Card(AR-11). You can do this by two ways.  1) Physically mailing the AR-11 form or 2) Doing it online on USCIS Website.

  • Download the AR-11 Form, complete it and mail to USCIS office.

Doing it online is the simplest and most handy way. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to  Change of Address form on USCIS Website
    • Accept the terms and conditions. Read them carefully as it has critical information.
    • You will be asked to click on the US Citizen or Non-US Citizen option.
    • Click on the Non-US Citizen option
    • A form will come out asking to fill information about your details.
    • Complete the form, That’s it !
    • You can save a PDF copy for records

If you are an F1 student, make sure you send that copy to your DSO, so that they have it updated on their records.

Did you recently move?

Did you update your address with USCIS?


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Comments ( 6 )

  1. Rafael

    If you updated your sevis address through your university (which is supposed to update it with the Department of Homeland Security), are you still required to submit the AR11 form?

    1. administrator


      DHS is different from USCIS. You should still update the AR-11 form yourself and keep a copy of the notification for future reference.

  2. Rafal Wawrzykowski

    This electronic form does not accept foreign addresses … (you need to select the state, that is not the case overseas). The only way for those coming to US (and having previous address overseas) is to mail a regular form. Disappointing ….

    1. administrator

      Rafal Wawrzykowski,

      After you land in US, you would be staying at a location. You have to mention that address. If it is a temporary location, then submit it for the time being and then update it when you change residence.

  3. Shashank

    Greetings: does this change of address applies to Primary applicant or we need to file individual form for every dependent?


  4. Stefan

    I stayed at a hostel for the first 10 days before I could work, and now I’m staying at different hotels since I won’t get access to my apartment until end of October. I’m thinking of updating my address to my work place, is this a good idea?

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