Unofficial H1B 2014 News: High Mail volume at USCIS, H1B Lottery likely ?

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As the title of the article says, the information below is  totally unofficial. We do NOT have any official update from USCIS. Do NOT just panic looking at the news…

Whats the H1B 2014 Buzz ?

The buzz around some of the immigration blogs is that AILA has updated the attorneys that 2 ( VSC and CSC) of the Service centers that receive H1B visa petitions were not prepared to meet the volume they received this year.  Also, information provided by FedEx says that CSC and VSC had faced some processing delays on April 1st, when they started to received petitions.  It is safe to assume that the processing delays can be primarily attributed to the volume of H1B petitions that were requested to be delivered at these USCIS service centers for processing.

If USCIS Service centers receive  more H1B petitions than the  total cap count in the first five days, then there would be H1B lottery.   As I highlighted in the  H1B 2014 Lottery article, the human psychology factor seems to be kicking in…What essentially has happened is that because USCIS mentioned that it is expecting more volume of petitions in their press release, employers are doing the H1B processing for their candidates well before hand instead of waiting, especially the students on OPT.


What are your thoughts on the buzz around ?  Do you think we will have Lottery for this fiscal year ?


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Comments ( 184 )

  1. ram

    I would appreciate if someone can point me the direction. In 2009, I came to US with B1 for two months (B1 Visa Validity up to 2018) and was gone back to India. Now I got H1B approved from 10.01.2013 to 2016, If I will come to US on B1 (multiple entry 10 year) visa to for the knowledge transfer and If will got the job in USA , Is it possible to change my Visa change of status from B1 to H1B….?

    . Is VISA change of status is possible from B1 to H1B without going back to India?

  2. AK

    My employer and attorney saying staill they have not received any information on my H1B petition, i know selected/ rejected are also out now, is there any particular reason may be my employer and attorney not telling me the truth or its possible delay may occur, pls suggest , also my check is alos not cashed till date

  3. arpit

    my empolyer said they got packaet returned …..Is there any way to have second slot? as m desperatly seeiking the h1…or i will siwtch my compay as m working in india have 5 yrs exp..
    this nonsense loteery happend this year…this is kind of injsutice who are deserving for the postion.

  4. arpit

    hi got an update my h1 be not selected in randon loterry..this is just bad luck for me…
    Is there any idea if they have second slot? As m derving candidate i my candidate in my company seems this lottery makes only on luck not on yout rechnical side/

      1. arpit

        my empolyer said they got packaet returned …..Is there any way to have second slot? as m desperatly seeiking the h1…or i will siwtch my compay as m working in india have 5 yrs exp..
        this nonsense loteery happend this year…this is kind of injsutice who are deserving for the postion.

    1. kuchbhi

      @Madhu, No. for two reasons.

      1. Its so late that even RQ people getting approvals, so if u get ur package back u will not be surprised.

      2. If with amazing luck you are selected then it will be huge surprise for you.

  5. til


    I have not got any update on my application for H1b. Is lottery allotment over or USCIS generally took time to initmate applicant.


  6. Raj

    Just received the receipt(PP). Congrats to all, who were selected in the lottery and best of luck for whoever has not heard anything yet. Wish that everyone here gets an approval.

  7. Avi

    Received the receipt today. Mine was premium processing, hence got the confirmation through email to my lawyer. Regular cases will be notified by post to lawyer office. Good luck to all the waiting guys, hope you hear the good news soon!

  8. Vinny

    I got mine two hours back , yes I’m in Masters cap , PP and VErmont was my center …. I hope everyone else gets the good news soon , praying for you all !! GOOD LUCK !!

    1. Tinag D

      yes! Congrats Buddy!
      You are almost like you got H1 now. Least they may ask if you missed any documents. m very happy for you.
      Hope we ll also get the same good news soon.

  9. Tinag D

    Analyzing the information that USCIS gave, it looks like they are keeping all the advanced degree from US whether its a random selection or not. So, people with advanced degree has upper hand this year.

  10. LotteryDone

    USCIS released a news alert saying that the lottery was completed on April 7th, 2013.
    Here is the excerpt from

    ” USCIS received approximately 124,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 7, 2013, USCIS used a computer-generated random selection process (commonly known as a “lottery”) to select a sufficient number of petitions needed to meet the caps of 65,000 for the general category and 20,000 under the advanced degree exemption limit. “

    1. A

      Since, the lottery is done. Could anyone please confirm as to when and how would we know if our petitions got selected in the lottery?

  11. Vas

    A couple of questions:
    1) Does any one know when the lottery will be conducted ?
    2) When will the USCIS officially update the number of petitions received ?
    3) If selected/rejected/wait-listed, by when will the candidates be informed of their status?


    1. Tinag D

      1. It was conducted on 4/7/2013
      2. 24k was the total number of applications
      3. If you receive a unique case number, you are selected for further processing towards H1B. If you receive your application back with your fees, your application is not selected in random selection and thus you are denied.

      1. Arti

        By when should we receive the Unique case number? And how are we communicated with the same? Is there an email or mail fro USCIS or should I sponsors know it and they should communicate it to us?

        1. Tinag D

          Looks like you are one of those applying from abroad, without evening knowing how you applied 🙂
          ok here is how it goes:
          You ll know the unique case number only if you are selected in the random selection. Otherwise, you ll receive your application and fees, which means you are denied.
          You have to wait till you get either of the two information above.
          Once you get your case number, you can track your application and submit if any additional document is required.
          Here in US our company’s HR and attorney deals with all those. You should ask your HR to do the job and relax yourself.

  12. vijay

    Its official, the H1b 2014 lottery has been picked up. USCIS has recieved 124,000 applications in total and has picked 85k out of it.

  13. Subhadip Kumar

    Cap reached. For general quota 1 out of 1.6 will get selected.

  14. MPS

    They have announced the numbers.

  15. jackie

    124000 is the final number !!!!!!!!

  16. la01

  17. pis

    As per the bill:
    Effective Date.–The amendments made by this section shall take
    effect on October 1, 2013, and shall apply to fiscal years beginning
    with fiscal year 2014.

    Can anyone please tell that if the bill is passed in coming 1-2 weeks (as expected), will it affect FY 2014 cap ?

    1. hc

      No. Do not spread false hope. This bill will take at least 6 more months to cler out of Congress (both chambers) and even after it does, it may not have the same language it has now. Plus it will affect H1B for 2016 or further onwards. Nothing for this year at least.

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