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To All my Indian Siblings in USA…Happy Independence Day !

Hi, How you all are doing? I really hope you all are fine and enjoying best of your time. What? Surprised? Why I am sending my personal messages to my Indian siblings via Redbus2US!!  Well, this message is for all of us, all of us living here in U.S. or would be part of it soon because we all are actually siblings and we all do belong to same mother – a mother who gave us shelter; a mother where we were born or inherit our roots from; a mother whom we call Mother India or our dearest Bharat Maa.

As I narrated about my mother, one thing that came into my mind is upcoming historic moment of Independence Day. Every year there are celebrations on this victorious occasion and all remember our forefathers and freedom fighters who sacrificed to give this land of peace. We feel gushed with sudden inflow of patriotism and love of our mother as we do after watching any patriotic movie. I wonder if we have so much love for our mother then why are we sometimes so indifferent to each other after all are off springs of same mother India. We all know back in India we all are divided on various number of lines, even those we don’t know that they exist. This is something very deep rooted and may take eras to cure or will get more deepen.

Why difference in our views and the way we act ?

Ironically travelling miles away from India, being well educated and living in this global world, we still carry those marks though in traces but in some kind of weird way. It looks like we only feel we (Indians) all are unalike. Why do we feel so? Do we think we are superior to them or have inferiority complex for ourselves? Why do we give anyone those angular upsides down look or better called alien looks? Why give someone a look as if they have stolen something? It could be anyway – man to man, man to woman or woman to woman esp. when someone is in short clothes or wearing her traditional Indian clothes. Why can’t we just accept that whatever anyone does, wear or eat is his personal choice? Why can’t we look at them the same way normal way as we see Americans? Why is that while sharing an elevator ride or sometimes a sudden encounter in grocery shop we can greet our American fellow but not our fellow Indian. Icing on the top is when someone calls us at home for get-together we talk to each other in our local language which others can’t understand sometimes the host too. Gatherings are not meant to just look each other faces or wondering what other persons are talking about! Read Why NOT to speak in your mother tongue in gatherings 

Though there is no generalization, behaviors and actions do vary from person to person, place to place or state to state but at few times these incidents do happen where we might feel or make other different. In the eyes of a mother all children are the similar so let’s not make your sibling feel dissimilar. If you can’t sense that brotherhood, it’s fine at least give no more alien looks. Let’s give this tribute to our mother. Let’s not look India divided by those man-made lines but as one great mother who doesn’t discriminate. Vandematram!

What are your thoughts on this Independence Day ? Share your thoughts.

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  1. All are free to express their views, but posting multiple comments by spoof and being an imposter is against community guidelines, hence removed.

    • Dear Kumari,
      You are a classic example of lampoons and bafoons who are encouraging this stupidity
      By deleting comments you are unduly exerting the admin role
      Come and play on the level field and you will be shown your place in no time
      Truly disgusting

      • First of all its Kumar not Kumari..

        You definitely need reading classes as name was mentioned twice on page but you chose to ignore with preassumed mindset or perception..

        When you are right on level ground you dont have to spoof with multiple identities to prove your point..

        Spoofer well spotted Kumar, thx.

      • Uncle sam, just think for a moment. This is Kumar’s webpage isn’t it? So, why wouldn’t he have the right to put what he wants. This is not a public website. The way to look at this is: if you like the contents and find it useful, use it. If not, well bad luck. If you know something about an issue and feel like you can contribute, just add comments in a civilized manner, and everyone else will chip in with their thoughts.

        • Dear MKG,
          I agree with your point,this is Kumari’s personal page and I and my views are not welcome
          I am fine with that but If you want to keep this as your personal property then please don’t proclaim being representative of the whole community,that too in such shabby and totally classless way
          If you want to represent the community then I am also part of it and have a right to reject stupidity
          Please try to understand,in your over enthusiasm to do too much in a shallow way you are stereotyping the whole community,people look at me and others like me from the prizm of experience they have with such hyperactive and poorly trained writers
          I hate this and that’s why I am trying to drill some sense in you guys
          Instead of deleting my messages using your stupid admin rights,please try to see things from the other perspective

          • Someone was talking about my writing skills here,If your friend kumari has guts to open the space for me,I can write a couple of paras based on my 20 years in US and yes it would be much balanced and precise compared to the crap written here.
            If you have the ability please feel free to judge

          • Uncle Sam,
            We always welcome any experiences and articles that will help our readers. You can review the guidelines and submit your article here . Take it easy my friend, no need to do personal attacks on anyone or a group, try to put in a positive statement, there are so many negative things and behaviors all around…Stay positive and do your part. Cheers !

          • And yes if such stupid writers can claim to be leaders of Indians and apply their autistic minds to advice others,so can I
            So here is my humble request tosimilar mindset people coming to US,please avoid doing below and shaming your countrymen who want to lead a life of dignity
            1. Please buy separate drinks and don’t,for god’s sake,drink from the same glass,exploiting the refill policy
            2. Please don’t pick your noses and stick the stuff under the table,you are shaming everyone..and yes..people do watch
            3. Please don’t scratch your privates in front of others,please groom yourself
            4. Please don’t hide behind your desks and fart in office, assuming no one notices,people notice and make fun of your country
            5. Please don’t pull hair out of your nose when in office and then try to make a wish…totally disgusting and pathetic
            6. Please don’t keep plastic jugs under your desks in office and carry them to the toilets,it is pure unhygienic… Peoe don’t want to shake hands with you,if you have any sense to notice
            7. Smiling at colleagues is their culture,a lady smiling at you is not in anyway an invitation for you to flirt with her,don’t disgust everyone with your obscenity
            For this writer here…this list is endless… But it should give you a fair understanding of why people avoid you in the elevator and elsewhere
            Because you, your kumari and others of your group are doing some or all or more than all of what I described above
            Now go ahead and delete this and hide your heads under the sand and hope no one is noticing

          • Dear Uncle Sam,

            The points mentioned in ,
            “So here is my humble request tosimilar mindset people coming to US,please avoid doing below and shaming your countrymen who want to lead a life of dignity”
            are 100 percent valid for majority but not all.
            You put your comments straight forward way which we don’t like as usual even though it is for good.
            Most of us give priority to money then manners.
            The frequent question asked to me when I am working in foriegn country is “How much you save monthly?” and lots more like “Why are you spending wastely if I go to gym or eat outside”.
            There is no value for life style.
            Just save and buy property in India is the mind set of many and our society accepts only this mostly.
            If we follow manners in a foriegn country ,our Indian colleagues are making fun of us openly since majority are not following.
            Really after coming to foriegn country,I lost respect in IT colleagues expecially and also afraid that they will do anything for money…
            Lots of groupism involved…I can put groupism in other words also which is actually a truth…and using for their own benefits and profit…
            Thanks for allowing to comment in this page ..I support Uncle Sam!!!
            Lets take the good from his comments…..
            Thanks to Kumar,Saurabh..They are really helping lots of guys like me….

    • Posting this on Top:
      Can somebody do something about racist hyderabadis ( those Rajus and Reddys ..) and south indians in IT jobs and their fraudulent use of H1bs?

      I think it’s only a matter of time before H1b program gets cancelled or severely curtailed with reduced numbers. It has run it’s course. Most H1b workers will eventually end up working in Desi convenience stores(gas stations) or desk clerks at run down gujju motels. Waiting for 21 years for your ABCD kid to sponsor you, is an awful waste of life.

      While in USA, don’t forget to wear 24 hour anti perspirent/deodorant ( avoid spicy oily food on a regular basis as it stinks up your clothes as you are perspiring those chutney/sambhar spices at work. Brush properly 3 times a day ( during lunch too), use mouth wash , floss and visit Dentist for cleaning once a year. Carry deodorant in office too and use it before those darn Project meetings ( most are worthless drivel anyways).

      About India…. so called land of Technology ( Up until 20 years ago it was mostly an Agricultural country)……….

      Go anywhere in India. You’ll see 3rd world traffic, lack of proper infrastructure, abject poverty, constant noise and a nation in total disrepair. If you want to change anything, bring back sterilization program like they had in 70s. Or send half of them to populate Siberia or Arctic Tundras. Banning arranged marriages based on Caste system would be a good start too.

      I say VOTE FOR TRUMP ( if you are United States Citizen)! Let’s get rid of this so called “best and brightest” temporary worker garbage who are tarnishing India’s image abroad. Most of them are not even qualified to land a decent IT job in India.. leave alone united states.

      • Dear Indian_American,
        Couldn’t agree with you more.
        I am disgusted seeing these so called Indian Ambassadors demonstrating their stupidity all around and shaming everyone indian.
        There is one in my office who makes the wildest and loudest fart sitting right at his desk and then starts clapping and coughing loudly in a desperate bid to cover the noise he made..
        These guys pick their nose, pluck hair out of their nose, scratch their crotch and armpits,cough in their hands,fart shamelessly,talk continuously with their mouth full of food,pick their teeth and do what not…
        I mean, hats off to these Americans who try to tolerate this shit all the time with a smile…
        All these indian ambassadors should be rounded up and thrown in a zoo..

        • well.. for starters , I am all for cancelling H1B work Visa for IT. There are plenty of white Americans that are thousand times better than those on H1b. Even a white dude with HS diploma with 10 years experience in IT , is better than Rajus and Murthys with multiple degrees from Anna malai type universities. Hell even those with grad degrees in usa.

          South Indians ( Tamils and Andhra Telugus ) have exploited and corrupted H1b program and tarnished image of all Indians in IT industry.
          Most are racist and stick to their own kinds (even talking in Tamil and Telugu at work). They rarely socially mix with other indians ( North indians, gujjus etc ). Again there are exceptions but Gulti kinds seem to be worst.

          A 25 year old Raju with 10 years IT experience reeks of fraud to begin with. Most use buzz words (10 years programming in sqlserver, oracle, unix, drupal, php, mysql) to confuse hiring managers. I bet none of them can even create a decent Word document or program a small access database.

          Stop this H1b nonsense!!

          • Make no mistake my friend,North Indians are no better,and i say it objectively being a North Indian myself.
            Actually there is no commodity in the world called Indian, they are eithereither North Indian, Gujju,Gultu,Mallu,Bong,Chinki,Bihari,Madrasi,Marathi and what not…and each one of these has unique qualities to put the whole country to shame.(Actually if i must say that the guys from North East are a shade betterbetter i won’t be wrong but tgen they don’t believe in the H1 business )
            India was always oppressed and ruled by invaders due to all these sons and daughters of tge country and their self centered attitude.
            It’s a disgusting situation and it has been like this for ages.
            We are too smart for our own good.

  2. The only ‘Raita failana’ thing here is you and few other negative people. There is nothing wrong in article. In fact you are perfect example of what she meant to say. Learn and grow up.

  3. Thanks for the wishes Ruchika.

    Just responding to others who have commented in a very negative way. I don’t think you need to be the finest writer to share your thoughts. From what I know about this website, that is not the purpose anyway. The articles have always been about Indians in USA, or those who are trying to enter USA. A collection of advices from good hearted Indians who invested their time in writing something that others can find useful. There are very few good websites that cover these topics.

    I would personally like that the website sticks to that line of content. Writing general purpose blog (like wishing on Independence day) may be out of topic here, and there are many websites that cover that line out thought.

    Having said that, I must admit that the point about Indians ignoring each other in USA seems really valid. It is the elephant in the room issue that we must address. May be Ruchika, you want to elaborate on your experience on that, without being afraid of the backlash. The latter is unfortunately part of Internet culture now. Honestly, even I might have offended someone from my comments, god only knows.

  4. Writing – for few it’s an art of articulating own thoughts into words and for few just sequence of words and symbols. Every piece of writing got different meaning for different readers. Impact of any writing will be different based on your taste, state of mind and desire to appreciate new thought.

    It is certainly not necessary that all readers will like it. If you do not like a journal or blog, please move on and spend your precious time reading other blogs or on other things you might have.

    I saw people trying to make this new author (your sibling) feel retarded with so called encouraging quotes and comments.

    Do not try to convince world that you have conquered a lot while others are still trying to start. Nobody gives a SHIT!!

    For those who suggested for grammar and writing classes or so called skills I would be delighted to see their piece of writings soon.

    You need to remember “Almost all famous authors failed miserably before they made impact on world”

    In process of teaching lesson to this author – You FAILED to acknowledged she basically said – You are my sibling and Happy Independence Day!!!!!!


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