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Sample H1B Visa Receipt Notices – Shared by Users

Many of you applying H1B visa for the first time might wonder, how the H1B Visa 2020 Receipt notice might look like. Below are some samples shared by users from previous seasons.

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Sample H1B Visa Petition Receipt Notice FY 2020

Below is H1B Sample Receipt Notice( I-797C Notice of Action) received from USCIS for H1 Petition filed for FY 2020  in April 2019. It was filed under Regular Quota with Regular Processing filed as Consular Processing. It is shared by one of our reader ( anonymous for privacy reasons). Thanks to our reader for sharing a copy of their receipt notice.

H1B Visa 2020 Sample USCIS Receipt - Consular Processing

Sample H1B Visa Receipt Notice FY 2019

H1B 2019 receipt notice sample

H1B visa 2019 Receipt Notice – Sample 2

USCIS Receipt Notice H1B Visa FY 2019 - Sample


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  1. I received the receipt notice last week. Today my attorney sent me a copy of the filed petition. I have around 8 I-20. I noticed that they mixed someone’s I-20’s with mine. What to do now? Should I send I-20s again or write a letter to USCIS asking for a correction? How big is this issue?

  2. Is it a good sign that my sevp portal shows that my new OPT expiry date is 9/30/18 instead of my supposed to be expiry this June?

  3. My check encashed for Non AD, but I did not received receipt. Is that mean my application is selected in lottery? How long will it take to get receipt after check encash?

  4. Hello,
    My SEVP got updated last Monday. I am AD, Non STEM, CA center. My lawyer hasn’t received the receipt notice yet. Most of people I know received their receipts within 3-4 days after SEVP got updated. Any suggestions/ experiences to share?


    • @Receiptnotreceived

      My friend has a similar experience. It’s been two week since his SEVP got updated but has not received the receipt. Though he has the receipt number from DSO.

      On the other hand my SEVP is not yet updated but my checks got cashed on 5/3 and receipt received on 5/8.It was last chance for both of us.

      You should be getting the receipt by end of this week. Meanwhile you can get your new I-20 generated which will have the receipt number. Thins just take time.

      Good luck!

  5. I am new to H1B and am Non-AD, first time applied , How to verify if my application is really sent to USCIS?

    is there is receipt or acknowledgment etc when i can verify that my application is really sent to USCIS?

    • Unfortunately No. If you know the package tracking number of your application. You can know whether or not the mail was delivered to USCIS on time.
      But after lottery is done, if your application is picked you receive receipt notice as shown in this article. If not selected, your company receives a letter stating that your application is not picked. That letter contains your name as Beneficiary. So for both this you have to wait for some more time. Right now there is no much way to find out whether your application was really filed.

      • Hi,

        My employer applied for H1 B for me. Last week on 05/04 colleagues got notification from attorneys but I haven’t heard back till now. Does that imply that my chances are over? Three of them were informed at the same time. Does USCIS notifies sequentially?

      • Thanks Ram. Copied below is the response from the attorney.

        As explained before, I know the application reached the USCIS office because I had a fed-ex tracking for the package. The only acknowledgment we would have from USCIS is if your application was selected in the lottery. Otherwise, USCIS will send back the unselected application sometimes by mid/end of June.



        Can i ask them to share the fed-ex tracking number/details for the package ?
        at-least we confirm that its delivered to USCIS.

        Is this a good management practice to ask fed-ex tracking number, please advice.


        • There is no good and bad practice when your job needs to be done which is critical. You can ask for fed ex the tracking. But think Its past a month now they will definitely suspect you that you don’t trust them. If I were you wait until end of month and work on plan b. don’t ask for anything sometimes you got to blindly trust

      • I am AD. This is the second time I lottery H1B. Until now, I don’t receive any good news.
        Do you know when is the deadline for notice?


  6. Got receipt notice–very happy!

    But it looks like the code under OCC is wrong. It’s 010, which is petroleum occupation? Will this be a problem in future?

    • Please check with your Attorney. Probably your LCA was for that position. If the job code is entirely different from the job duties and your profile, it may lead to RFE.

  7. I got receipt notice 5 days back. But I don’t see any update on sevp portal. I asked DSO for new I-20. Even they said, that they don’t see any update on my sevis. Does anyone have any idea on whats happening here? BTW I don’t have any cap gap. my STEM expires sometime at the end of next year.

    • They will update SEVP only if your EAD end date is before 10/01/2018. Since yours is in Dec 2020, they didnt update SEVP.

  8. I think USICS(Francis Cissna) played some statistics in lottery this year,because lot of AD’s are selected this year only few Non-AD got their receipt

  9. I am AD, if I didn’t get a receipt till now should i consider that most probably I wasn’t picked in the lottery?

  10. No update from attorney/DSO/Sevp Portal/ i-20 expired in two weeks, Should I get ready pack and back home? Any suggestions?

  11. Do AD applicants who do not get into Masters quota get pushed into the non-AD quota. If yes, does that mean if I am an AD applicant, I can still get into the lottery when USC starts to roll out receipts for non-AD applicants or is it game over for me.

  12. I contacted my DSO. I got below reply from my advisor. Can I come to conclusion now that I am not picked in lottery?
    My OPT ends in December 2019…

    “Your SEVIS record does not show a change of status pending. This may seem to indicate that your H1B was not picked in the lottery.

    Please work with your immigration attorney. “

    • Your OPT ends only in 2019. Hence even if your picked in lottery your SEVIS record doesnt get updated. So never lose hope. Only for AD applicants whose visa expires before October 1,2018 the SEVIS record gets updated for cap gap.

  13. My OPT period was just extended to September 30, 2018. AD H1B application. So keep the hope everyone! SEVP Portals are still being updated.

    • 1) USCIS will publish a release that they completed data entry for H-1B cap subject petitions. It happened on May 3rd last year.

      2) Notifications to attorneys of selected applicants will be sent by this date, after which attorneys will be able to update applicants.

      3) After that USCIS will be returning unselected petitions till mid of July.

      You can verify this timeline by checking the news on USCIS site for the last year and a corresponding post on this site last May which has lots of comments.

      Bottom line, if you won’t get an update by mid-May, most likely your petition will be returned later.

      • Thanks, Ugly Bob! That’s the Golden answer. I would recommend it to anyone who is wondering.

        Technically, if you don’t hear back before May 3rd (4th, 5th, etc.) it does NOT mean that you lost this time. You may still be selected after wiping off unqualified candidates who were selected at initial round of lottery.

        Good luck to everyone!

  14. Attorney received receipt on 25th. AD and not in cap gap. No change of date on sevp portal. Makes sense because date change to sep 30th 2018 would result in shortening my actual STEM opt date from 2019. My understanding is sevp updates are only for those in cap gap

  15. My SEVIS portal got updated with a new end date on April 23rd.
    Not sure it is an indication that my application got picked up in the lottery.
    My lawyer hasn’t received any mail from USCIS. Waiting for them to get back to me.

    • Same to me, SEVIS account got updated with my employment end date to Sep 30th ( my OPT expires in Aug). I contacted ISSS at my school and they confirmed and provided me with recipient # for “change of status”.

      I created account with USCIS and checked the status of my case, it indicated “we received your case” on Apr 23rd, and will contact if any more information is needed.

      Same that lawyer hasn’t received any update.

      It’s good news overall!!!

  16. Hello everyone,

    My attorney filed for my change of status to H1B under the Masters Cap. I am an Advanced (AD) degree holder, working in the US on my OPT, which is due to expire on June 30. Neither my attorney nor have I (I work for a start-up) received an update on the application. My application is filed at the Vermont Service Center. I am concerned with the future of my career in the United States, as this process of the lottery is apparently out of my control. I have three questions for people who can speculate for me.

    1) How hopeful should I still be about expecting a SEVP update/ receipt for my H1b application?
    2) Is the Vermont Service Center sending out receipts, or is it only the CA one? Also, what about updates for Non-AD applicants?
    3) (This is a tough question to answer) By when would one recommend, that I plan to leave the US (the idea is to minimize costs of moving, flights, selling furniture, etc.), without knowing the status of my application?

    • I’m in the same boat with my STEM OPT expiring 6/14/18. No updates either on SEVP or from the lawyers yet.

      Cornell was pretty helpful last year when I asked them to check my SEVIS and would themselves offer to keep checking every week, but they’ve been pretty unhelpful this year.

      1. Personally, I’ve lost hope at this point.
      2. Looks like both AD and VT have been sending receipts already: http://immigrationgirl.com/updated-h-1b-lottery-receipt-results-for-fy-2019/
      3. My plan is to wait until early/mid May and then start preparations for my backup if I haven’t got a receipt notice by then.

    • Sorry that you have to face some hard situation like this. I wish you all the best. To answer you questions

      1. I think it is too early to give up. They generally send out notices till end of May.
      2. Personally I don’t know anyone who got notices from Vermont. But I saw one user mentioning that in this forum. Didn’t know of any Non-AD applicants who received notices. Additionally vermont is the slowest processing center. You can go to uscis website and check the processing times. They take twice the time than California center for any type of petition.
      3. I would recommend not to leave any time early. Hold on till your last week of OPT expiration. Maybe you can buy a refundable air ticket for the June 30th week. Also you may explore career options in Canada right away if you are interested using their immigration portal.

  17. My OPT expires after 9/30. Still my SEVP got updated on 20th with the employer details. I have not heard anything from the lawyer yet . Is Anyone on the same boat ?

  18. If you were selected:

    Can your SEVIS compliance official from your US university see an update on your profile? If there is no update yet does it mean that you were net selected?

    I am just asking to see if everybody’s SEVIS profile would get updated and not seeing an update would mean that you were not selected…

    P.S.: I don’t mean update on SEVP but any information that your SEVIS compliance official may have access to. Also, if your current OPT expiration date is after September 30 2018.

  19. anyone from ncsu who got receipt number from dso through portal but haven’t received actuals notice yet?

    I am in that boat. Been almost a week.

  20. What is the status for AD Applicants? Any updates? DSO said no updates! Just active status – no response from lawyer !!

  21. When I type in my receipt number in the USCIS site to check the case status it says that my case number is wrong. What do y’all think the problem is ?

  22. Hi, My receipt number starts with EAC18140, which I got from my University SEVIS records. Does it mean my case is picked in lottery?
    Thank you.

  23. Hi ,

    My wife has received receipt notice from USCIS. It says “Form I-797C, Notice of Action” on the header. There is a receipt number and “Case Type – I539”. There is a column with “Class Requested – H4”.
    However, I have not received any receipt nor have i heard from my attorney about my application being picked in the lottery.
    Does this mean my H1 is picked in the lottery? Please let me know!

    • Hi Confused,

      yes! Your petition has been selected. There is no other way for your wife to receive I-797C unless potentially he or she or they or UNIDENTIFIED or NON-BINARY was filed as a spouse of another person whose petition was selected in the lottery. However I highly doubt that it the case.

      Good luck and congrats!


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