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Hi Sir,

Could you please answer my question

Aug 28 by rahulreddy2605
Hello Kumar,


Could you please answer this question:

Many many thanks in advance.
Jun 13 by Kavya Mekala

I was working with employer A until April 2017 On unexpired STEM. Applied for h1b 2017 and was revoked within 60 days of application because of Discrimination EEOC case which was settled with 'resignation' & not termination which surely they wouldn't have informed USCIS. They would tell uscis reason for revocation as termination instead. I am still on a valid stem (expires March 22, 2019) with New employer B since Sep 2017, who is applying for h1b this April 2018. DSO says I have valid f1 status from SEVIS and I do not require data fix. Q1. Do I need a data fix at SEVIS? Q2. Do I need to show any USCIS revocation documents from the former employer when applying for fresh h1b with NEW employer B? I don't even have these docs from the former employer. I don't want to dig up the past, if not needed.
Jan 29 by TAB
Hi Kumar,

Could you please answer my below question?? It will be very much helpful. Thanks in advance.

Dec 17, 2017 by tasmohan
Hi Kumar,

Please could you answer my following question


Rahul Reddy
Jul 24, 2017 by rahulreddy2605
Can you pleaese remove the below comment or change the name. Got posted by mistake.
Jun 2, 2017 by anonym_kol
Mar 16, 2016 by rajvar
Hello Sir,
I have been rejected f1 visa 4 times. My husband is in the US, he is a student has an F1 visa, he has shown enough financial resource and he is applying for CPT . So i have applied for f2 visa rejected 2 times again due to 2l4 b law. What shall we do please help us.
thank you!
Nov 4, 2015 by Tig Had
Hi Kumar, I got RFE for Employee-Employer relationship and client letter. I’m ready with all the PO, SOW, MSA, experience, offer letter etc. to submit. But Only Client letter is not possible to get. What is the alternate option if Client letter is not there?
SOW which is submitted at the time of petition is expired by July15 and location is A. So submitting the new SOW for the same client which is valid for June16. But the location is B. Immigration teams said since they raised the petition with location A, they will use the same location now, even the location differs in the new SOW. Will it be a problem?
And I have provided the client contact details, but I will not work for him. Will USCIS do call him?
 Can you please respond asap.
Oct 9, 2015 by Pradeep1
Hi Kumar,

I have an I-797 approved petition for Non-Immigration H1B visa received recently but have not got the H1B stamped yet.

Now I need to apply for a B1 visa from my current employer for a business meeting. There is a question in form DS-160 as below :

"Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? " Yes/No

Please confirm what should be my response. The confusion is that I-797 is for a Non-Immigrant Petition while the question is for a Immigrant petition.

Please reply and help urgently.


Sep 5, 2015 by MINESWEEPER