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I have not paid visa fee yet. Can I fill the new DS-160 form

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Firstly, Thank you for your prompt reply & help.

I have not paid visa fee yet and yet to be scheduled visa interview. With old DS-160, I have created a profile in stanely portal for visa scheduling and generated CGI reference number to pay the visa fee at AXIS bank and after seeing the mistake in DS-160 I myself preventted to pay visa fee. Decided to pay after taking the clarifcations from experienced people like you.

In this context, I would like to know can I fill new DS-160 form and update new DS-160 confirmation number in the interview schedule portal and generate CGI refence number and pay the Visa fee after wards.

Please clarify me as I am need of very urgent help.

Thank You again.

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asked Jan 29, 2013 in H1B Visa by sirishach (220 points)

1 Answer

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Dear Friend,

. You can create separate Ds 160 form.

Go to profile. After obtaining CGI No , system will not accept new DS 160 no. Any way try it.If system refuses to accept new DS 160 , - Most likely scenario- contact OFC . Explain yr case . They will guide you  what to do next.

Correction may take 24 to 48 hours

Then proceed with new DS 160  to take appointment
answered Jan 30, 2013 by sudeeptravels (26,020 points)

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