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I had a valid H1B Extension approved till August 2020 (I-94 valid till August 2020)
Due to a location change(NJ to AZ), H1B Amendment was filed in June 2018.
It got approved and Notice sent on on Jan 30th, 2019 but with a validity only until 31st Dec 2018.
An I94(which is same number from previous H1-B) was also present at the bottom of the form with an expiry date of 10th Jan 2019 ( I guess they gave 10 day grace period).
Can you please let me know whether I am out-of-status now? My employer indicated that he will soon (by Feb mid) file for H1B extension. Please let me know if my stay is legal until then or I need to leave india immediately??

 I never been to stamping once i got H1-B approved from F-1 status on Nov 2017. My current project extended till Dec 2019 where i got amendment approval for same client till Dec 2018.

Thanks for your time!
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