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I've got a h1b transfer receipt and the new employer wants me to join asap. Even though the company is good and immigration team is also good, there's still a small risk of the h1 transfer getting denied. What if I do not inform the old employer and take a paid vacation which I have pending until my h1 transfer petition decision is made.(4-5 weels) Is it legal to work for new employer using h1 transfer receipt and also receive pay stubs from old employer-- translates to working for both employers with one approved h1 and h1 transfer receipt.

Assuming it's legal to do this, is there a time duration before which I need to inform my old employer that I have quit my job?
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you can get ANY NUMBER of employers paying you at the same time on H1 Visa. But must be paid by AT LEAST ONE employer at any time to be in status.
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