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I am on my STEM OPT which is valid until 2020 June. My H1b got picked this year and it got denied, I got a denial letter from USCIS as well. I scheduled travel to India this week on Dec 6th which is emergency, But my travel I20 says my change of status (H1B) is still pending. I had spoke to my school and they said they reached out SEVIS to correct my information and they also said I should not travel out of the country until I get the decision. Does any one know how long it would take to get the sevis data fix done? can I expedite this request? Any help is highly appreciated. 

Thanks in Advance..

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It can take up to 30 days to resolve. You can expedite the request, if it falls under Expedite Criteria as listed on StudyintheStates Website   by calling help desk. 

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Thanks for the reply. I dont think I fall under expedite criteria what if it cross the 30 days time limit. I asked the DSO to share me the ticket number and they said they cant share. is this regular behavior?
Well, it is DSO's activity and they may or may not need to share that details with you.  Just keep following up with DSO and check status, work with them.
Thanks again. I contacted SEVIS and asked them to give the update on H1B status and they said it was updated to denied. But my school saying they haven't received anything from sevis. How to handle this case? Please help.

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