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I am a international student in Aug 2018 I have completed my masters in xxx university and due to my sevis record has been completed status i have to go back to my country ASAP and I would like to come back to pursue my another masters in summer 2019. As of now i have a valid f1 visa stamping till December 15th 2020 so after i getting a new i20 for summer 2019 so can i come back to USA on same visa or should i go for visa stamping again 

Please Advice

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Good question. The F-1 visa is not issued by a University. It is issued by US Department of State jurisdiction bound consulates abroad upon furnishing of evidence that you have reason to travel abroad for higher studies. In this case, the visa formality is already completed. All you have to do is travel with your new I-20, active Sevis ID, proof of admission and the passport with F-1 stamp.
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