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Hi All,

my interview was good, VO asked Qs like how did u come across this opening, how long ur are in Dubai, how much salary in US, who is employer and client and asked my education certificates , when r u planning to come back and my roles, i answered all Qs but he said some application is missing in our system and need two week time for process and once its done will receive email for passport drop for visa stamping, no need for calling employer its our issue and gave me white slip it has 221 (g)

Any one came across such issue before please share info

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1 Answer

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Hi, first of all congratulations for your successful interview. And hopefully your wait for stamping will be over soon.

I'm also Dubai based and have received the approval notice and preparing for next step. I have few questions regarding interview preparation. Is it possible to exchange contact so I can speak to you directly ?

Please let me know
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